Chapter 4.1 – Hailey’s Journey Begins

Hello everybody! We’re finally off and running with house 4! Last time, Hailey aged up and we moved her out to start her own adventure!

The main goals for house 4 are:

  1. Create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $50k Simoleons (after Depreciation)
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Rocket Science skill
  3. Achieve level 10 of the Scientist career
  4. Travel to Sixam
  5. Acquire at least three unique items exclusive to the Get To Work Expansion Pack
  6. Befriend and Move In an Alien
  7. Produce and raise an Heir to the Young Adult life stage

As you can see, that is QUITE the list of goals to complete, but I totally find it doable! So let’s get started!

So, as per the goals, we joined the scientist career!

Aaaaaand we now have to wait 2 days to even go to our first day of work… I’m bored already.

And like any good dad, Kellen is having problems letting his little girl go. She’s fine, Dad. You can go!

Since we needed money for household objects we did the usual drifter thing and went collecting!

Aiden and Lucas aged up! Ahhh! I remember when they were young and annoying and making messes all over the house. *crosses fingers their kids are just like them*

Yay for community grills! At least she won’t starve!

Aaaaand benches! But I’m gonna rectify that REAL soon!

After the first round of collecting we had enough for some necessities. I love that the bush that came with the new Jungle pack is only $50. So that saved me $200 so I could afford that bed! Woohoo!

Nothing like showering in the open! Feel that breeze!

Also, I still find it weird that showering helps with breakthroughs…

Second round of collecting and we were able to afford a TV! I was sick of Hailey being tense all the time, so this will help with that.

Uhhhh… But that doesn’t… Damn aliens…

We started another round of collecting when, during my usual scouting of the passer-by’s, I saw THIS guy! He’s niiiiiiiice looking! I want!

So of course we stopped the collecting an immediately said hi!

His name is Malik. I love.

Obligatory relationship cheat!

Bills?! What the hell!? We haven’t even had our first day of work yet! This isn’t cool! #adulting is hard

We finally made it to work and we found this guy. He’s also a young adult! We’ll keep him in mind if things don’t work out with my man Malik.

Napping on the job. Hailey is my spirit animal. I wish I could get away with that!

After her nap, we had just enough time to get started on the rocket skill! Thankfully, there’s one at the science lab and I don’t have to buy one for the house at the moment! So we worked on that until it was time to go home.

And that seems like a good place to end this chapter! We’ll see you again next time with more work and possibly some romance!