Chapter 4.4 – Harvestfest

So I downloaded seasons and this is the first time I’m playing my drifter save since then and I’ve decided that seasons does not agree with my way of earning money. Can’t really garden if your garden isn’t in season for half the “year”… Which means I have to use some hard earned money to build a stupid green house…

Hahahaha! Old lady twin push-ups!

Eliza: What are you doing! You’re in my way!

Olivia: No, you’re in my way! I was here first!

Making special alien friends.

Side Note: I’m super bummed that they don’t actually form alien relationships while abducted…

Got the greenhouse started. Now, I usually put foundations on my houses, and greenhouses and foundations do not mix at all… So eventually, we’ll have to say goodbye to the garden…

Bought a bookcase! Now she can have breakthroughs outside of the bathroom! (That was a really weird thing to say)

*squee*!!! They’re soooooo cute!! This was all autonomous!

She’s just like “ugh, here we go again…”

The trees are changing colors! It’s fall!

Space adventures! Her trips are boring. She always returns home safe lol

Added flooring and wallpaper! And we also got a new stove and fridge!

House Value: $20,399

Lotto time! I’m not sure how many times I’ll participate in this… Tickets are $100… and we need all those $$$’s right now…

But anyway, Malik is apparently a gambling addict…

Too bad I can’t have him participate since I can’t control him. So Hailey bought a ticket.

Then she got a promotion! I feel like she’s taking forever getting those promotions…

Another small house update! The new walls are enclosing the new closet added in the main bedroom. We also bought a new TV stand and a new TV, shelves, and a dinning table with chairs.

House Value: $23,519

Ahhhh… The life of a sim with a really crappy (no pun intended) toilet

Harvestfest is here! As are the really creepy gnomes that, once appeased, kept leaving me damn seed packets ALLLLLLL over the damn place!

It was annoying.

We lost the lotto… Booooooo what a waste of money

Enjoying the “grand” meal! Huh. Now I want a ham… *salivates*

Damn angry gnome broke our TV. Rude.

And then this happened. Hailey was smited… Smote? Whatever. She was struck with lightning because the stupid gnome didn’t like her pleas. *grumbles*

Ending the chapter with a kitchen update, more cabinets and counters and a new fridge. I want to add a bar yet and another row of cabinets on top. And also get a better stove and (another) fridge.

Current Value: $27,246 (over halfway!)