Chapter 1.3 – Expansions

08-23-16_10-45-44 PM

Am I in an Apocalypse Challenge? This happens a lot there, even with full control of my sims. Our lovely Siobhan has just pee’d herself and then faints right away after that. Is it too hard to ask that non-playable sims take care of themselves? Jeez

08-23-16_10-46-39 PM

Twice. Twice she’s passed out before she’s popped out that baby. Come on girl! Also, notice that she went allll the way around the house to pass out this time. What the hell is up with that?

08-23-16_10-47-52 PM

And she finally had the baby! Welcome our heir, Elias Swift! Welcome to the family, Elias!

08-24-16_9-36-32 PM

New sink in the bathroom! woo!

08-24-16_9-38-52 PM

Awe! Look at Daddy Aaron! He loves his baby boy!

08-24-16_9-42-17 PM

We sent Aaron on a collecting run. We got our bill notice and the new sink meant we couldn’t afford them. So he’s out earning some money

08-24-16_9-44-44 PM

And while he’s out collecting, Siobhan is ignoring the baby. Stop stuffing your face and take care of your kid! AGH!

08-24-16_9-48-42 PM

Whoops! That woohoo wasn’t planned! (Or was it? *shifty eyes*)

08-24-16_9-50-17 PM

Oh look! We’re expecting another nooboo! Just another kid that Siobhan will be able to ignore. But yay for a new baby!

08-24-16_9-55-00 PM

Hmmm. I know he needs to work on getting a promotion and what not, but don’t wake the baby!

08-24-16_9-58-05 PM

We added the last addition to the house, the kid’s bedroom. So now the only thing left to do is floor/wall coverings and upgrades to all of our stuff. We’re making progress!

08-24-16_10-00-39 PM

Well, I’m glad that the new couch is getting some use…But I wish she would spend some time with Elias…Aaron does all the parenting in this household.

08-24-16_10-08-13 PM

And we still like to spend time in the bathroom on our phone. She could at least clean the sink while she’s in there, but no. We like to play games instead.

08-24-16_10-13-15 PM

We have windows! And we updated the front door of the house!

08-24-16_10-20-17 PM

There’s a lot going on in this picture so bear with me here: 1) Notice the new floor? That’s right! The whole house now has flooring! woo! 2) Aaron is pulling a Siobhan and ignoring Elias. Put down the violin and take care of the baby! 3) Siobhan didn’t take care of her dirty dish from breakfast. She was playing on her phone, no doubt.

08-24-16_10-34-35 PM

Elias had a birthday! He’s a cutie! His trait is geek and his aspiration is rambunctious scamp! Watch out everyone, lady killer in the making!

08-24-16_10-35-54 PM

Siobhan much just hate babies or something. She interacts with Elias now that he’s an actually child. Also, pay no attention to our growing pile of dirty dishes.

08-24-16_10-38-24 PM

Kid doesn’t realize how lucky he is. His bed is currently better then his parent’s bed. But we fixed that once Aaron got home from work with a promotion, so we bought mom and dad a new bed!

08-24-16_10-41-56 PM

Labor Face!

08-24-16_10-43-21 PM

New baby incoming! Prepare yourself!

08-24-16_10-44-59 PM

Welcome to the family baby Dempsey Swift! She’s daddy’s baby girl

08-24-16_10-47-31 PM

Doing some father/son bonding. Leave the kid alone, Aaron. I’m hoping he’ll do his homework!

08-24-16_10-49-56 PM

While I really love that Elias loves his sister…I wish he would stop so that his parents can take care of her. He’s monopolizing her! She needs food and you’re in the way!

08-24-16_10-59-46 PM

What’s this? Wall coverings? yup! And a small kitchen update with some more counter space. At this point we’re hovering around a $12,000 value right now. So we’re moving along steadily.

08-24-16_11-05-53 PM

So Elias woke up his parents his first night as a child and I couldn’t figure out why until…

08-24-16_11-06-10 PM

I realized that he saw a monster under his bed (cute!) and was too scared to sleep

08-24-16_11-06-43 PM

Aaron saves the day! A few squirts of the Anti-monster spray and Elias is good to go!

08-24-16_11-08-59 PM

And we end this chapter with Aaron’s forgotten birthday in the bathroom. Poor guy decided to age up in the middle of his shower, so he’s still stinky. So join us next time for more monsters, family bonding, and more house updates!


20 thoughts on “Chapter 1.3 – Expansions

    • He really is! I love him ❤ And I'm not one for building, but this is the least boxy house I've ever built, so I'm happy with it. haha! And some friends of mine just named their little girl Dempsey, so that's where I came up with it! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow a lot happened in this chapter. I noticed that the uncontrollable parent doesn’t do much for the baby just like Siobhan did. Well they have seemed to get through it. Elias is a cutie and I love the name Dempsey too and I just made it to my baby name list for my baby challenge.

    Wow you are really doing a great job on the house. It looks great and so much better that the box I have going.


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