Chapter 3.6 – Check And Check

Well hello everyone! I know it’s been awhile 😥 I got super busy with events over on BoolProp, plus my brother is getting married next year, and his fiance keeps asking me for help. So when thanksgiving came around and I had extra time off, I was super excited to play! …And then my computer crashed. I was devastated! But never fear! My new computer is here! I spent all last week getting it set up and making sure everything was working. Thankfully, I had backed up my games a couple of days before the crash, so I only lost my newest (as of yet) unpublished story and a few sim days of my baby boom challenge. So we can get back to some regular-ish updates! And without further ado, let’s get to the next chapter of The Swifts!

If you remember, Eliza’s only two fish away from completing her aspiration, the house is almost at the required value, and the twins became super mess-makers!

And their needy. Poor Eliza just wants to eat her food in peace. Look at her face! She’s so sad! And obviously, the kids are oblivious to that lol

Kellen goes on a cleaning spree to clean up the mess left behind the tornado twins. Seriously, they are wrecking balls.

House update! We’ve got windows, a roof, and a foundation! I’ve also figured out the layout of the kids’ rooms and the 2nd bathroom, so that it’s not SUPER awkward. This update brings the house total to $43,176! So we’ve officially reached the 1st house goal!

This bass makes our fish count 19/20! We’re one away! Ughhhh, this has been the most stressful aspiration. There’s no control over which fish you get! You just cast the line and hope that you catch a fish you don’t already have.

Olivia had twins! Now she has her own set of little tornadoes! How unfortunate…

Our own little monsters need baths. Desperately. Lucas looks like he’s going to poison someone if he doesn’t get a bath in the next minute lol

I ALMOST MISSED IT!! We finally got that last elusive fish! So that’s 4/6 main goals completed! Thank goodness!

That is an impressive wall of fish! A little bit disappointed that we didn’t catch the bone fish, but oh well! My fishing days are done for a while! (hopefully, I have no idea what the other house goal are. playing blind is annoying sometimes lol)

And here are the ones we caught that didn’t count for the goal (which is SUPER annoying by the way…)

With all the other house goal completed (with the exception of raising the heir to YA, but that will come in time.) it was time to grow our cowplant! The trick here is making sure I don’t kill my sims with it… lol

Look at the state of our house. It was clean at some point during this chapter… *sigh* I want so bad to turn it off, but… that feels cheaty to me

Waaa! It’s so cute when they’re small! And to think eventually it’ll grow up to eat people.

These two have birthdays today! And so do Aiden and Lucas! Since that’s a lot more pics to add to this chapter, I think we’ll end it here and do the birthdays in the next chapter. So TTFN, ta ta for now!