Chapter 4.6 – Meet The New Heir

Welcome everyone! As you can see, we start the chapter with a VERY pregnant Hailey! She can’t wait for it to be over, and I can’t wait for the new heir! I hope it’s a boy

That is definitely not a good idea for a pregnant sim such as yourself.

“But I need to keep working”

… You’re going to work yourself to death in the cold like that!



Looks like someone started and then gave up on this snowpal. Poor little dude.

Look at all that cabinet space!!! *dies* it’s my dream!

And with the new table and chairs and computer, the house value is now, $41,034

Whomp whomp. This is what happens when a really pregnant sim decides it’s a good idea to go to work.

And this might be an even worse idea…

He’s gonna die before his kid is born…

And it’s baby time! Nice to see that Malik made it alive

Malik: “Why’s it so *&%#ing cold!”

Hailey: “…… It’s winter.”

Malik: “Damn it, woman! Put a jacket on!”

He’s got a point there…

Hailey: “I’m having a baby, leave me alone.”

And we just learned that our cousin Joshua Capris (Olivia and Dylan’s kid) is a doctor!

Who looks really confused…

Hailey: “You know what you’re doing… right, Josh?”

Josh: “Oh yeah! Don’t worry about anything, Hailey! …what is THAT!?!?”

Hailey: “What?! What happened?!

Josh: “Oh! Um… nothing…!”

I have no faith in this kid

Everyone, meet our heir, Adalind! I was hoping for a boy, but oh well!

… And I’ve just realized that the walls are really plain.

So we fixed that!

Hey! That’s not your work uniform!

“Uniforms are dumb anyway!”

Oh… Bye Hailey…

It’s New Year’s Eve! Hailey made a resolution to get a promotion!

Upgraded the bathroom!

Also, Vasyl is still around

And he’s always in the way when I need to get Hailey in there to care for Adalind… He’s really annoying

Hanging out by and expired leaf pile. Fun times

Hi mom!

So here we have a burning leaf pile and a couple of culprits running away from the scene of the crime.


And it’s the first kiss of the new year!

They totally did this autonomously, it was so cute.


And here she is as a toddler! I actually liked her EA given outfit so no CAS for her! (lies, I did change all her other outfits lol)

Extra Bits:

Here’s Rebecca! Kellen’s last alien baby.

6 thoughts on “Chapter 4.6 – Meet The New Heir

  1. I had a feeling she was having a girl xD I think the Sims just love to give you the gender you weren’t looking for *remembers the Baby Boom boys*


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