Chapter 2.4 – When Death Comes Knockin’


Oh hai there! Welcome back to my drifter challenge! Last time we did some gardening, got married, did more gardening, and then found out we’re expecting a nooboo! Lots of story progression stuff happens in this chapter, so grab your cocktails, wait, no. I didn’t say that. Grab your “juice” and here we go!


And it would be a drifter update without an obligatory gardening shot!


Oh look! Dad came by for a visit!

Aaron: She’s pregnant…

Elias: Oh yeah! Dad, this is Saya, my wife!

Aaron: I know what you did… that’s gross. Don’t do it again.

Elias: DAD!

Saya: *giggles*


This cutie is Jordyn, our little sister! She finally aged up into a toddler so I could get a picture of her! Welcome to the family! ❤


Dempsey came to visit, and she does not look happy about it… cheer up girl! You’re too pretty to be sad!


Remembering Vlad’s unfortunate visit, I made sure I bought some garlic to plant. Hopefully he’ll leave us alone.


I’ve noticed that Saya and Elias prefer to stand while watching TV. It’s really weird. I kinda cheated and told her to sit down just to see if she would still watch TV while sitting. And she did. So I dunno why they prefer to stand…


Oh no! That’s a really sad notification! Dad can’t die! He’s our founder!


MAJOR house update! We’ve got our second bedroom and we added a closet in the kitchen (there’s gonna be a second door there, so it’s kinda like a coat closet). AND we’ve got all the floor and wall coverings! Yay! House value is now $24,773.


Elias maxed the gardening skill! That’s a first for me! Yay for drifting!


Okay, two things about this one:

  1. Saya is HUGE!!
  2. Siobhan aged up, so she’s probably gonna die too…


Baby time! Here we go! The heir is on it’s way!


And it’s twins!!! We’ve got twin girls Eliza (first born in the yellow bassinet) and Olivia (second born in the pink bassinet).


We added a foundation to up the value to $28,155.


No no no no no! The garlic is supposed to keep you AWAY!


Derp. Poor Elias. At least he didn’t do it three times in a row like Harley in my ISBI… and I’m glad it doesn’t count as negative points here!



Nooooooo!!! Dad died!! Let us observe a moment of silence for our fallen founder……


In a ray of sunshine in a dark night, it’s the twins’ birthday!


And here they are! Eliza is in the aqua (funny I just realized that she blends in with the carpet…lol) and Olivia is in the pink!


And here’s our first “family dinner” with the toddlers. I can’t ever decide if I like the high chairs or if I hate them… Like it takes a sim a ridiculously long time to put them in it, plus if toddlers can grab their own food off the counter, they’re kind of pointless…


Raising twin toddlers can really take a lot out of a guy. At least the garden looks nice…


Smallish house update: We had to get all the toddler stuff for the girls. And we got new sofas in the living room and a new TV. Also we now have a couple wall decor pieces


I have literally NEVER grown one of these EVER in all my time playing the Sims. And that’s since the Sims 1. So this’ll be fun. I needed to grow one for his current aspiration, so fun times.


NOOOOOO! Mom?! What are you doing! Dad died THREE DAYS ago! Geez, you move on fast…


Gahhh! And then this happened! Saya! Please try NOT to burn down our carefully crafted home in which you are a resident. It would be greatly appreciated.


Elias to the rescue! Meanwhile, Olivia’s in the high chair freaking out. After Elias finished extinguishing the fire, he grabbed Olivia and ran to safety. Interestingly enough, no one grabbed our heir, Eliza… hmmmm, I see our priorities are messed up.


Saya tries to make it up to little Eliza by playing with her. (Also, because of the fire, I had to replace both the stove AND the fridge. At least they were the cheap ones… lol)



And we end this chapter with Elias’ birthday! And he’s obviously not thrilled about it. Don’t worry, I’m nervous too… I hope we didn’t wait to long to have kids. I’m worried he’s gonna die before we finish the required aspiration… yikes! Well, join us next time as we hope to get started on that aspiration before he croaks!