Chapter 8.2 – Building Up

  1. As a minimum, create a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home worth at least $50k
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Author branch of the writer career.
  3. Adopt 3 babies at the following promotions:
    • Advice Columnist (level 4) Complete
    • Regular Contributor (level 5) Complete
    • Short Story Writer (level 6)
  4. All three adopted sims, as well as the heir, must each complete one of the following Child Aspirations (Each kid shall complete a different aspiration so that all four are completed between the four children)
    • Artistic Prodigy
    • Rambunctious Scamp
    • Social Butterfly
    • Whiz Kid
  5. Produce and raise the heir to the young adult life stage

Hello! And welcome back! Little Darren here is super excited you came by to hang out with us today!

Starting off with a quick sibling update, Nora got married!

Yesenia is a terrible mother. Poor Brynn is hungry and has a dirty diaper. And Yesenia has ignored her all day or just cuddled her. I need actually parenting, Yesenia

She did manage to give Darren a bath though…

Kassidy got home and someone finally was able to take care of Brynn

Darren had a birthday that I completely forgot about.


He’s got the rambunctious scamp aspiration, so he’ll be working on that

After watching some funny videos, we headed over to the FREE JUNGLE GYM next to the house to accomplish that mission

Yesenia spent the evening building some snow pals.

So useful

She will literally do anything to get out of being a parent.

See? anything

Kassidy got another promotion! So it’s time to adopt another kiddo!

And so we welcomed Kiara into the family!

Brynn aged up! She’s a cutie! I love her big green eyes!

Big(ish) kitchen update! A full size fridge and lots of counter space!

Also, we bought lights for the whole house! And we have toilets and sinks in all the bathrooms! As well as showers and baths in the ones that need it

Current value: $35,207

Kassidy came home from work early so she could age up. Rude. I need that money

Yesenia and Kassidy are expecting a baby! Yay!

The heir is on the way!

Nora and her husband AND Cameron and his wife are also expecting! It’s a baby BOOM

Kiara aged up! Now we have a blondie!

Another house update! Floor and wall coverings! And a foundation!

Value is now just over $46,000

And we still have three bedrooms to build yet lol

Look at the whole family hanging out by the computers! They’re so cute!

Kassidy got a promotion! This makes her level 7, so we’re getting close!

Gemma is expecting a baby with her girlfriend, Alysha

And for us, it’s baby time!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it’s another girl. I was hoping for a boy. Oh well. Everyone meet Naomi!

Look at all of our snowpals!

Cameron died. Before he could see the birth of his newest baby

Kiara is making a mess in our kitchen. Rude.

But it’s cute.

This is Darren completing his aspiration! That’s 1 of 4 done!

Really Kiara? Really?

Nora had twins! A boy named Skylar and a girl named Raina. And Cameron’s widow (who has since remarried…) had a boy, who we named Cameron in honor of his deceased father.

And now I’m going to be compelled to keep track of Cameron’s line because of that lol

Yesenia is pregnant again! Yay! More babies to keep us awake at night!

We added the final 3 bedrooms! They’re just empty right now because we couldn’t actually afford the beds at the moment. But this means that the house shell is officially done!

Which means we could add the roof. I hate roofs. I suck at them. After a really long time (and my dad trying to tell me how sims roofs work despite not ever playing the game…) we’re calling it done. Did I mention that I HATE Roofs?

House value is $59,212 so we’re “done” with the building challenge part of this house! I say “done” because obviously we’re not done decorating the interior.

I’d also like to add more windows on the second floor

And I think this is as good of a place as any to end this chapter. So we’ll see you next time for more babies and hopefully some birthdays!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Nora’s new husband, Spencer John

Here’s Dustin Swift. Gavin and Kirsten’s youngest

This is Asher Tanaka. Sadie and Lester’s 3rd born.

And here’s their youngest (oops baby), Chaim Tanaka.

This is Wendell Swift. Cameron (RIP) and Suzanne’s 2nd born.

Chapter 8.1 – Kassidy’s Journey Begins

Why hello everyone! We’re back! I could list a bunch of excuses as to why I took so long, but I won’t. Let’s just say I’ve been busy. But here we are! Ready to get Kassidy going on her journey in the drifter universe! Here are her house 8 goals

  1. As a minimum, create a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home worth at least $50k
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Author branch of the writer career.
  3. Adopt 3 babies at the following promotions:
    • Blogger (level 2)
    • Freelance Article Writer (level 3)
    • Advice Columnist (level 4)
  4. All three adopted sims, as well as the heir, must each complete one of the following Child Aspirations (Each kid shall complete a different aspiration so that all four are completed between the four children)
    • Artistic Prodigy
    • Rambunctious Scamp
    • Social Butterfly
    • Whiz Kid
  5. Produce and raise the heir to the young adult life stage

………..That’s a lot of kids to have so early in the game.

Well to get started, we got started in the writer career

And she starts at level 3. So according to the rules, she must now adopt kids on her first 3 promotions.

So that’s fun…

At least we have essentials right next to our lot so we don’t have to spend money on that stuff too quick.

And since she started her journey with an empty stomach, we hopped right over to the grill to get some food started

We splurged a little right away and got a mini fridge so that we don’t waste all this food we make.

Kass is having a rough start. It’s cold and rainy. We’re just waiting until we have enough money to start building our shell.

I’ll probably break down and just give her a roof for a little bit since roofs are free.

But the roof wasn’t needed since the garden across the street bloomed so we harvested all of that and we managed to afford a small shell.

There’s nothing in it except the mini fridge though lol

And we’re off to our first day of work!

We were able to afford a bed after our first shift! Now we don’t have to sleep in the rain

…Our mini fridge broke already…

After a collecting run, we were able to afford a shower and a table for our computer

Thank goodness the writer career gives you a computer so you don’t have to buy one lol

We started a little spouse hunting. We’re not at that stage yet at ALL since we need to save some money first. But I’m looking at some teens. Which sounds SUPER CREEPY but that’s all I’m seeing around here lol

This is Kingston Roswell

And here’s another contender, Channing Villareal

I think I might have changed my mind. I like her. I think we’re going to woo her. I don’t care that she’s married with a kid. I think her and Kassidy would make cute kids lol

*sigh* collecting is soooooooooooooo tedious. It’s the worst part about starting a new house.

Stupid NAPs. I don’t wanna get penalized on my bills. 😦

These two are struggling to get any sort of romantic relationship going. I’m having flash backs to Reese and Adalind…

We made a little progress. And only because we put a couple mood lights out.

Is it cheating? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

We got promoted! So now we have to adopt a baby

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever adopted a baby in this game. So we’re in new territory!

Everyone meet Darren Swift! He was the only boy infant available and I was determined to have a boy first. I’m hoping that rubs off and our heir is a boy. *crosses fingers*

Well we must be doing something right because we can move in together.

Now we just have to heavily seduce her and convince her to divorce her husband and marry us lol


Okay, moving Yesenia in was a good call. We’re making a lot of progress

A LOT of progress.

Also, fun fact, Yesenia is a spellcaster

Bro aged up!

Bye bye guy!

Which allowed us to do this with a “clear” conscience.

But we can’t get married yet because Momma Mia died and Kassidy is too sad

And we got a nice shell going. I have an actual floor plan for this house! yay! Let’s hope that it transfers over like I’m hoping lol

Uncle Cameron and his wife are expecting a baby!

Darren aged up!

He’s a cutie!

Collecting is a lot of work…

Look at that trail of destruction!

On the plus side, he’s almost maxed the imagination skill and he’s not even been a toddler for 24 hours.

Erik is ALWAYS coming over… Make it stop

Yesenia had a birthday! She’s now an adult.

Here’s our house currently. The bottom floor is pretty much laid out, just needs to be filled in as well as put up on a foundation and the deck added.

The top floor will hold all the kid’s bedrooms once we have money (and kids) to fill them.

Current value is at $25,267 so value-wise, we’re almost there!

Kassidy and Yesenia were finally happy enough, we could get married!

A few days later, Kassidy got her second promotion (finally…)

So we get to adopt another child!

So everyone meet Brynn Swift! We’re making steady progress, but I’m worried that we going to fail this challenge because the house won’t be finished lol

And I think I’m going to end this chapter here! So join us next time for more drifting fun!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Nora, our little sis

And this is our other little sis, Gemma

Here’s Cameron and Suzanne’s oldest, Iris

And her little brother, Wendell

This is Wesley Tanaka. Sadie and Lester’s oldest

And here’s his little brother Maxwell

And their littlest brother Asher!

This is Grant Swift. Gavin and Kirsten’s oldest

And his younger brother, Brantley.

And their younger sister, June

And their youngest brother Dustin.


Chapter 7.5 – It’s Magic!

Oh hello there everyone! It’s been a long time since I played… (Origin told me the last time I played was June 9… that’s over a month and a half ago… geez.) But after finishing my 100 baby challenge (woot woot!) I needed a break. And then we’ve had a really bad heatwave for the past few weeks that made playing a nightmare. Even with a laptop. But here we are! At it again!

And if you’re like me, I needed a refresher of what we’ve done, so I reread the last chapter I posted just to see where we’re at. So here’s the goals for this house:

  • As a minimum create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons (Completed)
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration (Completed)
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

So! The only thing left to do in this house is to age up Kassidy to a YA! So we’re going to 3 speed thought this and hopefully finish this house in this chapter!

I realized that, as a family of 5 and soon to be 6 (I forgot Mia was pregnant…), we needed a third bathroom. Plus, now the kids now have their own downstairs and they don’t have to walk across the neighborhood to pee anymore lol

As I mentioned, I forgot Mia was pregnant… Oops babies are really haunting me. I would turn it off, but it cracks me up every time it happens lol

Goodness! Look at how adorable Nora is!

Also, it took forever for her to actually sit and eat something…

Gavin and Sadie FINALLY aged up to young adult. So maybe we’ll get some kiddos out of them finally

See?! Like an hour after aging up, Sadie got married. Congrats, Sadie!

It’s baby time!

Nora doesn’t look very happy about it either…

It’s another girl! Everyone welcome Gemma to the family!

Mia helped Kassidy with her school project. Can you tell I’m bored now that all the house goals are done?

It’s Keppel’s birthday!

Aaaaand now he’s old… boo

Cameron and Gavin both got married! It’s about time Mia’s siblings started their own families!

Also, Suzanne is a vampire… so yeah. Cameron really liked having an adopted vampire brother so he married one…

Gemma aged up! I think it’s funny how all the girls got Keppel’s hair and eyes and Erick got his mom’s hair and eyes lol

Cameron, Sadie, and Gavin are all expecting babies! At the same time! Woohoo!

It’s Kassidy’s birthday! Only 13 more days before this house is finished!

And here she is after her makeover! That hair is my favorite dyed hair! And literally the only one I like on her lol

We updated the basement to make room for Nora when she ages up. And we also gave Kassidy a more “adult” bedroom makeover.

I’m so ready to move on. I’m so bored right now lol

And then it WAS Nora’s birthday!

(Sorry it seems like not a lot is happening… That’s what happens at the end of a house and you have to 3 speed though almost 2 whole life states… lol)

And here she is after her makeover. She looks a LOT like Keppel

Eww. That is gross. I gotta give props to the EA team for making the dirty sinks look like something out of a horror film. No way in HELL would I go anywhere near a sink that looked like that.

It’s girl time! All the girls are awake while the boys are sleeping.

Absolutely this isn’t important, I just thought it was funny lol

Mia got a promotion!

Tina Tinker invited herself over to fix something broke in our house. I didn’t even know anything was broken lol

The spares had their babies! And three of the four are boys. Why is it that my spares have no problems having boys, but my heirs love to give me girls? I want a male heir for a change! It’s been forever! Since house 2!!

Kassidy started a fire.

Well at least she put it out. No need for the firefighters to get involved

One of our many thunderstorms lately has done quite the number on our patio set…


Chonkers came home with a B. Which surprises the hell out of me lol. He literally just fills a space in the house. He’s normally pretty boring.

Keppel is such a great dad! I’m so glad he won the bachelorette challenge lol

The next day, this popped up. Booooo

Snow, once again, invited himself into the house. He must still be pinning over Mia…

…ugh… Why is Nora’s hair pink? How did that happen? I mean, she doesn’t look terrible with pink hair, it’s just weird.

So I quit and reloaded the save and now she has red hair… What is going on!?

Then I went into CAS to fix it AND IT WAS ALREADY TEAL! Now I’m even more confused…

Exited CAS and G**D***M*****F***** IT WAS BROWN.

I’m done. Nora and her magical hair are here to stay

Moving on from Nora’s magical hair, it was time for Gemma’s birthday!

And here she is post makeover!

Hey! Her magic hair is teal again!

Sadie and her husband are expecting again! Yay!

It’s Erick’s birthday! And Kassidy was nice enough to shoot streamers and celebrate. I’m shocked that someone made it to celebrate before Chonckers even blew out his candles lol that never happens!

And here’s Chonk after his makeover.

I think I should change his name to Chonk. It fits him better then Erick

Also, Kassidy still has 5 days before her birthday

Nooooooo Keppel died…. 😥

He will be missed

Kassidy got an A! I’m so proud! And Nora got a B! Not pictured: Gemma also got a B

Mia is now a 3 star celebrity! Weird. I don’t usually play with celebrities so all the phone calls she gets are annoying lol

It’s Mia’s birthday!

And here’s a shot of her elder self. Still a hot mamma!

Awe look at Chonk working out in the pool! I honestly will be really mad if he looses his chonky-ness.

Ah no worries. He won’t be swimming for long lol

I have no idea who this is, but thanks for the food!

Gavin and Kirsten are expecting again!

And FINALLY it’s the birthday we’ve all been waiting for!

And we moved her out

And she’s ready to begin House 8!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Lester Tanaka, Sadie’s new husband

And here’s Suzanne, Cameron’s wife. She’s the vampire.

And this is Kirsten, Gavin’s wife.

This is Wesley Tanaka. One of Sadie and Lester’s twins

And here’s the other one, Maxwell

This is Iris Swift. Suzanne and Cameron’s daughter.

And this is Grant. Kirsten and Gavin’s son.

Chapter 7.4 – The Great Pizza Debacle

Welcome back! Are you ready for some drifting? I know I am! But quick, here’s a refresher of the house goals for house 7. (Because I needed a refresher lol)

  • As a minimum create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

So lets get to it!!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve played this save that I forgot what our house looked like. And I realized that I really love this layout lol

Let us not forget that we have a baby. I forgot about him for a sec until my game yelled at me to take care of him. Whoops.

It’s Kassidy’s birthday!

After a really long CAS session, here’s her final makeover. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted lol

It’s Love Day! And we need three gold level dates for our aspiration, so we killed two birds with one stone on our trip to San Myshuno!

Back home, Mia broke the computer.


With the addition of the outdoor items and a shower for the master bathroom, our house is now officially worth $41,661! So our first goal is complete!

Mia got a promotion! I love me some bonus money!

Erick aged up! Into a chonker! I could not stop calling him that while doing his makeover lol

But I love me some chonker!

We were playing some chess when we found out we were expecting.

Our house is not big enough for a third child. *sigh* Now I have to expand. booooooo

Edit: So I played around with it, and I can make it work with a basement without disrupting too much of our current floor plan. Now I just need the money to put it into action lol

Mr. Independent over here is teaching himself to potty!

It’s the Starlight Accolades! If you remember from last chapter, we were nominated for one with one of our books lol

I doubt we’ll win

Spoiler: We didn’t win

Although we did get a gold date!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I have pregnancy moods turned on with MCCC and they are hilarious!

Added some more stuffs to the backyard! This is the first house in this challenge that I’ve added a pool lol

It’s baby time!

Everyone meet little Miss Nora!

Look at Kassidy enjoying our pool! I’m glad I didn’t waste that money lol

I forgot an outdoor bin. Whoops. I always forget to buy one of those

Snow just INVITED HIMSELF into our house. To steal our trash. Weirdo

This woohoo is special! It’s the final romantic gesture needed to complete our aspiration! So that’s another goal complete!

Mia got another promotion! Woohoo!

And it’s expansion time!

So Kassidy moves downstairs! And she’s got her own computer! She needs to stay off momma’s so that momma can write lol

I also got Erick’s bedroom ready since his birthday is in a couple days

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any updates on the rest of the family. Mia is almost and elder and she still has teenaged siblings… So I went to investigate and realized I never marked them as unplayed… whoops. So now they are unplayed and can live their lives.

Mia: Hey, you know that special woohoo we had a couple days ago?

Keppel: …No… don’t tell me…

Mia: Yup! Bun in oven!

…damn risky woohoo strikes again. Good thing I got the basement started.

Nora aged up! She got her daddy’s hair and eyes

Someone left their tea on the sidewalk. I was hoping it was my pizza. I ordered a pizza at 4pm yesterday and it still hasn’t arrived…almost 16 hours later. Worst. Service. Ever.


All I wanted is a pizzaaaa… *sigh*

So without a pizza, we settled for a hamburger cake. *sigh*

And Chonkers has now upgraded to Lil Chonk! I love him!

And that’s enough playing for me today! Join us again!

Chapter 7.3 – Mia’s Journey Begins

Hello everyone! And we’re back! …Finally… We pick up right where we left off, with Keppel and Mia just moving onto their empty lot and they are ready to work on the house 7 goals! Which are:

  • Create a two bedroom, one bath house worth at least $40,000
  • Complete the soul mate aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to YA stage.

And I gotta say, after doing the mansion baron thing, 40K seems like a breeze lol and the aspiration is one of the easiest ones there are. So I’m feeling pretty confident about this house!

Which are, of course, the famous last words lol

The annoying part is that we’re back to only controlling our heir, so I can’t even make Keppel get a job. Which means he’s just going to be a freeloader around the house.

With nothing to do while we wait for collectibles, Mia and Keppel tied the knot.

I’m a little dissappointed that there’s no fishing spot in this area. Which means that Mia’s gonna have to get a job.

So I signed her up for the writer career. And she immediately started at level 3!

And thankfully, level 2 gives you a word processor, so I don’t have to wait to buy one of those!

I probably could have sold it to buy essentials like WALLS. But priorities. We did have enough left over (from selling the level 3 reward) to buy a table, chair, and potty bush.

Now, here’s hoping they don’t overheat. It’s the middle of summer, so I’m worried someone is going to burn to death lol I lied. It’s Saturday. So fall is literally about to start lol

Well crap. I did not think this through lol. I guess this means I need walls

So we went on a collecting spree and managed to get the computer inside.

Still missing on some top priority items lol

Mia got a fame chance card in which she would earn fame and money. So we obviously took that option (Mia is opted out of fame, so that didn’t change anything) and we were able to afford a nice shower, sink, and cooler!

Promotion! Woo!!

And with all that bonus, we were able to afford a small kitchen and a bed!

As you can probably tell by Mia’s red plumbob, her fun was really low. And as this is the fastest way to build social AND fun… well…

There was no try for baby. Yet.

That will wait until we can afford an actual toilet lol


As you can see in the back there, we have a table and some chairs in the back, but Keppel decided to eat inside so he could be next to Mia. It’s so sweet!

We finally have a bathroom!! Which is great because Keppel kept using the pee bush as a bed, even though we had a perfectly fine bed for him to use.


Also, you’ll notice that we have gnomes. It’s harvestfest, and I can’t wait for it to be done so that I can sell them for moneys!

Now with the addition of a toilet, it’s time for baby!

And success! We have baby incoming!

We are officially not lawn-living anymore! And we’ve crossed the $10K mark as well!

We keep getting visited by the other contestants. And Keppel is more than happy to talk with them like nothing ever happened lol

Mia got another promotion!

This is Mia’s reaction to skipping work because she’s in labor lol

Mia is not enjoying herself lol

It’s a girl! Everyone welcome our heiress, Kassidy!

Keppel is a REALLY good dad lol He’s always right there whenever Kass needs something

Keppel aged up to an Adult!

Man that bachelorette challenge really sucked their youth up lol

Kassidy aged up! And she managed to age up with Keppel’s hair and eyes! I’m a little upset that the heir is a girl (again), but we get fun colored hair now!

We got wall and floor coverings! We’re moving up in the world!!

I apparently missed the fact that Shayne died.

I guess this is what I get with video chatting my siblings while trying to sim at the same time lol

Mia got another promotion!

Mia had a birthday that I forgot about… Whoops.

Just a small update on the house. Current value is just over $26K

Keppel has some fun in the bubble bath.

I seriously love this dude lol

Nooboo incoming!

Keppel decided that this was a more comfortable spot to watch TV lol

Well that’s fun! Maybe I’ll remember to actually go to that lol

Brother Cameron aged up! Took longer than it should have because I forgot I turned off some aging for the duration of the bachelorette challenge… Whoops

It’s baby time!


Not like it matters, Cobalt was the first eliminated lol

And welcome to the family, Erick!

Aaaaaaaaaand this is where we’re going to end this one. It’s getting kinda long. Tootles!

Extra Bits:

Here’s younger sister, Sadie!

And younger brother, Gavin!


Chapter 7.2 – And The Winner Is…

Hello! Welcome back to my Drifter challenge! We’re still working on getting through Mia’s little bachelorette challenge. We’ve just sent home Kobi, so now everyone is headed to bed in anticipation for tomorrows activity.

So 7am came around and it was time to fish! They have an hour. Maybe someone will have something by that time.

If no one has caught anything of value by that time (fish-wise) then we’ll use other objects as the deciding factor. If no one has anything, we’ll keep going until someone catches something, fish or otherwise.

# of Fish>Value of fish>Objects>Nothing

17 minutes in and Carmine catches an Amethyst worth $66

44 minutes in and Snow catches a Llamacorn toy worth $85

I missed the pic, but 57 minutes in and Keppel caught a fish

And just to prove I wasn’t lying because Keppel is my favorite, here’s proof.

And that makes him the winner because no one caught anything in the last 3 minutes and Keppel was the only one to catch a fish.

So we asked him on a date and he said yes! (shocker…)

I feel like this is just gonna put this in the bag with Keppel. I mean the goals for a date are just going to skyrocket his romantic relationship with Mia lol

Both flirty at the same time: Check


They even shared their first kiss together!

So new goal is to get the rest of the guys to first kiss levels.

They are totally cute together though… lol

The date ended (gold level) and we went around and did our first kiss with all the other guys.

Day 5 ended with Keppel earning a rose

Mia was still awake at 4AM and she rolled a whim to stargaze with Jet, who was also awake.

Keppel hopped into bed with Mia when she did end up going to bed.

Seriously. Can I just end it now? I know he’s gonna win lol

The next morning, I find Mia and Keppel autonomously playing “juice” pong.

Mia is killing it lol

That afternoon, it was time for another outing for the three left out of the date yesterday.

It was a lot of swimming. lol but Snow didn’t really enjoy himself

Carmine on the other hand had a GREAT time lol

Okay. Snow enjoyed himself. He just had more fun by himself lol

Jet took a snooze.

Mia then rolled to “get to know” Jet

And then she rolled to cloudgaze with him as well lol

The outing ended and we got home around 10:45pm, so we ended the night and check the standings.

And here are the standings after day 6:

Keppel: (Romantic 64, Friendly 42)

Carmine: (Romantic 42, Friendly 36)

Snow: (Romantic 27, Friendly 29)

Jet: (Romantic 23, Friendly 55)

So Jet, who has the highest friendly of everyone, is out. While Keppel is still in the lead. Though Carmine is making a good showing too. Him and Mia really got closer on their trip to the beach.

So Keppel get the rose. And I missed the picture AGAIN.

I’m terrible.

And we kicked Jet out.

The next day starts a series of one on ones with the remaining guys. Up first was Snow.

Hey, it was part of the date requirements! lol

They are cute! Not as cute as Mia and Keppel, but still cute!


*ahem* sorry for the caps. I was excited.

Date ended so we went home and chatted up the other two boys.

I did not tell them to do this. I look away for a few seconds and Mia is going at him.

And then Snow came at Mia!

These two snuck away to play some ping pong. Mia won.

End of the day and there was a rose given and accepted. Moving on.

Well, I guess we’re not moving on yet. Snow sneaks into bed with Mia.

New day, new date!

They are also cute!

Carmine left us in the middle of our date to go talk to the Van Haunt Estate ghosts.


Mia and Carmine got back from their date and Mia wasted NO TIME in heading in to kiss Keppel.

I mean come on. He’s pretty much got this in the bag at this point.

Carmine, on the other hand, doesn’t seem fazed by the terrible date at all.

They do manage to find their way to the ping pong table together.

Carmine won. He’s the only one who I’ve seen beat Mia lol

And then it was rose time.

The next day, it was finally Keppel’s turn for a date. (not that he needs one…)

Look at how cute they are!

They both ordered the exact same thing: A hamburger and a root beer float. And, as luck would have it, Mia got the poor quality burger lol everything else was normal quality!

And then it was time for dessert! ACTUAL dessert. Not…the recreational kind.


Came home and we spent some time with the other guys.

At this point, Mia just goes around and corners Keppel to sneak in kisses

I did not offer him a rose this time. His romance is already at 100 so it felt redundant.

Plus I forgot and they were all asleep when I remembered and I was too lazy to wake them both up lol

The next day is a “chill” day. So I’m going to let them do whatever they want. Unless Mia rolls a whim for one of the guys.

Which she did shortly after that last picture.

So we flirted with him as soon as he was out of the shower lol

At some point, Mia and Keppel find their way to the ping pong table. Again.

And Mia wins. Again.

Carmine find the violin. It sounds terrible.

These two only have eyes for each other. It’s like the other two guys don’t exist lol.

They literally followed each other all over the house all day.

Carmine, on the other hand, has been playing this thing ALL DAY. But at least now he has an audience. And he’s not as terrible. lol

Its the end of day 10 and here’s where we stack (no numbers this time, since it’s visually obvious who has the best and worse relationship)

1: Keppel (shocker. they hit soulmate status.)

2: Snow

3: Carmine

So Keppel got the rose (which I AGAIN missed the picture of…)

And we kicked out Carmine.

Then that night, Snow hopped in bed with Mia.

The morning of the final day dawns (finally) and they enjoy some pancakes together before I start the final party of the competition.

I decided to host a keg party. Mainly because I haven’t done one yet since I got university lol

The party ended and there was no real change in their relationships. So…

We kicked out Snow

And we became boyfriend/girlfriend with Keppel

And then we proposed!

Which he accepted!

And then we moved Mia’s family back in the house and we moved Mia and Keppel into Oasis Springs! They’re ready to start their journey! …In the next part. Since this one is already at 75 pictures. But I really wanted to get that bachelorette challenge over with as soon as possible lol

So join us next time for the OFFICIAL start of house 7!


Chapter 7.1 – Oh No…

Hello! And Happy New Year everyone! …Even if I am almost two weeks late lol. This time last year we were nearing the end of House 5. So we didn’t make too much progress in the last year, but hopefully we’ll make lots of progress this year!

Anyway, usually a new Drifter house starts off on an empty lot. Well not house 7. House 7 starts with a little bachelor challenge (or in our case, bachelorette.) And if you read my ACTUAL bachelor challenge, you know that I swore I would never do another bachelor challenge because I was SO BORED during the last one.

Well here we are.

We kicked the rest of the family out (they’ll move back in when this part of the challenge is out) and I moved in all the guys. They’re waiting inside, so let’s meet them!

(As you can see, they all have their own color lol. I wanted something different lol)

The red head is Carmine. The one with green hair is Amazon. And the one with Blue hair is Cobalt.

…Yeah all their names reflect the color they represent lol

And here are the rest of the boys!

The one with the teal-ish hair is Keppel. The black one is Jet. The Pink guy is Kobi. And the White one is Snow.

And they’re off! I let them loose and Mia made a beeline to Keppel right away. He was the only one she talked to for the first couple hours.

The task for the first day is to try to flirt with each of the contestants. Kobi was receptive!

As was Jet. Even though Kobi was still part of the conversation lol

Cobalt was also receptive.

Amazon was the first one to respond negatively.

How rude.

Snow was happy for the attention

As was Carmine

And finally, Keppel was also receptive.

6/7 isn’t bad!

Amazon is obsessed with the gravestones. So I got rid of them.

Cobalt is a musical sim. He’s spent most of the first day in the music room.

Just so you know, they all have their own beds. Keppel just decided to go for it and hopped in bed with Mia lol

Cobalt and Kobi followed Mia to the computer so they could keep up the conversation.

Then Mia followed Kobi downstairs to watch him work out.

Then Mia tried to confess her attraction (her choice, not mine) and it did not go well

Then she went back to her computer and started a conversation with Snow

The task for day two is to throw a party. So here we go!

The party was pretty boring, I’m not gonna lie.

At the end of day two, here’s the relationship panel. Here’s how their scores break down.

Tie 1st – Keppel (Friendly 23)

Tie 1st – Kobi (Friendly 23)

Tie 3rd – Snow (Friendly 22)

Tie 3rd – Jet (Friendly 22)

5th – Amazon (Friendly 21)

6th – Carmine (Friendly 20)

7th – Cobalt (Friendly 16)

So Cobalt is out and Keppel and Kobi will both get roses.

Keppel accepts his rose!

Apparently you can only give one rose in a certain period of time, so Kobi gets a random romantic action.

And we said goodbye to Cobalt

Night 2 and Amazon hops into bed with Mia this time.

Day 3 arrives and the task today starts with a painting competition. The two with the highest scores win a two on one tomorrow and the other 4 have a group outing today.

Jet gives up his spot on the two on one so that he could pee

Amazon came in 5th place with a painting worth $93

Snow was 4th place with a painting worth $94

3rd place was Kobi with a painting worth $97

2nd place and the first spot on the 2 on 1 goes to Carmine with a painting worth $103

And 1st place and the other spot on the 2 on 1 is Keppel with a painting worth $104!

Just for fun, I had Jet go back and finish his painting. It was $100. So it didn’t matter if he finished it or not lol

So the first group outing went to a karaoke bar.

First duet went to Amazon.

They were terrible

Then it was Snow’s turn! Looks like they had fun!

Jet really got into it lol

And Kobi only had eyes for Mia

Even though he was the WORST of the four of them lol

Came home and Amazon crashed outside of the house.

Then it’s the end of day 3. Here’s how the relationships stack up!

(any romantic trumps just friendly)

1st – Keppel (Friendly 24, Romantic 14)

2nd – Kobi (Friendly 24, Romantic 6)

3rd – Jet (Friendly 25)

4th – Snow (Friendly 24)

5th – Amazon (Friendly 22)

6th – Carmine (Friendly 21)

Now since Keppel and Carmine won the painting competition, they get a free pass today. So we’re actually saying goodbye to Amazon today.

And since Keppel is still at the top the leader board, he gets the rose.

And of course he accepted.

And we kicked out Amazon.

No one joined Mia in bed on night 3 lol

Mia has been rolling whims for Jet all morning.

Took the winners out to a beach bar!

She did end up spending most of her time with Keppel.

But Carmine ended up gaining a romantic bar with Mia though!

They all started getting hungry and tired, so we called it a trip and went home

Got home and had conversations with everyone who was left behind today.

We’ve gotten to romantic relationships with all of them.

Snow started learning the Violin.

It’s terrible.

So it’s the end of day 4 and here’s the lineup.

Note: at this point is romantic over friendly for me. Friendly will break the tie

1st – Keppel (Romantic 23, Friendly 31)

2nd – Carmine (Romantic 18, Friendly 29)

3rd – Jet (Romantic 12, Friendly 29)

4th – Snow (Romantic 12, Friendly 26)

5th – Kobi (Romantic 8, Friendly 26)

So Keppel get the rose AGAIN and we say good bye to Kobi.

He accepted! I just missed the photo op with the rose lol

And we kicked out Kobi. Adios.

So we’re down to the final 4. Join us next time for the final part of this bachelorette challenge.

Chapter 6.5 – Smooth Sailing

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation (Completed)
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double (Completed)
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration (Completed)
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! Welcome back! Last time we finished the house and the aspiration! So the only goal left to finish is raising our heir! She’s 5 days from teenhood and then the 13 days of being a teen and we’re done!

Also, we welcome twins into the family… Yikes.

But I guess that will give me something to do while I wait for Mia to age up.

Even though the house is done, I added an activity room lol. Maybe they’ll do something besides paint for once lol

Mr. Vampire came home with a promotion!

Ghost Wren is flirty? Why? I have no idea how that happened lol

We have one surviving Lilly plant lol

Brother/Sister bonding with homework!

Well, I guess this is the worst kind of bonding…

Whoops… I forgot Chloe’s birthday… My bad.

Sadie and Gavin aged up!

And I just realized that now I need another toddler bed lol

You can definitely tell where the kids go to make messes lol

Kristian is still glued to the easels lol

I feel like peeing yourself with 4 (currently unused) bathrooms is unacceptable. Get it together, Chloe

Shayne got a promotion!

Chief Died. 😦 I’ll miss the money you brought in everyday

I didn’t forget this birthday!

And here she is after! She’s so pretty! ❤

Wren came out and joined the painting party! lol

This is actually her second painting during this haunting.

These two both came home with promotions!! Yay!

Shayne aged up.

And he looks marvelous lol

And Sadie and Gavin also aged up!

Meanwhile, Mia is still 9 days away from her birthday… *sigh*

And a few days later, I finally remembered someone’s birthday! lol

And he’s a handsome one!

Kristian is still attached to the easels lol

Homework time! They all have A’s too!

Chloe and Kristian both came home with promotions again!

They are at the same level but Chloe makes $4 more an hour lol

Then it was finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Mia’s birthday!

And we’re ready to tackle house 7!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Bailey Lahela. Emma and Enele’s oldest son.

And his little brother, Nolan!

Chapter 6.4 – Easy Peasy

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! And welcome back! As you can see we’re still plucking away at the painting thing. I need that money!

Goal for this chapter is to finish winter lol, finish the house (currently at $211,211), and finish the aspiration (which means landscaping… my absolutely favorite thing to do…)

And maybe have another baby lol

Apparently Chloe and Shayne were already in on the baby idea. I had the game going for a few minutes when this popped up! So we have baby incoming!

Guys. She’s the most adorable! And I don’t like snow, but it’s so cute to see her playing in it!

Chloe is so engrossed in her painting that she’s not even paying a dying Dominik any mind.

He could have at least finished his painting first…

Painting assembly line in is full effect!

I built a music room! …I honestly don’t think it’ll get used unless one of the sims sneaks down there when I’m not looking. It’s merely value added to the house for me lol.

We’re currently sitting on a $260,571 value! So we only need $90000 more to reach one of the goals!

Shayne aged up! Into the wall…

But here we are again with mojo forgetting her simmie’s birthdays…

Oh hey there, Sunset Valley! Nice to see you!

Not sure it falls into the realism category though… lol

It turned out to be a masterpiece though!

Now this is a realism painting I can get behind! Wish my view outside looked like this…

We finally did the landscaping! And we skipped right to the final tier of the aspiration since we already met the requirements for the 3rd tier ($200k value and 30 windows.)

And we also already have 20 columns, so we just need to get to $350k and the aspiration is complete!

It’s baby time!

Shayne: Babe! We have to get to the hospital!

Chloe: I know! But I need a shower first!

Shayne: BABE!

I love it when our receptionists are ghosts! It always makes me laugh

It’s a boy!

Why are the boys always second to be born, tho? I’d like a male heir right now lol

But anyway! Everyone meet Cameron Swift!

Look at all those masterpieces! Kristian is literally chained to the easels when he’s not at school, so a majority of these are from him.

Thank god for vampires! lol

House value is at $305,290

I totally forgot about the bills. And when I tried to pay them, I realized that I didn’t have enough money… whoops…

So we painted all afternoon and we were finally able to pay them… geez

Emma visits us allllllll the time… Don’t you have kids at home to take care of?

Mia FINALLY had her birthday. It feels like she’s been a toddler for forever!

And she’s a cutie!

And Cameron also aged up!

Shayne got a promotion! …Finally. Took him forever it seems like…

Who am I to deny a wish for woohoo? It’s just a regular woohoo. Hopefully risky woohoo doesn’t strike!

We have 8 beds! That’s one of the requirements finished!

Cameron decided it was a better idea to curl up in the chair and sleep than to use his bed.

Weird kid

Our friendly neighborhood vampire aged up. Which is great because now he can keep painting without having to stop to go to school!

Our police chief earned a raise! Bringing home that bacon!

And then she aged up. Thanks for not leaving work early to do that.

Well that looks uncomfortable…

I added another bathroom upstairs and we’ve managed to complete the mansion baron aspiration, which includes having a home work $350k! So the only thing left to do is to age Mia up to YA! So I’m going to three speed A LOT until she’s grown! So everyone’s on freewill!

Bear with me here…

And I ended up downloading the ultra speed mod to help me out lol

…Which is broken… So I had to take it out lol

Fun fact. I didn’t know you could give toddlers baths in broken tubs.

Even on freewill they are drawn to the easels!

Especially Kristian…



Chloe and Kristian got jobs since I don’t need them chained to the easels anymore. So they get to join the work force! Chloe’s off to her first day of work EVER!

Oh, they both joined the scientist career

On her second day of work, Chloe came home with a promotion!

Why didn’t I get her a job sooner?

Oh my gosh guys, he’s adorable!

Oh and it’s his birthday, obviously lol

And here he is! At least he’s still adorable!

It’s baby time!

Oh gawd… Twins… what have you done?!


Everyone welcome Sadie and Gavin to the family.

Aaand I’m going to end this part here. I was going to try and knock it out in this chapter, but we’re already at 42 pictures, so we’ll have to finish it in the next part. lol

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke! Emma and Enele’s oldest daughter and one of the twins

And here’s the other twin, Madelynn!

And here’s their little brother, Bailey!

And apparently I missed the notification for this kiddo! But here’s the youngest of the brood, Nolan!


Chapter 6.3 – Big Bonus

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Why hello there! Yes, we’re back with another fun filled chapter of the Swifts! We begin this wonderful chapter with Chloe and the teenage vampire, Kristian, painting. Earning us that money!

Fun Fact: The one that Chloe is painting ended up being a masterpiece.

Funner Fun Fact: Kristian’s was also a masterpiece.

Sherry here is taking care of our next heiress for us! This is the biggest perk of being able to control a whole household lol

Just a random shot of some artwork. I splattered some around the whole house to complete the “need 15 pieces of art” part of our aspiration.

And now we need landscaping. And I hate landscaping…

Emma and her husband had a baby! And it’s a boy! Feels like we haven’t had a boy in forever in this save… geez

And as it’s the fastest and easiest way to build fun, we went for some woohoo. Just regular woohoo. No try for baby woohoo. Hopefully the game doesn’t slap us with another nooboo.

Practice safe woohoo, people!

Baby sparkles only mean one thing! Toddler time!!

And she’s a cutie! I’m a little bummed that she doesn’t have black hair… She broke our streak!

With Mia’s birthday, I kicked Dominik out of the second bedroom on the main floor and converted it into Mia’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the basement got an extension with a hallway, Dominik’s new bedroom, and a bathroom.

What the actual fuck is this? Apparently this is how Dominik really feels about being kicked into the basement before he dies…

And then there’s this one. Sherry decided to bless us with the pig masterpiece.

It’s winterfest! Free stuff! Free stuff is the best stuff! …most of the time. Don’t quote me on that.

I forgot that Chloe had an urn in her inventory, so I took that out and we have our first haunting from Wren!


Dominik got a chance card that gave him fame and promoted him to the top of the comedy career! So we got a real NICE bonus from him! Thanks Dom!

And with that money, we got better beds for the whole house! And we’re going to end on this high note! The current house value is $201,064

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke. One of Emma and Enele’s twins.

And the other twin, Madelynn