Chapter 5.4 – Master Painter! Sort of…

Welcome back, readers! If you remember, at the end of the last chapter we welcomed twins into the family! Adalind is hold our heir, Chloe and little Emma is hanging out in the bassinet.

And we got right to work painting.

I have a feeling I’m going to hate painting after this house is done lol

And Reese has pulled ahead in the masterpiece race! I’m making it a competition between the two of them. So far the score is 2-1 to Reese.

… And then he painted another one… 3-1


Also, I really like this one with the cow plant lol

I guess this is my reminder that I haven’t bought an outdoor trash can yet… whoops

New stuff in the house! New table and chairs, a new TV, a new couch, and a new front door! House value: $45,660

Adalind finally gets another masterpiece done! So it’s now 4-2 still to Reese.


Here’s Chloe! Bummer she got the black hair.

At this point, I feel like all the heirs need to have black hair lol

And here’s Emma!

They’re sooo cute!!

Adalind got a promotion! At least she’s further along in her career than Reese, so she has something over him lol

But Reese is hot on her heels and comes home the next day with a promotion of his own.

Bath time for Chloe!! She’s so cute!!

And here’s another master piece for Reese. so the score is now 5-2!

I don’t understand… Maybe it’s the Art lover trait? His others are loves the outdoors and goofball… His painting skill is at level 8 right now, so WHY?!

No real bath for Emma! She’s taking one in the toilet!!

We got some floor and wall coverings!! The bathrooms are still bare… I ran out of money… lol house value is at $56,861

Chloe snuck around to the back of the house (like toddlers do) and started making a mess… wonderful

And the staple drifter trash can has finally made it’s appearance! It took me longer than usual to get it. We have no income from a garden this time and with Reese making masterpieces (which we don’t sell) we haven’t made as much money as fast as in the past

Adalind finally finished another masterpiece… So it’s 5-3

Added siding and a roof! I do have plans to add an upstairs art studio and a couple of decks, so the house is far from finished. We also have a ways to go before getting that house goal too. We’re at $60,719 so we’re at least over half way there

Extra Bits:

Here’s our little sister, Laurel!

Here’s Renee Swift, Rebecca’s daughter

And here’s Ashlynn Tanaka! Kayla’s daughter!!