Chapter 2.2 – Unexpected Visitors


Oh hi! Welcome back to my drifter challenge! Last chapter we started Elias’ journey in house 2! We started this wonderful garden and got a decent start on the house! And now we begin this chapter with a little lot of gardening! I think I accidentally hired a one time gardener instead of a regular one. We haven’t seen a gardener in days.


But I guess it’s fine. That means that he’s getting some great gardening skills!


And here’s a daily visit from Mom! A very pregnant mom. You got twins in there, Siobhan? lol


In our peruse of the neighborhood, we found Dad as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that Aaron is probably permanently mad. Or at least annoyed. Why you mad, bro?


Vlad came to visit us. Just came to say hi apparently. Go away, Vampire.


Got rid of the cooler. Replaced it with a fridge, stove, and some counters. I ran out of money to buy a sink, so we still have to do dishes in the bathroom. #annoying


Who’s this? Well, obviously, it’s the mail carrier…and you can tell she’s female…but you can’t tell how old she is! *crosses fingers for a young adult*


And she is!!! She’s a young adult! *dies* Her name is Saya Nakamura, and I hope Elias can make this work! I don’t want to wait forever to find someone!


She has great facial expressions! I love her, guys. I really love her. I need her in the family asap, but I can’t move her in until her and Elias are married. So plum that. We’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way.


Oh look! Mom and dad had their baby! Elias now has another younger sister!


He’s such a good little fisherman! Look at that big fish! Just kidding! That big fish was only worth a whopping $7… What a rip off.


It’s a collecting day! Need to make some house updates!


And here it is! (I also bred some frogs after this was taken and had enough for lights in the bedroom and living area.) So the house value is now at $8,783 and we have $2 in the bank.


No. Go away. Stay out of my house!


Stop! Don’t do it!


Bed is in the opposite direction, Elias! Turn around!

Elias: *Zombie noises*


Well, that was rude. Go away, Vlad.


Oh wonderful. We’ve got a bad moodlet, he drain our energy, and now Vlad has promised us a return visit. Greaaat


Elias: Uhhhh, What happened.

You let a vampire suck your plasma. Stupid.

Elias: What the hell! Why didn’t you stop him!?

You were a mind-controlled zombie. You wouldn’t listen.


Well, at least Saya comes and visits! Even if she’s just delivering elements from the Geo Council… But still, it’s nice to see a friendly face that won’t stick their fangs in your neck.


Hmmmm. I really need to get him a table and some chairs… He’s always eating either right there at the counter, or he goes and sits on his bed and eats.


Gah. Gardening is exhausting… Just when I finish tending to it, it feels like I have to start all over again. But it’s a great money-maker!


And after a full day of collecting and gardening, we bought new stuff! We splurged on the table and the chairs and had just enough money for a cheap TV. Not too bad for a day’s work!


Breakfast and TV! The best morning combo there is! Enjoy it, buddy!


And again, Saya has paid us a visit! The best part about pursuing the mailwoman, is that you see her often and for FREE!


Easy relationship building right here!


Huh. She looks different in civilian clothes. I like it!


Elias: Saya, will you accept this rose?

Saya: Of course! Thank you!


Oh? What’s this? We’re making a move! And she’s into it! #love


And we end this chapter with the two of them being boyfriend and girlfriend. Also with Saya making a move on Elias! Best mailwoman ever! Join us next time for more fun!