Chapter 5.2 – Breakin’ The Ice

Welcome back! We begin this chapter off with somber news. Mom and Dad are old. And DAMN! Malik looks gooooooood as an elder!

Anyway, Adalind is still hard at work painting. WE WILL COMPLETE THIS HOUSE THE FIRST TIME IF IT KILLS ME!

And with all the painting, we were able to afford a bed!

A single bed.

But it beats sleeping in a bush. Even though they have to share

Oh and we splurged for a TV. Don’t judge my penguin. Or our lack of seating…

… You were literally RIGHT there. What the hell.

This gnome scared the SHIT outta me! I saw him out of the corner of my eye and I thought there was a damn spider on my screen (it was zoomed out).

But anyway, happy Harvestfest!

Guys. With this painting, we bought…













A bench? That was anticlimatic wasn’t it? Whoops

Also, Adalind managed to get a promotion on holiday!

Also also, YOU SEE THEY’RE FLIRTY!?!? Apparently, only gloomy romantic actions work! But whatever works!

We’re actually doing romantic actions!!!! I thought for SURE it would take longer than that!

This is the first time I’m glad they get sad from random relatives dying.

House update! You can kinda see where our layout is taking us. Also, see we have a double bed? Yeah, but they still won’t sleep in it at the same time even though they are romantic. So we had to fix that!


Nothing a little woohoo can’t fix!

Reese got a promotion!

We were finally able to afford a second easel! Now they can paint at the same time!

Double the fun!

Adalind got another promotion!

*squee* It’s so cute!! I wish I could keep it! But I need the money more at this point.

What a goof. But he’s cute and adorable, so I don’t care

Yes, we’re doing exactly what you think we’re doing.

But we were unsuccessful!

You know what this means?



2nd time was the charm!

“Babe! We’re having a baby!”

“Whaaaaa?! I’m just like my mother…”

“Say what now?”

And that wraps up this update! Here’s a look at how the house stands at this moment. We’re at a $18,947 valuation at this moment. $100K is a looooooong way away…