Chapter 8.1 – Kassidy’s Journey Begins

Why hello everyone! We’re back! I could list a bunch of excuses as to why I took so long, but I won’t. Let’s just say I’ve been busy. But here we are! Ready to get Kassidy going on her journey in the drifter universe! Here are her house 8 goals

  1. As a minimum, create a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home worth at least $50k
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Author branch of the writer career.
  3. Adopt 3 babies at the following promotions:
    • Blogger (level 2)
    • Freelance Article Writer (level 3)
    • Advice Columnist (level 4)
  4. All three adopted sims, as well as the heir, must each complete one of the following Child Aspirations (Each kid shall complete a different aspiration so that all four are completed between the four children)
    • Artistic Prodigy
    • Rambunctious Scamp
    • Social Butterfly
    • Whiz Kid
  5. Produce and raise the heir to the young adult life stage

………..That’s a lot of kids to have so early in the game.

Well to get started, we got started in the writer career

And she starts at level 3. So according to the rules, she must now adopt kids on her first 3 promotions.

So that’s fun…

At least we have essentials right next to our lot so we don’t have to spend money on that stuff too quick.

And since she started her journey with an empty stomach, we hopped right over to the grill to get some food started

We splurged a little right away and got a mini fridge so that we don’t waste all this food we make.

Kass is having a rough start. It’s cold and rainy. We’re just waiting until we have enough money to start building our shell.

I’ll probably break down and just give her a roof for a little bit since roofs are free.

But the roof wasn’t needed since the garden across the street bloomed so we harvested all of that and we managed to afford a small shell.

There’s nothing in it except the mini fridge though lol

And we’re off to our first day of work!

We were able to afford a bed after our first shift! Now we don’t have to sleep in the rain

…Our mini fridge broke already…

After a collecting run, we were able to afford a shower and a table for our computer

Thank goodness the writer career gives you a computer so you don’t have to buy one lol

We started a little spouse hunting. We’re not at that stage yet at ALL since we need to save some money first. But I’m looking at some teens. Which sounds SUPER CREEPY but that’s all I’m seeing around here lol

This is Kingston Roswell

And here’s another contender, Channing Villareal

I think I might have changed my mind. I like her. I think we’re going to woo her. I don’t care that she’s married with a kid. I think her and Kassidy would make cute kids lol

*sigh* collecting is soooooooooooooo tedious. It’s the worst part about starting a new house.

Stupid NAPs. I don’t wanna get penalized on my bills. 😦

These two are struggling to get any sort of romantic relationship going. I’m having flash backs to Reese and Adalind…

We made a little progress. And only because we put a couple mood lights out.

Is it cheating? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

We got promoted! So now we have to adopt a baby

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever adopted a baby in this game. So we’re in new territory!

Everyone meet Darren Swift! He was the only boy infant available and I was determined to have a boy first. I’m hoping that rubs off and our heir is a boy. *crosses fingers*

Well we must be doing something right because we can move in together.

Now we just have to heavily seduce her and convince her to divorce her husband and marry us lol


Okay, moving Yesenia in was a good call. We’re making a lot of progress

A LOT of progress.

Also, fun fact, Yesenia is a spellcaster

Bro aged up!

Bye bye guy!

Which allowed us to do this with a “clear” conscience.

But we can’t get married yet because Momma Mia died and Kassidy is too sad

And we got a nice shell going. I have an actual floor plan for this house! yay! Let’s hope that it transfers over like I’m hoping lol

Uncle Cameron and his wife are expecting a baby!

Darren aged up!

He’s a cutie!

Collecting is a lot of work…

Look at that trail of destruction!

On the plus side, he’s almost maxed the imagination skill and he’s not even been a toddler for 24 hours.

Erik is ALWAYS coming over… Make it stop

Yesenia had a birthday! She’s now an adult.

Here’s our house currently. The bottom floor is pretty much laid out, just needs to be filled in as well as put up on a foundation and the deck added.

The top floor will hold all the kid’s bedrooms once we have money (and kids) to fill them.

Current value is at $25,267 so value-wise, we’re almost there!

Kassidy and Yesenia were finally happy enough, we could get married!

A few days later, Kassidy got her second promotion (finally…)

So we get to adopt another child!

So everyone meet Brynn Swift! We’re making steady progress, but I’m worried that we going to fail this challenge because the house won’t be finished lol

And I think I’m going to end this chapter here! So join us next time for more drifting fun!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Nora, our little sis

And this is our other little sis, Gemma

Here’s Cameron and Suzanne’s oldest, Iris

And her little brother, Wendell

This is Wesley Tanaka. Sadie and Lester’s oldest

And here’s his little brother Maxwell

And their littlest brother Asher!

This is Grant Swift. Gavin and Kirsten’s oldest

And his younger brother, Brantley.

And their younger sister, June

And their youngest brother Dustin.


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