Chapter 4.6 – Meet The New Heir

Welcome everyone! As you can see, we start the chapter with a VERY pregnant Hailey! She can’t wait for it to be over, and I can’t wait for the new heir! I hope it’s a boy

That is definitely not a good idea for a pregnant sim such as yourself.

“But I need to keep working”

… You’re going to work yourself to death in the cold like that!



Looks like someone started and then gave up on this snowpal. Poor little dude.

Look at all that cabinet space!!! *dies* it’s my dream!

And with the new table and chairs and computer, the house value is now, $41,034

Whomp whomp. This is what happens when a really pregnant sim decides it’s a good idea to go to work.

And this might be an even worse idea…

He’s gonna die before his kid is born…

And it’s baby time! Nice to see that Malik made it alive

Malik: “Why’s it so *&%#ing cold!”

Hailey: “…… It’s winter.”

Malik: “Damn it, woman! Put a jacket on!”

He’s got a point there…

Hailey: “I’m having a baby, leave me alone.”

And we just learned that our cousin Joshua Capris (Olivia and Dylan’s kid) is a doctor!

Who looks really confused…

Hailey: “You know what you’re doing… right, Josh?”

Josh: “Oh yeah! Don’t worry about anything, Hailey! …what is THAT!?!?”

Hailey: “What?! What happened?!

Josh: “Oh! Um… nothing…!”

I have no faith in this kid

Everyone, meet our heir, Adalind! I was hoping for a boy, but oh well!

… And I’ve just realized that the walls are really plain.

So we fixed that!

Hey! That’s not your work uniform!

“Uniforms are dumb anyway!”

Oh… Bye Hailey…

It’s New Year’s Eve! Hailey made a resolution to get a promotion!

Upgraded the bathroom!

Also, Vasyl is still around

And he’s always in the way when I need to get Hailey in there to care for Adalind… He’s really annoying

Hanging out by and expired leaf pile. Fun times

Hi mom!

So here we have a burning leaf pile and a couple of culprits running away from the scene of the crime.


And it’s the first kiss of the new year!

They totally did this autonomously, it was so cute.


And here she is as a toddler! I actually liked her EA given outfit so no CAS for her! (lies, I did change all her other outfits lol)

Extra Bits:

Here’s Rebecca! Kellen’s last alien baby.

Chapter 4.5 – Winterfest

Welcome back! Last chapter was a lot of nothing. Just the introduction to seasons. We have lots of stuff in this chapter, so buckle up! We’re in for a ride!

We begin with some gardening. A bit boring, but it needs to be done

And here’s Hailey admiring her hunky hunky husband in his boxers. Enjoy, Hailey. Enjoy

Malik: Mmmmm. Pasta….

*sigh* no babies yet. Hailey’s too tired. And I want her to be a bit further along in her job before we get the baby thing going

Also, we have a new bed.

It was and alien invasion at work today! So we meet our first alien! Now we have a chance to fulfill one of the requirements of this house!

We are now officially best friends forever! Now all that’s left is to move him in (which I can’t do while we’re at work)

RIP Space Rocket. You were a real friend

Damn Lightning.

Kayla and Devin aged up!

Mr Alien moved in!

His name is Vasyl Holliday (how appropriate)

This pic is mainly to prove that he’s an alien. lol

Also, mom is freezing to death. D:

Oh no! This is not good! Please don’t come home pregnant…

Wouldn’t that be funny though if he had an alien baby before the heir is even born? lol


Someone was really busy…

And there’s another table in the back that is also full of food. What a waste of money

They’re so cute. I love them so much

Hailey had 3 days off from work which was gonna totally ruin the progress-making we’ve got going on, so we bought our own rocket ship!!

Which she got to work on right away

No shit Sherlock. I’m glad we’ve established that Vasyl is an alien.

Hailey: “Hey wanna woohoo in my rocket ship?”

Malik: “Sure, what could go wrong?”

Baby time?

Baby time! Our heir is on the way!

Winter is here.

Valar Morghulis.

Snowfall is beautiful! And the snow on the ground sparkles in the sunlight! It’s so pretty!


Winterfest is here! We wasted no time into getting into the presents!


Well gee. That’s a much nicer gift then the poop…

Even Vasyl got a decent gift

Hailey went again and got a bunch of upgrade parts… She really killed it didn’t she?

Snow angels!

DAD! You’re gonna DIE!

Our greenhouse got it’s very own snowpal protector!

That would keep me away, that’s for sure…

Father Winter arrived!

He gave Hailey a chess table! Awesome!

And he restocked our presents and then some!

Hailey still did fare well… Her next gift was a piece of coal…

I wish we would have had the baby in this chapter, but it’s getting pretty long, so I’m gonna end it here.


Chapter 4.4 – Harvestfest

So I downloaded seasons and this is the first time I’m playing my drifter save since then and I’ve decided that seasons does not agree with my way of earning money. Can’t really garden if your garden isn’t in season for half the “year”… Which means I have to use some hard earned money to build a stupid green house…

Hahahaha! Old lady twin push-ups!

Eliza: What are you doing! You’re in my way!

Olivia: No, you’re in my way! I was here first!

Making special alien friends.

Side Note: I’m super bummed that they don’t actually form alien relationships while abducted…

Got the greenhouse started. Now, I usually put foundations on my houses, and greenhouses and foundations do not mix at all… So eventually, we’ll have to say goodbye to the garden…

Bought a bookcase! Now she can have breakthroughs outside of the bathroom! (That was a really weird thing to say)

*squee*!!! They’re soooooo cute!! This was all autonomous!

She’s just like “ugh, here we go again…”

The trees are changing colors! It’s fall!

Space adventures! Her trips are boring. She always returns home safe lol

Added flooring and wallpaper! And we also got a new stove and fridge!

House Value: $20,399

Lotto time! I’m not sure how many times I’ll participate in this… Tickets are $100… and we need all those $$$’s right now…

But anyway, Malik is apparently a gambling addict…

Too bad I can’t have him participate since I can’t control him. So Hailey bought a ticket.

Then she got a promotion! I feel like she’s taking forever getting those promotions…

Another small house update! The new walls are enclosing the new closet added in the main bedroom. We also bought a new TV stand and a new TV, shelves, and a dinning table with chairs.

House Value: $23,519

Ahhhh… The life of a sim with a really crappy (no pun intended) toilet

Harvestfest is here! As are the really creepy gnomes that, once appeased, kept leaving me damn seed packets ALLLLLLL over the damn place!

It was annoying.

We lost the lotto… Booooooo what a waste of money

Enjoying the “grand” meal! Huh. Now I want a ham… *salivates*

Damn angry gnome broke our TV. Rude.

And then this happened. Hailey was smited… Smote? Whatever. She was struck with lightning because the stupid gnome didn’t like her pleas. *grumbles*

Ending the chapter with a kitchen update, more cabinets and counters and a new fridge. I want to add a bar yet and another row of cabinets on top. And also get a better stove and (another) fridge.

Current Value: $27,246 (over halfway!)