Chapter 4.10 – I Can See The Light

*A/N* I just want to warn you guys that there are A LOT (by a lot, I mean almost half of these screenshots lol) of updates on the extended family lol. Most All of this chapter was played on three-speed lol

We begin things off with a little change in the house. I sold the doll house! And I got another treadmill. I’m working on getting Adalind into shape lol

Speaking of Adalind, she’s only one day into teendom. Ugh. So we have a LOT of playing to do… This is where the three-speed goodness comes into play!

She was definitely in bed. Notice, she’s wearing her pj’s. So it really irks me that she got out of bed just to pass out. Like, really? Why? #simlogic

Adalind is really going for it. I couldn’t figure out where she was going until I saw this. She went allllll the way across the empty neighboring lot just to shovel this pile of snow. And she managed to do it with an INVISIBLE SHOVEL!!

Hai mom! Why do you always visit while we’re at work? What wrong with you?

NooooOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad! I miss you already. I loved seeing you pass by the house.

Guys. I somehow missed the fact that you could travel to Sixam through a wormhole with a rocket ship. So we made it to Sixam a bit sooner than planned! Too bad Hailey doesn’t look too happy about it either lol

Goal: Check

And since we were here we went and did some collecting. We need those Get To Work items!

It’s a good thing we met Vasyl when we did. Sixam is a ghost planet. There’s literally NO ONE else here. Good thing I wasn’t banking on an alien from here…

Made it home since there was nothing else to do. We completed the geode collection, and got a couple of harvestables. So that completes the last goal for Hailey. Now we just have to wait for Adalind to age up.

Goal: Check

The second treadmill was a really good idea. Lookin’ good, Adalind!

Damn, Devin! That seems like a drastic over-reaction!

*Makes note not to do that to him again*

Lolololol, we transformed a snowpal. And we got this. lol And we have no children to enjoy it

I’m a little worried for Adalind… It took her this long to figure out that Vasyl is an alien…

Malik got that promotion he was looking for! I want to see how far I can get him in his career before Adalind takes over.

Kayla is expecting again!

And so is cousin Avery!

Also, he apparently got married.


This is not okay… I wondered why it looked like he was gaining weight… Ugh.

Adalind came home in this. I did not give her that. Why does EA do this to us?

Rebecca is expecting!

As is another cousin, Joshua!

Guys. I’m still mad about this.

Malik doesn’t look too upset about it though…

Kayla had a girl! And cousin Avery had a girl!

NooooOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both mom and dad died in this chapter!!!! Boooooooooo

Rebecca had a girl! And Cousin Joshua had a boy!

And then Malik decided it was time to introduce us to the alien spawn.

Everyone, meet Laurel. SHE’S PURPLE! I’ve only ever had blue aliens. So this is a nice surprise.

/end chapter. Adalind still has 4 or 5 days before she ages up… So we have one more chapter of filler before we kick off house 5!


Chapter 4.9 – Slow Progress

Welcome back! Hailey’s busy working on a breakthrough so that we can get that promotion!

Dad is really getting into the Talk Like A Pirate Day… You go dad!

Hailey and Adalind had a really cute mother/daughter moment.

Adalind: And then the other kid jumped out and said BOO!

Hailey: Wow! That’s fascinating!

Malik had another abduction.

Have fun, Malik.

You probably can’t tell, but this kid in front is a teen. But he looks like he could be the same age as the elder in the back.

I thought it was funny. No? Just me? Okay, moving on

No Vlad. No away, we don’t serve your kind here.

And there goes Hailey…

Nicole (Dempsey’s daughter) is expecting with her husband

Devin knocked up a townie…

Malik is bearing it all for the town to see… Put some clothes on, mister!

And now cousin Joshua is expecting with his wife!

Damn, this town is BUSY this chapter…

Aaaaaaaaaaand there goes Malik again.

Nicole had a boy!

It’s snowing. On Harvestfest. That’s too early…… And very realistic….

Here we are trying to get Malik’s fitness skill up so that he can get a promotion. With most of the house goals finished, I can work on the rest of the fam.

We got that final promotion! Goal: check!

And I forgot to mention this, but we all maxed the rocket science skill! Goal: Check!

Malik got that promotion! Good for you, buddy!

We had a TOTALLY random fire. No idea what caused it. The gnome just spontaneously combusted.

Vasyl saved the day! But not before we lost the couch, tv, and tv stand… ugh.

Devin had a baby boy!

And Joshua had a girl!

And then it was Adalind’s birthday!

She looks not too thrilled about it lol!

So the only goals we have to complete are:

  • Travel to Sixam
  • Collect three items unique to the Get to Work expansion pack
  • Grow the Heir up to Young Adult


Extra Bits:

Here’s Skye Tanaka. Kayla and Calvin’s daughter.

Blake Sneed. Nicole and her husband’s son.

And here’s Ray Kibo. Devin and Kylee’s son.