Chapter 3.1 – Eliza’s Journey Begins

House 3 baby! Here we are at the beginning of another house! Here are the main objectives of house 3:

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons (after Depreciation)
  2. Complete the Angling Ace Aspiration on the Main Sim
  3. Achieve level 10 of the Gardening skill on the Main Sim
  4. Achieve level 10 of the Fishing skill on the Main Sim
  5. Acquire a Cow Plant and collect 5 unique Essence potions by interacting with it
  6. Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult lifestage

That is QUITE the list there, but it is definitely doable. The only thing that has me worried is the essence from the cow plant. As I’ve never done that before, I’m afraid of killing my sims! So any pointers from fellow Drifters would be great!

And it wouldn’t be the start of a new house without going out collecting on our first day!

And apparently collecting is pretty scarce since we only had enough to buy a cooler. But hey! A girl’s gotta eat!

And the next morning we went on the first of MANY fishing trips. You know with our Angling Ace aspiration and need to max the fishing skill, this is gonna be a past time of ours.

Yeah… I know gurl. We need a toilet so you don’t piss yourself all the time. I’m sorry. But we’re low on collectibles.

Later that afternoon though, there were some more plants ready to harvest so we were able to scrounge up enough for a sink and still had some left to start a garden. Since we made so much money in the last house gardening, I think we’ll do that again in this house. Especially since there are blackberries here!

Hmmm… all of our dirty dishes were bowls… but somehow they transformed into plates and a mug. Interesting. Gotta love that #simslogic

Aunt Jordyn got married to Rashawn Richards! Congrats!

This is what Rashawn looks like! Meh.

We bought our shrub! I know the toilet is cheaper, but BUSH!

*poof* our small meager garden with four plants expanded massively! Bring on the money!

We spent some good money to buy a decent bed. A girl needs her beauty sleep!

Hiya Dad!

Elias: I thought I got rid of that voice…

Nope! I’ll be around every time you come visit Eliza!

Elias: Guess I’ll never be over here again!

Eliza: Dad!

Elias: Sorry, munchkin.


We also saw Dempsey!

Dempsey: *grumble*

Uhhh… Sorry. We’ll just go…over there…

Poor Eliza’s so socially deprived, she has to talk to the plants to keep up her social stats. I’ve been watching the passing sims, looking for potential spouses, but there’s no one passing. And since she didn’t spend a lot of time in school because we traveled a lot, she doesn’t have a lot of pre-existing relationships. And all of the sims that are passing by are either old, female, or really ugly and I don’t want those genes. So we’re waiting…

Olivia got married! Her new husband’s name is Dylan Capris (Every time I see that last name I think of Capri-Sun. So don’t be surprised if at some point I start referring to him as Capri-Sun…lol) ANYWAY! So Olivia got married AND she’s expecting! *cough* shotgun wedding *cough*

And this is what Dylan looks like. He’s… interesting.

MAN ALERT! On one of my sim-watching ventures, I found this guy. His name is Kellen and he’s already a winner because he doesn’t have black hair. I just realized that EVERYONE in this family has/had black hair and I’m sick of it. lol we didn’t get very far in this relationship, Eliza had to pee and while she did that, he ran off. But we’ll see him again, for sure!

Look guys! We have a bathroom! I’m trying something different with building. Normally, I build all the walls and stuff of the house and the furniture and THEN add the wall and floor coverings. This time, I’m going to add the wall and floor coverings when the room is built. We’ll see how this works.

We invited Kellen over! We need to get this going! We have an heir to produce!

Mom looks really happy about the current situation… Hmmm. She seems wayyy too happy.

Olivia had her baby. It’s a boy named Joshua! (Also, it’s one week into House 3. It’s never taken me this long to find a spouse…)

Two things:

  1. Working hard on that aspiration!
  2. This was supposed to show that Dempsey is expecting another child with her husband.

And this is what Dempsey’s first child, Nicole looks like! She’s really pretty!

House update! Now we can sleep in peace!

And we can make LEGIT FOOD! No more meals of granola or yogurt!

We’re really good at this fishing thing. I mean, who else can catch as many monster blobs as Eliza?!

Again, we’re missing the UI, but we did catch the cowplant berry! Woo!

I must have turned off “Capture UI” at some point and didn’t realize it, because all my pictures that are supposed to have it, don’t have it at all. Like this photo. This is supposed to announce the arrival of Dempsey’s baby. It was a boy who we named Collin.

Also, We invited Kellen over. He MUST join the family. I’ve got all my eggs in the basket with this one, so its do or fail at this point.

With our massive garden, we rack in all kinds of money. So we’ve updated our kitchen appliances and we got a table and chairs.

I think we’re going to end this chapter here. It’s getting kinda long… So we’ll see you next time!

Current house value: $15,847