Chapter 5.1 – Adalind’s Journey Begins

Welcome to House 5!! I didn’t think I was gonna get through House 4 for a while there, but be managed to pull it off! Let’s take a quick look at the house goals for house 5:

  1. Create a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home worth at least $100,000 Simoleons. (Yikes, this already makes me nervous…)
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Painting Career: Patron of the Arts branch
  3. Achieve level 10 of the Painting Career: Master of the Real branch
  4. Achieve level 5 photography skill
  5. Complete the photography treasure hunt
  6. Produce and Raise an Heir to the YA stage

The house scares me. As well as the treasure hunt… I know how EA likes to dress their sims…

Anyway! Here we go!

Adalind takes over in the middle of the night in the middle of summer. Her stats are also surprisingly all in the green with hunger being the lowest

And she’s not alone!

Meet Reese Fairchild! We get a second playable sim in this house (I’ll forget this at some point…) and I wanted to use someone from another game of mine, so Reese was selected! He’s from my 100 baby challenge and I can’t wait to see their babies!

Reese: Babies?

Too soon! Nevermind!

While we waited for collectables to appear we got to know each other first.

And then a few hours later Adalind was sent off in search of goodies.

While Reese is set to work fishing.

Spoiler: He doesn’t get anything

I love that you can still see the dead cowplants at the old house 3 lololololol

RIP Mr Jingles and Mrs. Pickles

You were too good for this world

With no house or bed or really anything… Adalind finds a bench to crash on

We had our first ever welcome party! This is what happens when you move to a lot that actually has a neighbor! So Uncle Devin and Aunt Rebecca along with Calvin came to welcome us.

They didn’t stay long

We had a heat wave and I was afraid of them combusting, so we did things different from the past: We built a shelter first.

And yes. That is Reese passed out in the “used” bush

Finally got them in the painter career! Adalind started out at level 3 because of her grades while Reese jumped to level… 8 I think. I have no idea why he’s so far along. I had reset his skills and everything before I began so… yeah. Anyway we cheated him back to level 1 so he can start at the bottom like he’s supposed to

At this point in the Challenge, Adalind is missing her shower.

And if you look closely, you can see mom in the back ground! *waves* Hi mom!

Hailey: I’m not here

And one paycheck later, we were able to get Adalind that shower she needed

And so the visits from the vampires start. We didn’t get very far…

We took a quick break from collecting to play in the leaves! That’s right Fall is officially here!

They really need a bed. (Or beds. They are refusing to get romantic… This poses a real problem…)

Case and Point… They’re both playing with their phones because they needed an escape from the horribly awkward romantic interaction they just had.

This is going to be a problem.

I guess I’ll have to get one of them the beguiling trait to move things along…

Bills. And as you can see, we cannot afford them… Time for a collection run.

And this helped too! Thank you Reese!

After bills, we had enough to buy our first Easel! It’ll get us through until they bring home the reward easel after the appropriate promotions.

And that’s it for the first chapter of house 5! The house value is currently just under 10K so we have a ways to go yet…

Extra Bits:

Skye Tanaka. Kayla and Calvin’s oldest. She’s really pretty! I might save her and use her for my OWBC when I get to it!

And here’s her younger sister, Ashlynn!

Here’s Rebecca and Dereck’s daughter, Renee

And Devin and Kylee’s son, Ray

And our very own little Laurel who, of course is Malik’s alien baby.


7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.1 – Adalind’s Journey Begins

  1. Yay! House 5! You’ll be amazed how easy it ends up being to get that 100k value with two painters in the house. Don’t forget that keeping the masterpieces will raise your house value. Patron of the Arts is actually level 10 of the career.. lol I didn’t even know you could be “forced” to start so high in a career. Reece is adorable. Good luck getting them together. Some sims are stubborn, and I have no idea why.


    • I figured I’d be keeping the food ones so thats helpful to know. I didn’t realize that either. I had him quit and try again but it still forced him to the end so i had to cheat lol. Never saw that happening. And i hope they manage to get over this stubbornness soon! It would make things a lot less uncomfortable lol


  2. Is great to ser Reese again! 😀 he’s really good looking so babies from them would for sure be cute! Is a shame that they heard about babies way to soon and got scared xD thought it will be kind of cute/funny if Adalind ends falling in love with a townie xD

    I hope you have fun with this house 😀 I love the idea of the treasure hunt


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