Chapter 7.5 – It’s Magic!

Oh hello there everyone! It’s been a long time since I played… (Origin told me the last time I played was June 9… that’s over a month and a half ago… geez.) But after finishing my 100 baby challenge (woot woot!) I needed a break. And then we’ve had a really bad heatwave for the past few weeks that made playing a nightmare. Even with a laptop. But here we are! At it again!

And if you’re like me, I needed a refresher of what we’ve done, so I reread the last chapter I posted just to see where we’re at. So here’s the goals for this house:

  • As a minimum create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons (Completed)
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration (Completed)
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

So! The only thing left to do in this house is to age up Kassidy to a YA! So we’re going to 3 speed thought this and hopefully finish this house in this chapter!

I realized that, as a family of 5 and soon to be 6 (I forgot Mia was pregnant…), we needed a third bathroom. Plus, now the kids now have their own downstairs and they don’t have to walk across the neighborhood to pee anymore lol

As I mentioned, I forgot Mia was pregnant… Oops babies are really haunting me. I would turn it off, but it cracks me up every time it happens lol

Goodness! Look at how adorable Nora is!

Also, it took forever for her to actually sit and eat something…

Gavin and Sadie FINALLY aged up to young adult. So maybe we’ll get some kiddos out of them finally

See?! Like an hour after aging up, Sadie got married. Congrats, Sadie!

It’s baby time!

Nora doesn’t look very happy about it either…

It’s another girl! Everyone welcome Gemma to the family!

Mia helped Kassidy with her school project. Can you tell I’m bored now that all the house goals are done?

It’s Keppel’s birthday!

Aaaaand now he’s old… boo

Cameron and Gavin both got married! It’s about time Mia’s siblings started their own families!

Also, Suzanne is a vampire… so yeah. Cameron really liked having an adopted vampire brother so he married one…

Gemma aged up! I think it’s funny how all the girls got Keppel’s hair and eyes and Erick got his mom’s hair and eyes lol

Cameron, Sadie, and Gavin are all expecting babies! At the same time! Woohoo!

It’s Kassidy’s birthday! Only 13 more days before this house is finished!

And here she is after her makeover! That hair is my favorite dyed hair! And literally the only one I like on her lol

We updated the basement to make room for Nora when she ages up. And we also gave Kassidy a more “adult” bedroom makeover.

I’m so ready to move on. I’m so bored right now lol

And then it WAS Nora’s birthday!

(Sorry it seems like not a lot is happening… That’s what happens at the end of a house and you have to 3 speed though almost 2 whole life states… lol)

And here she is after her makeover. She looks a LOT like Keppel

Eww. That is gross. I gotta give props to the EA team for making the dirty sinks look like something out of a horror film. No way in HELL would I go anywhere near a sink that looked like that.

It’s girl time! All the girls are awake while the boys are sleeping.

Absolutely this isn’t important, I just thought it was funny lol

Mia got a promotion!

Tina Tinker invited herself over to fix something broke in our house. I didn’t even know anything was broken lol

The spares had their babies! And three of the four are boys. Why is it that my spares have no problems having boys, but my heirs love to give me girls? I want a male heir for a change! It’s been forever! Since house 2!!

Kassidy started a fire.

Well at least she put it out. No need for the firefighters to get involved

One of our many thunderstorms lately has done quite the number on our patio set…


Chonkers came home with a B. Which surprises the hell out of me lol. He literally just fills a space in the house. He’s normally pretty boring.

Keppel is such a great dad! I’m so glad he won the bachelorette challenge lol

The next day, this popped up. Booooo

Snow, once again, invited himself into the house. He must still be pinning over Mia…

…ugh… Why is Nora’s hair pink? How did that happen? I mean, she doesn’t look terrible with pink hair, it’s just weird.

So I quit and reloaded the save and now she has red hair… What is going on!?

Then I went into CAS to fix it AND IT WAS ALREADY TEAL! Now I’m even more confused…

Exited CAS and G**D***M*****F***** IT WAS BROWN.

I’m done. Nora and her magical hair are here to stay

Moving on from Nora’s magical hair, it was time for Gemma’s birthday!

And here she is post makeover!

Hey! Her magic hair is teal again!

Sadie and her husband are expecting again! Yay!

It’s Erick’s birthday! And Kassidy was nice enough to shoot streamers and celebrate. I’m shocked that someone made it to celebrate before Chonckers even blew out his candles lol that never happens!

And here’s Chonk after his makeover.

I think I should change his name to Chonk. It fits him better then Erick

Also, Kassidy still has 5 days before her birthday

Nooooooo Keppel died…. 😥

He will be missed

Kassidy got an A! I’m so proud! And Nora got a B! Not pictured: Gemma also got a B

Mia is now a 3 star celebrity! Weird. I don’t usually play with celebrities so all the phone calls she gets are annoying lol

It’s Mia’s birthday!

And here’s a shot of her elder self. Still a hot mamma!

Awe look at Chonk working out in the pool! I honestly will be really mad if he looses his chonky-ness.

Ah no worries. He won’t be swimming for long lol

I have no idea who this is, but thanks for the food!

Gavin and Kirsten are expecting again!

And FINALLY it’s the birthday we’ve all been waiting for!

And we moved her out

And she’s ready to begin House 8!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Lester Tanaka, Sadie’s new husband

And here’s Suzanne, Cameron’s wife. She’s the vampire.

And this is Kirsten, Gavin’s wife.

This is Wesley Tanaka. One of Sadie and Lester’s twins

And here’s the other one, Maxwell

This is Iris Swift. Suzanne and Cameron’s daughter.

And this is Grant. Kirsten and Gavin’s son.

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