Chapter 5.3 – White Wedding

Welcome back everyone! Reese and Adalind are busy sleeping. The news that a nooboo is on the way pretty much wiped them out. So we’re going to fast forward though this SUPER boring part

Noooooooo! Mom and dad died!!

Weird though that they died on the same night

Well they woke up and went to work. And then both of them came home with promotions!! Yay! Bonus money!

Winterfest came along and we decided to celebrate this time. Here they are decorating the tree! I usually just buy the pre-decorated ones but I wanted to try something new!

Waahhh! So pretty! Honestly, I never do anything with the trees. I just plop them down and ignore them. So I’ve never turned on the lights before. So I thought this was SO CUTE!!

And then I thought this would be an adorable way for Adalind to propose!

And he said yes!!

Gosh. They are sooo cute together!

And we eloped immediately.

Welcome to the family, Reese! (officially)

More Winterfest! Gotta have that good meal!

And Reese is looking at me like “I guess this isn’t so bad. Thanks”

Reese was in such a good mood that he painted our first masterpiece!

O_O This was Father Winter’s gift to Adalind… O_O What the hell.

And Adalind’s making sure that she keeps up with Reese and she paints her own masterpiece!

Baby time!!

Lawrd help us. Our doctor is a ghost…

And so is our receptionist!

My game is obviously celebrating halloween early… lol

Or at least it did for a little bit. Then a new receptionist poofed into being and we were on our way.

They also decided we should have a real doctor.

“Thank goodness. No ghost was getting near my hoohaa. Especially a distant relative.”

No one goes near your ‘hoohaa’ anyway. That’s not how birth works in the Sims

“In the what?”


And we had twins! Both girls!

(Y’all need to send these girls over to my Baby Boom challenge… I’m lacking girls over there…)

Anyway! Meet the girls! Reese is holding our heir, Chloe! While Adalind is holding our first spare, Emma!