Chapter 1.7 – Onward, My Friends!


Welcome to the final chapter of house 001! Since we completed the main part of this specific challenge in the last chapter, all this chapter is, is waiting for Elias to age up. So we begin this chapter with Aaron fixing all of our broken house appliances. Because, yes, things still break once your house is over $30K in value. *le sigh* For the most part this chapter will focus on Elias, as he is the heir of the challenge.


Elias got a performance gain! He definitely needed it too…


AHHHH! LOOK! He’s doing his homework! On a Friday!

He didn’t finish it…celebrated too early.


Seriously people! We do have beds in the house! I swear! It would be nice if they used them.


New shower! Hopefully this one doesn’t break as much as the last one…



LOOK!!! He finished his homework! The focusing lights work! Hallelujah!!


And now Dempsey is doing her homework! Challenge is all but done and now our kids figure out that they have homework.


Oh no! It’s Aaron’s birthday! Not my hunky man!


That looks like it was a painful transition…not jealous of you, buddy…


He looks so peaceful while he’s playing piano. I’m going to miss this guy…


Founder and the heir! Cuties!


I’ve noticed that Siobhan spends less time on the phone now that there are other activities for her to do. Like dancing. Non-stop dancing.


I’ve never had any sim family sit at the dinner table as much as this family. It’s kinda sweet. We don’t even do this at my house IRL…


Aaron’s going senile in his old age! That’s not your bed! So I kicked him out and made him sleep in his own bed.


But then Siobhan went to sleep in it! And since I couldn’t control her, she got to sleep in Dempsey’s bed.


Elias likes to spend his days “trolling teh forums” and he’s done it so often since we got the computer, he’s reached level 2 of the mischief skill. Which I guess is okay since he needs those skills for school…


Doing a little work on Aaron’s aspiration while we wait for Elias to have his birthday.




Just a few new objects in the house. A treadmill, a couple bookshelves, and shoe racks (I later realized that the shoes were blocking the way to the bed and this was why Aaron and Siobhan kept sleeping in their kid’s beds.)


Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming! No way did Siobhan get a promotion all by herself! I nearly died of shock! This was much more exciting then when she did the dishes!


Dempsey is getting the most out of the treadmill. She’s really the only one that even uses it. So at least it’s not a waste of money *cough* easel *cough*


Elias does more homework. Pretty much cements the title of best child in the family.


Hmmm. You really think that’s a good place to do that? Maybe the living room would be a better idea…


DEMPSEY!? That is HIGHLY inappropriate! And in front of your brother?! Put on some clothes!

Demps: But I like to air dry.



And Elias just lost the best child title. Dempsey at least goes to school. Yup. Elias just skipped school. But I guess we’ll let this one slide since it’s his birthday anyway.


Remember that shower glitch we had a couple chapters ago? Same thing happened with the new shower. What the heck is this?! Is it too much to ask that it at least breaks properly so that I can fix it? Yeesh!


Birthday!!! He’s got the loves the outdoors trait.


And just like that, we’re onto House 002!! Let’s go, handsome!

House 001: Complete Success



Chapter 1.6 – Challenge Accepted


Welcome back to a Swift Drift! We begin this chapter with an unusual shot of Aaron passed out. He had just got home from work and he was dead tired, so I sent him to bed. Does he look like he’s in bed? No. Because the idiot decided to pass out instead of finish walking to his own BED.


Bills arrived…and with all the upgrades we did at the end of the last chapter we don’t have the funds to pay it. So it looks like we got some jingle writing to do!


It’s Dempsey’s birthday! Notice no one was there to help her celebrate? Yeah…


Her new trait is perfectionist and her aspiration is painter extraordinaire. She’s a good looking sim! Welcome to teenhood, Dempsey!


Elias had a bad day at school, so he came home from school and went right into the closet (his parent’s closet, you will notice…) and cried. Poor kid.


Uh oh. I hope this doesn’t become a habit, Elias. We just cured your father of this ridiculous nonsense. Well you know what they say, like father like son…


Heehee. Aaron’s face is priceless. That’s what my face looks like too when I have to pay my bills…


Someone skipped work today. I won’t name any names, but it wasn’t Aaron and the kids went to school. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, Siobhan. Oh, whoops.


Well, maybe if you would actually GO to work, you would make some progress on that…dummy.




We added some artwork around the house. And with that we are officially……1K away from a 30K simoleon value. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel people!


Morning breakfast! Also, notice that Elias is sitting at the table! So glad he didn’t try and pull an Aaron.


I’m hoping that this will be one of the last times that I’ll have to force him to write jingles. Once we reach the 30K point, I’m going to slow down on the upgrades. I mean the house is practically done, no need to go crazy.


This time it was Dempsey’s turn to have a bad day at school and needed a good cry in the closet. And once again, it was her parent’s closet. There is a closet in the kid’s room, so I have no idea why they insist on using their mom and dad’s closet…


Aaron’s just chatting away on the computer. He needed to fill his social bar and the whole family was asleep, so this is where he ended up.


Ummmmmm… you do have a bed, Aaron. Is it really too hard to walk into your room and use it?!


Oh look… our shower is broke…again.


And so is our fridge…


As well as our stove… this house if falling apart on me right at the cusp of finishing the challenge.


Uh oh! Elias is in trouble with the principal! (normally I completely ignore phone calls, but I’ve never had the principal call before, so I was curious…) I have to get him to do his homework.


I’ve seen in other challenges that if you get your main sim focused they can paint a mathmatical painting that’ll help get the kids to do their homework, so I was going to do that, but then I got distracted with…


The fact that our house is officially 30,000! Whoop whoop!


The house also celebrated by spewing water into the air. Thanks house…you really shouldn’t have.


To celebrate hitting $30K simoleons, we bought a stereo! Also, I ended up buying one of the plumbob lights that has a focusing aura. So I set that up instead of the painting in hopes that the kids will do their homework. So far, not good. But Dempsey is writing jokes which is something she’s never done before, so maybe there’s hope?

Well, that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for actual homework, bed stealing, and a couple of birthdays!

Chapter 1.5 – Where’s The Table?

08-31-16_9-53-30 PM

Hello my friends! Here we are again with the Swifts! Ready for another exciting chapter? No? Oh, okay. Well I think I can manage at least a fun chapter, so here we go! We begin with a shot of the house and you can see our miserable attempt at landscaping here. Pretty pathetic, I know, but landscaping is NOT my strong suit. We also got a new mailbox, patio railings, and a different roof (the old one was bugging the crap out of me. This one’s not much better, but at least it’s better.) House value is currently around $20K simoleons

08-31-16_9-57-27 PM

Way to go, Elias. You broke the fridge!

Elias: What? No I didn’t!

Blaming you anyway kid, sorry.

08-31-16_10-02-34 PM

Aaron’s got a couple days off from work so we set him to work writing jingles. This is a much better alternative to collecting at this point, so we don’t really go out collecting anymore. We do some here and there, but mostly he’s in front of the piano.

08-31-16_10-04-44 PM

These two are still super cute and lovey. They’ve still got a full friendship bar and romance bar. She may have ignored the kids, but she never ignored Aaron!

08-31-16_10-08-14 PM

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The throne. Yes, that’s right. We now own the unbreakable toilet! Pee all you want! It’s not going to break! This toilet alone increased the value of our house by $900 simoleons. That’s a good toilet

08-31-16_10-13-02 PM

You know Aaron, we have a table. WITH chairs. So why the heck are you eating your food in your room, on your bed, like a caveman!?

Aaron: I wanna be alone…


08-31-16_10-17-11 PM

Well, at least he’s doing the dishes! And I didn’t even have to tell him to do them! He did them all on his own, like a good little simmy!

08-31-16_10-19-37 PM

Why so mad, Elias!? I literally JUST watched you hug your sister! Let’s turn that frown upside down, mister!

08-31-16_10-20-48 PM

There, that’s better. Sibling love. ❤

08-31-16_10-24-14 PM

Mmhmmm. Yup. Way to go, Siobhan, you broke the sink. Ya’ll need to stop breaking our stuff.

08-31-16_10-28-23 PM

Really Aaron? The table is right there. But you decide to eat at the desk. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, at least he’s in the right area now instead of his bedroom…

08-31-16_10-30-07 PM

Good thing that toilet is unbreakable… It’s pretty much the only thing that’s never broke anymore. Side note: The shower isn’t actually broke. It’s stuck, it’s behaving like there’s a sim in it. I clicked on it to try and fix it, and there was no option to repair or to clean. So I tried moving it, but that didn’t help. I also tried resetting it and that didn’t work either. I finally had to sell it and buy a new one.

08-31-16_10-41-56 PM

Upgrades! We’ve got new lights all over the house, and in the kitchen we’ve got all new cabinets (both uppers and lowers), and also we have a range vent hood!

08-31-16_10-46-06 PM

Elias had a birthday!

08-31-16_10-56-27 PM

Hey hot stuff! His new trait is Childish and his aspiration is renaissance sim.

08-31-16_11-01-18 PM

Hahaha, he doesn’t look happy at ALL about starting high school, does he?

08-31-16_11-04-02 PM

Have I died? No, really, am I dead? I must be, because there’s no way that Siobhan would be doing dishes.

08-31-16_11-04-47 PM

I literally got so excited to see her doing dishes! I just couldn’t believe it! Good for you, Siobhan!

08-31-16_11-07-23 PM


08-31-16_11-07-40 PM

Mother/Daughter bonding time! Siobhan has really started to grow on me lately. She’s really upped her housewife skillz.

08-31-16_11-14-30 PM

This is a momentous occasion people! Aaron has finally found the table! Huzzah!

08-31-16_11-19-03 PM

More of awesome Siobhan bonding with her children.

08-31-16_11-30-35 PM


08-31-16_11-33-57 PM

And we end this chapter with an update of the living area. New desk and chair, a computer, a new TV and a new couch! Our current lot value is $27.5K simoleons, so we’re almost there! Join us next time for some more broken bathroom fixtures, school day blues, and more house upgrades!

Chapter 1.4 – Family Bonding

Hello! Welcome back to another eventful chapter of the Swifts! We begin this chapter with a question. Why do all my sims want to congregate in the bathroom!? What the he’ll is that? Its not like there’s anything awesome in that bathroom…

Elias is having more problems with the monster under the bed. He’s up at least once a night because of that stupid thing.

And amazingly enough, Elias was able to find his way to school! Have fun kiddo! Side note: we now have siding on our house!

And right after Elias left for school, Dempsey aged up! She was given the art lover trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration. She’s freaking adorable!

House update: we are now officially at a $15K simoleon valuation! We’re halfway there with the house! Woohoo!

Awe! Cute mother/daughter moment. Now that Dempsey isn’t a needy baby anymore, it’s okay for Siobhan to show her motherly affections. *insert eye roll here*

We’re moving up in the world! Literally. I added a foundation with a front patio. And also a roof! I don’t really like the way the roof looks though. I might end up redoing it at some point. We’ll see.

Lookey lookey who played hookey. That’s right our lovely Siobhan skipped work to take a nap. How rude. I really wanted your money.

Side note: I love the way the sunlight looks through those windows!

Also, they turned our power off. I could have sworn that I paid the bills. I remember clicking “pay bills” on Aaron’s phone. So I don’t know what happened here.

The more I play with children, the more I’m convinced that the monsters under the bed is the single worst thing about this game. The kids are up every night running and waking up Aaron and Siobhan. My whole house is sleep deprived right now.

Aaron came back from work with a promotion (finally) so we were able to pay the bills that we had thought we had already paid again. Let there be light again!

With his promotion, Aaron is now able to write jingles! This is great! Now we can do that for a little extra money to help with the house upgrades! Whoo!


Because we’re having problems with the monsters under the beds, the kids will only nap. And only during the day time.


Had to buy a stupid piano to help with Aaron’s job since he needs the piano skill to move up. Why did we pick the career the requires the most expensive objects needed to be promoted?


Hahahaha! I completely forgot to add a back patio for the back door! I would totally have fallen right out that door had that been my actual house. *crash!* Roommate: What happened, Mojo? Me: Oh no big deal, just fell out the back door and landed flat on my face. Nothing to worry about.


We rectified this serious safety hazard right away. No broken necks in this household!


Expanded the bathroom. I figured if they were going to all crowd into it, they might as well be able to stand comfortably. Also, don’t mind the small room right next to it. That’s where the closet is going as soon as I get the money for it.


NOBODY MOVE! It’s a child actually doing their homework! On their own! This is why Elias is my favorite!

Dempsey: Hey!

What? I didn’t say anything…


We’re preparing for a television and a computer. Not sure about the desk and chair, but it’s all I could afford at the time. Hopefully maybe a kid will use it to do there homework. Ahhh wishful thinking.



Aaron had a day off from work, so we sent him out collecting. He needs to be kept busy earning money since Siobhan doesn’t bring in hardly anything.


Family bonding around the dinner table! Even though we have a TV! I’m so proud of them!


This is so cute! Dempsey was scared of the monster under her bed (forgot to spray it) so she hopped in bed with her daddy!


I’ve noticed that Siobhan initiates more conversations with Elias than she does with Dempsey. You know you’re not supposed to show favorites, right Siobhan?


Doing some jingle writing and earning some extra simoleons! It is a hit or miss with how much we get, but it’s something to do when there are no more collectibles and he doesn’t have to work.


This picture pretty much sums up the state of the house right now. No one wants to do the stupid dishes, so they’re just literally piling up on us. And both the toilet and shower are broke right now, so poor Dempsey has to go to school with a full bladder, and you can see Elias’ stink trail as well.


Siobhan left work early. Again. This time it was to age up. (I’m really failing on the birthday front here guys…) She doesn’t look impressed with getting older though, does she?


We finally had enough money to buy closets for the bedrooms! Looks like Dempsey’s really enjoying it too!


As we leave this chapter with a rare shot of all 4 sims sleeping at the same time, in their own beds. Mark this day on your calendar folks! It’ll be a while before this happens again! Join us next time for more house updates, more dirty dishes, and maybe a birthday!