Chapter 2.5 – We’re Off On An Adventure!

*peeks head out from under the rock* *waves* Hi guys! Long time, no see, I know. But life… yeah… So here we are again! Let’s hope that I can remember what we’re doing since these pics were taken awhile ago! lol We begin with Elias chatting up his heir, Eliza. And I just realized how similar their names are… weird.

So with the small chance that this could eat my sims, it’s time to get rid of it. I only needed to grow it for his current aspiration anyway. So it’s time to sell it!

Looks like we sent Elias out on a collecting run. And he doesn’t look to happy about it. But money is money, we have a house to finish!

Collecting paid off and we were able to update the kitchen! Current value of the house is at $38,900 so we’re making progress!

Awe! She’s so cute!!!

Our sims finally use the sofa again! Without my interference! Gold star for you!

Noooo! Siobhan! You can’t die! I won’t allow it! (Also, I forgot that she had remarried after Aaron died…)

Elias has a special skill. He’s able to fix the sink without any tools!

Saya: Ummm… That’s not how that works…

Elias: Sure it is! I’ve done it loads of times!

Saya: …Sure you have… *rolls eyes*

Birthday time for the twins!!

Eliza is on the left in white/teal and she gained the loves the outdoors trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Olivia is on the right in purple/grey and she gained the neat trait and the Artistic prodigy aspiration.

With the twins as children, we changed Elias’ aspiration to the outdoor enthusiast and we set off on our first trip to Granite Falls!

And here we have our home sweet home for the next few days!

And of course we immediately set off to buy supplies so that the rest of the family can survive while we’re busy.

But poor Olivia couldn’t wait for the tent to get set up before crashing…

Saya met a ghost on our first day. Kinda weird to meet a ghost like that but whatever.

Noooo! Mom died! 😥 We miss you already!

Making progress on this aspiration of ours. I don’t want to have to make too many trips here! lol

oh… yummy… /sarcasm. Elias looks thrilled too.

And this is me forgetting Saya’s birthday…Whoops. I’m sorry, Saya.

Olivia is a super social sim! She’s always talking to someone!

Eliza is cleaning up everyone’s messes even while camping. Going above the call of duty I see.

Daddy/daughter/heir/heiress bonding!

Elias is such a talented sim. First fixing a sink without a wrench and now we’re reading a book without holding it and it’s sideways in the ground. He’s so special.

Awe poor Eliza! She was too tired to make it to the tent or the chairs… typical

And we made our first ever trip (in the whole time I’ve had this game) into the deep woods! We met the hermit and did lots of collecting! So this is fun!

And just like that, our first trip ended. Elias looks super bummed to be home, while Eliza looks elated to be back. Well, Elias, at least you can study herbalisim while at the house now! We just have to get the books!

And that’s it for now! Let’s hope that it doesn’t take so long for another update! haha!