Chapter 2.1 – Elias’ Journey Begins

Hello! No, you are not imagining things, this IS a new chapter of the Swifts! I know, I know, it’s been a long time and I’m a horrible blogger, but I promise not to take such a long break again! Now, since it has been a long time, I had to take a bit to re-familiarize myself with the challenge. It wasn’t that hard, since Vi has made the rules super easy to understand! So when we last left off with the Swifts, Elias had just aged up and we had completed House 1! So we begin this journey with Elias and House 2! Let’s go!


So we moved Elias into the required lot in Willow Creek and changed his aspiration from Renaissance Sim to The Curator. Of course that’s just temporary until he has a kid and can work on the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.


So while we’re waiting for the collectibles to generate, we did some fishing.


He looks so proud of that seaweed clump…


Oh ho! Who do we spy over there?!


It’s mom and dad! Aaron looks really pissed that we came over to say “hi.” You know that’s not very nice of you, Aaron…


So since dad was being a huge butt, we went collecting which is a better use of our time anyway.


And of course, Elias got to uncomfortable. But with no bed to nap on, it was off to the public bench.


While there’s a public bench, unfortunately there is no public bathroom. So we had a bladder fail right in the middle of the neighborhood. At least we have no neighbors.


I’m determined to get enough money to buy some essential stuffs for the home lot. So once again, we hit the collectible circuit.


And after selling our collected items, we were able to afford an actual sink and a cooler, which I didn’t realize also doubled as a seat, so BONUS!


After this miracle thing called frog breeding (which I didn’t know about for some reason, but is REALLY handy), we were able to afford a toilet. (Also notice that he’s clean after spamming the ‘wash hands’ interaction over and over)


Look at this sexy guy. Just sitting there all sexy looking. This is a perfect banner pic!


Low social bar means socializing with the “neighbors” and by neighbors, I mean the people who wander though the neighborhood. Normally, this is good spouse hunting tactics, but not when you’re required to marry a service sim!


Dempsey! Hi! hahaha, look at Elias. I can’t tell if he’s mad at his sister for cock blocking or if it’s a silent plea for help.


Elias: “What the hell is this!?”

It’s a broken sink. Also, stabbing your hand though it isn’t going to fix it. So stop.


Well, it’s as good a time as any to call a repair sim and cross our fingers and hope for a female. Not like we’re going to get married any time soon since we need a house worth 40 grand. But still, we can work on a relationship!


Well, we could if it was a girl. They would send a male knowing full well that I needed a female… It’s a conspiracy I tell you!


After lots of fishing and collecting, we were able to afford a bed! And look! It’s not even the cheapo air mattress!!


This game is really out to get me. The community gardener is female, but an elder. So she’s a no-go


Mom came over for a visit. And it looks like she’s asking him about babies…

Siobhan: When are you gonna give me grandbabies! I want grandbabies!

Elias: Mom! I need a girl first!

Siobhan: Well I know this really cute blonde who’s your age…

Elias: MOM!


So we started a garden. And a garden means a gardener, which of course we hired one. I hope it a female.


Look! We bought a shower! Also, you might be wondering why these items are placed like this on the lot. Well I have a house blueprint in mind, and this is where all these items are placed in the final layout. So for instance, all the bedroom and bathroom need to be completed are walls! (and floors and wallpaper…)


Siobhan must have separation anxiety or something…she’s ALWAYS around…


Well, this happened… Congrats, Elias. You’re going to be a big brother again…


Look! It’s our gardener! And she’s a girl! But she’s an adult…by the time we’re ready for babies and stuff, she’ll probably be an elder… so no.


Walls and doors! And one light. Well, we can’t have everything…


So what did you catch today?


Oh exciting (heavy sarcasm). Inside was a single apple. Don’t eat it, Elias, it’s probably poisoned.


Our garden is flourishing! We spend so much time tending our own garden that we don’t get a lot of time to collect other items around the house! I don’t think he’s gonna have a job, he just won’t have time with all the gardening and collecting. But that’s just fine!

So this is where we’re going to leave this chapter, stay tuned for exciting times with the Swifts!!