Chapter 6.2 – Moving Along

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.


Welcome back everyone! We’re back again! Last time we actually ended the chapter with a HOUSE! Like four walls and windows and everything!

…well everything except floor and wall coverings. lol

We begin this chapter with Chloe and Dominik hard at work painting away!

Shayne is not a fan of our first masterpiece lol


We got Mrs. Police Chief in on the painting action! All the other extras are sleeping, so she was volunteered.

Emma had TWINS!! Welcome to the fam!

Shayne’s collecting run took a lot out of him. Poor dude.

almost forgot about our garden. Almost

It’s a party!! A painting party!

Per a tip from Karise on the officials, we accumulated $1K and we headed to magnolia prominade to hopefully catch some dragonfruit! Everyone cross your fingers!

No dragonfruit, but this happened. So we got the hell outta there!

It’s another masterpiece!!

…He was a work for a whole 30 minutes before he came home so he could age up.


That is creepy AF. No thank you

Our first masterpiece from someone besides Chloe

Shayne came home with a promotion! Bringin’ home that bacon!

Here’s a little house update! (I’ve been busy lol) House value is currently at $48,765

Chloe painted another masterpiece! She’s really taken after her parents lol

Who left the book on the floor in the bathroom? *squinty eyes*


No try for baby. I don’t wanna rush myself here.

Chloe’s a tiger! Rawr!

Also, if you look in the back there, you’ll notice that the TV and couch are missing.

And that’s because it got moved downstairs! It’s our new movie hangout room!

(title subject to change lol)

Both Chloe and Shayne completed more masterpieces!

And two more masterpieces courtesy of Dominik and Shayne

Emma and her husband are expecting again!

This was definitely NOT in the plan… Well, I guess the countdown has started… Damn you, risky woohoo!

I’ve never really paid much attention to the kid that Dominik and his wife brought with them because kids can’t really earn money. Well, he aged up and I found out that he’s a freaking vampire.


And then we immediately got him started on the painting

This time Wren came home from work early to die.

Rude. You could have at least worked a full shift

With the vampire stuck on the easels making use of his need to not sleep, Chloe gets to enjoy some time away from the easel

It’s baby time!

And here’s our new heiress for house 7, Mia!

And that’s where I’ll end this chapter! The house value is currently at $102,984. So we’re making real good progress on the house goals!

Extra Bits:

This is Brooke, on of Emma’s twins

And this is the other twin Madelynn


Chapter 6.1 – Chloe’s Journey Begins

Hello! We’re back! And we’re at the start of a new house! That’s right, Chloe’s out on her own and she’s ready to make her mark! We’re at the very end of spring (it’s 6pm saturday) so we need to get cracking on the house so that she doesn’t die of heatstroke right away! And speaking of the house, let’s take a look at the goals for house 6:

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

YIKES! I’m rubbish at building, so this is definitely not my favorite house right off the bat. But at least all the sims in this house are controllable.

And speaking of sims in the household:

If you read my 100 baby challenge, this guy should look familiar! This is Shayne! He was baby number 19 and he was Carly’s second to last pregnancy before she handed over the reigns.

And before you start screaming about unfair skills and stuff, he’s been reset. He starts off with nothing.

But here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint me like Reese did in the last house, considering they’re technically brothers lol

So we moved into the Oakenstead lot in Willow springs. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, we deleted all our household funds and start with 0. EXTREME MODE BABY!

Well let’s dive in! Shayne gets a job right away in the military career and then heads off to do some fishing.

Chloe hops onto the bench for a nap. She came into the house with 3 green needs (bladder, social, and hygiene), 2 yellow needs (fun and energy), and 1 orange need (hunger). So her needs aren’t terrible but she needs to find a way to get food asap.

So we woke her up and sent her off collecting. I want to get enough to buy an easel right away so that she can do painting. That makes a ton of money and we can keep the masterpieces to help with the house value.

After a few hours, we were able to afford quite a bit! I don’t think I’ve ever had a stove or fridge so early in a drifter save!

And then I realized that I forgot a counter, so we can’t even prepare food lol

Hi mom!!!

Nothing like using an already fertilizedbush.

And then she napped in it…

Not even 24 hours into house 6 and we have almost all the essentials. I prioritized the easel over the bed and a shower since we have replacements for those around the neighborhood.

But the downside is that I don’t have any money for the canvas’s, so we’re gonna have to do more fishing/collecting.

Then I sent out Shayne to make friends with other sims so that we can move in others to help us make some money

And then Chloe was sent on the same mission.

We’ll get others in here at some point

After one cloudgazing session, Shayne was able to ask Dominik to move in with us!

Dominik brings with him his wife and her son. Both Dominik and Wren have level 5 in their careers (comedy for Dominik and business for Wren) so that’s a good start for us.

But now we definitely need to work on getting a house lol

And beds

This has been a really productive 24 hours though

Dominik and Wren both came into the house with earbuds in their inventories so we sold those and were able to afford a bed and a couch. Finally we can sleep and nap on the lot without using a fertilized bush!

After what seems like forever, we were able to afford our first canvas! So Chloe got right to work!

And then bills came. The worst part about starting on a weekend is that you don’t have money for bills when they come around!

Wren came back from work 5 HOURS EARLY so that she could age up. *sigh*

But at least she brought home enough to pay the bills

And because roofs are free, we have a temporary shelter! We just had to pay for the door!

Awe! Dad died!

We were able to afford a second bed! And a bin! No trash plants on my watch!

With Chloe tied to the easel, Shayne has been relegated to collecting! And we’re gonna start a garden. That shit with rake in the money as well

Emma got married and is expecting!

We have an “outhouse” now. It includes a shower and an actual toilet!

And then we added a sleeping quarters. Mainly so that I could buy a TV and they wouldn’t wake up those who are sleeping.

Bought our first high-quality item! The first of mannnnnyyyyy

And then we bought a couple more easels so that Chloe’s not the only one painting

And we got to work on Shayne and Chloe’s relationship!

They ended up boyfriend/girlfriend at end of this exchange

Oh no! Mom died!

That just means that Chloe’s gonna be stuck with a sad moodlet for a couple days. *sigh*

It’s our first masterpiece!

We added another member to the family! And we got lucky with this one! She the chief at the police station! That’s right! She’s at the top of the detective career!

And after our first week, we have an actual house with real walls and a small greenhouse in the back. Current house worth is $23,352. I have no idea if that’s a good place to be at the end of the first week or not lol but we’ll see!

After building this, we’re left with a whole $29 so we’ll be needing lots of painting to supplement our lost of weekend work. Since by some astonishing coincidence, none of the adults work on the weekend…

Anyway! Join us next time for more frantic money making!


Chapter 5.9 – Close Call

Hello! And we’re back! Since it’s been a really long time since I played this save, I had to reacquaint myself with the family and the challenge and where we are at. First things first: Reese leads the masterpiece competition 20-19, but he still needs a final promotion before we can call this house completed. And he has two days left of work before the twins age up.

Now there was a glitch that if you went into manage worlds, a sim who was at work would return home early when you reload the lot. That has been fixed (I think) but, it affected Reese a lot. So after some discussion with other simmers on the forum, I will still consider this a win even if he doesn’t get that last promotion, because it was out of my control (but we’re still gonna try to get him that final promotion!

Here’s our heir! Ms. Chloe! Her and her twin sister Emma, have their birthday on saturday and it’s currently Sunday. So this should be our final chapter of house 5

When I started up the game, I thought I was playing my ISBI because there were so many broken objects. So while Reese was pre-occupied working on his charisma skill, Adalind was the lucky one who got to go around and fix the place.

And Emma followed her around mopping up all the puddles. TEAMWORK FOR THE WIN!

I forgot how much I love this kitchen! If my kitchen in my house looked like this, I would be a happy baker!

Emma is a naughty girl. She’s always shouting the forbidden words.

Well that’s creepy. And to think: she’s our heiress, so we’re going to be stuck with that face for a whole house!

With the house goals *mostly* completed, Reese and Adalind have been on free will. And Adalind is usually the first to pick up the paintbrush and do some painting.

And of course, right as I type that, Reese walks himself right up to an easel…

Chloe brought a friend home from school today! His name is Duane. He didn’t do much besides play on our computer and watch TV. He interacted with Chloe a whole ONE time

Adalind painted a masterpiece while Reese was at work. That brings the score to a tie at 20-20

Reese is soooooo close. He has one more day of work, which happens to be the twin’s birthday. So hopefully he can go to work and come back with a promotion before their birthday so that it all works out.

Interesting that water has a spoiled countdown. I wasn’t aware that water had an expiration date. Huh, you learn something new everyday!

And sure enough! It spoiled! Stink lines and everything!

And then Reese paints a masterpiece while Adalind is at work. Score is now 21-20

Duane came over again. And he looks miserable. Dude, if you were gonna be miserable while you were here, why come over in the first place!

He did chat more this time than last time. Though, it was with Emma and not Chloe (who invited him over)

And that’s another masterpiece to add to the Reese column! 22-20

It’s love day! And for the first time in a while, Adalind and Reese participated in the tradition!

This kid practically live with us now. He’s almost always coming home with Chloe after school.

But it’s cool. It could be worse.

At least this time they watched a movie together lol

Adalind tried to sneak in another masterpiece, but Reese caught her. Score is now 22-21

Moment of truth! Reese is off to his final day of work! Let’s see if he comes home with a promotion!

It’s also the twin’s birthday! And Chloe decided that the best way to spend her birthday was to start learning the programming skill lol

And Adalind decided to actually sneak in a last minute masterpiece while Reese was at work! 22-22

AND HE DID IT! I’M DEAD! Career goals met!

And then we celebrated the twin’s birthday!

And it was time to move on! We’re off to house 6!! See ya there!

Fun Side note: The masterpiece competition between Adalind and Reese ended on a tie! 22 to 22!

House Five Goals:

  • Achieve level 10 of the Painting career, Patron of the Arts branch
    • Completed by Reese
  • Achieve level 10 of the Painting career, Master of the Real branch
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Achieve level 5 of the photography skill
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Complete the photography treasure hunt
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Build a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house worth at least $100k
    • Complete. Final worth: $155,576
  • Produce and raise an Heir to the young adult lifestage
    • Complete: Heir is Chloe Swift

Chapter 5.8 – Battleground

Welcome back everybody! As I’m watching Adalind paint, I’ve just remembered that she needs to be working on photography and not painting.

But I’m trying to get her to beat Reese in the competition, but she’s fighting me lol

It did turn out to be a masterpiece tho, so 14 – 13. Reese is still ahead by one

The girls are still very close. They spend more time with each other than any other set of siblings in any of my games. And I LOVE IT! They’re so cute!!!

Reese snuck in another masterpiece while Adalind was sleeping. Score is now 15 – 13

He’s officially lost it. Although, it’s pretty cute watching him run around like that.

Adalind took the time while everyone was at work or school to FINALLY max the photography skill. That took waaaaaaaay too long to master.

And then she managed to get another masterpiece! 15 – 14

Someone broke into our house again and painted us a masterpiece! Thanks Izumi!

And then she started another one! This one wasn’t a masterpiece though…

See that plate of Garlic Noodles back there? Yeah Reese made it, then set it down, and grabbed a bowl of peas instead… what a weirdo

And it’s another Masterpiece! She’s been painting on her own without any prompting from me! So she’s tied it all up! 15 – 15

And she got another one! She takes the lead for the first time in this whole competition! 15 – 16

And then Reese said “NO WAY” and he painted one too! Tied again! 16 – 16

Obviously we’re too lazy to fix the stove. Which we need to make food.

To eat.

So we don’t starve.

And die.

Adalind snuck another one in before heading off to work. 16 – 17

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand leave it to Reese to even things out again. 17 – 17

Whoops. I forgot his birthday.

I’m sorry Reese

And to celebrate, he painted another masterpiece. (Yes, he did paint the SAME PAINTING twice in a row…) 18 – 17

Oh my goodness!! This painting is the best!!! I think this is one of my favorites!

Adalind painted another masterpiece! 18 – 18

As you can see, Adalind has a favorite painting. And I don’t care, because she’s really good at it and keeps making masterpieces with it! 18 – 19

Reese comes back though with a new one that I haven’t seen before. 19 – 19

Aaaaaaand another one. Dude’s got painting skills that obviously don’t translate into his work life…

And then he surprised me by ACTUALLY GETTING A PROMOTION! He’s now at level nine. The twin’s birthday is on Saturday. I don’t think we’re gonna make it. I’m positive that this is gonna be a house fail… but we’ll see.

Chapter 5.7 – Major Comeback

Goals update: The only things left to complete is maxing the photography and both branches of the painter career.  We’re making quick progress.

And just like that, Reese gets another masterpiece under his belt. He leads the competition 12 – 6

And we had another home invasion. At least this guy did some house work while he was here.

We bought a basketball court! Give the family something to do together

Adalind’s being a good mom and helping her kids with their homework.

She could be painting to catch up with Reese, but noooooooooooo

Reese and Adalind are getting chubby, so I got a couple of treadmills so they can get back into shape!

Chloe and Emma are inseparable! They follow each other everywhere! It’s so cute! Twin bonding for the win!

Still the best way to build fun and social. And it looks like they enjoy it too

Reese is at work, so Adalind makes her move! score is now 12 – 7

But Reese wasn’t having that, so he made one too. 13 – 7

But Adalind is determined to make a comeback

13 – 8

And another! 13 – 9

yuck. Our sink is gross.

Adalind maxed her branch of the painter career!

And She’s not enjoying it lol

And we had a little celebration

Our heir is following in her parents’ footsteps and taken up painting our floor

Reese got a promotion!

He didn’t max it, but we’ll get there

All three of these are masterpieces! She looks so proud of herself! 13 – 12

And Reese couldn’t have that, so he came back with another! 14 – 12

But Adalind is really close! She really closed that gap!

And the twins had a birthday! They are identical. So I decided to dress them differently lol

Chloe (our heir) is in the yellow and Emma is in the blue.

So this is where I’m gonna end this chapter. We have two major house goals to complete yet before the girls age up. Reese is currently at level 8 of his career, so we have to get him into high gear. And Adalind is at level 4 of the photography skill.

Chapter 5.6 – Treasure Hunt

*A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. I was just into taking the pics at this point lol

Welcome back! This is a picture of Reese who’s SUPPOSED to be at work. But when I went into manage worlds and came back, so did he. And now I can’t send him back either. …He was only at work for an hour… ugh.

Goodness, they are just so cute!!!

I say that, but I’m ready for another boy heir. Chloe will be the 4th girl in a row.

Our house must be glitched or something. Last chapter sims were walking through it and this time, this guy came inside the house to knock on the door. Idiots.

Adalind painted another masterpiece! She still trails Reese 10-6

Well, Reese isn’t one to be one upped, so he painted another one too! 11-6

We bought a couple of computers and set them up in the studio upstairs. They brought the house value to $105,166. So we completed another goal!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Started gathering all the photos for our photo treasure hunt.

Funny story though, in-game that skirt looked brown. But it looked black when I wrote this. And I had another photo with Chloe for black hair. So I quick popped back into the game got a pic of brown hair. So we’re good to go!

So this isn’t a master piece (And I don’t even remember who painted it) But it’s space and it’s beautiful so I’m keeping it anyway!

Adalind got a promotion! Yay!!!

Reese is so determined that Adalind doesn’t catch up in their competition, that he’s on the struggle bus.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And a finished collection!

And here they are! Proof! I thought it was going to be harder to finish the treasure hunt. Thank goodness it wasn’t. It did still take me a couple sim days to finish. I people watched the whole time which is why this chapter is a little shorter than usual.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more… fun? Definitely more painting, that’s for sure.

Chapter 5.5 – Friendly Competition

Welcome back!! I know! I took a really long break. I took a break from updating because I just wanted to play. So I played and I played. I have enough for 2 or 3 updates for each of my stories. And then Get Famous came out and I wanted to play that! (Which is awesome and I love it). And then the holidays hit so I got busy…

Anyway! Moving on!

Goodness, the toddlers are so adorable!

“Whaz daddy doin'”

Daddy was painting another masterpiece. Score is 6 – 3. Reese is still winning

And there he’s got another one. Adaline’s gotta get off her ass and get to work! Reese is kicking her butt in this competition! 7-3

Even the girls are busy! Look at all those messes!

And here’s another one. 8-3

You know, I’d like to sell a few paintings, but I can’t if you keep painting masterpieces!!

Mommy is at work, so Reese had to take a break from painting to care for the girls. As you can see, Chloe is in desperate need of a bath

Birthday time for the masterpiece king!

I’ll spare you all the photo of the after. He looks exactly the same…

Oh goodness that’s a dark painting…

Actually kinda creepy…

We added a second floor! This is the first house I’ve built in this challenge with a second story! (Funny story though: the original layout for my house two build included a second story. But I omitted it in the final build.)

House Value: $70,433

Leave it to the man. Can’t handle Adalind’s everyday life

LILITH BROKE INTO OUR HOUSE! But she didn’t do anything.

Thank god

Adalind maxed the painting skill! She’s getting close to finishing her career too!

Speaking of promotions, Reese just came home with one! Wahoo!

Adalind finally managed to get another masterpiece! 8-4

Also, here’s a small peak of the upstairs studio/den

Reese says “not in my house”! And did another masterpiece. 9-4

With the addition of the upstairs, I was reminded that we didn’t have windows. So I fixed that.

House value $77,481

This dude… He walked straight through the house. No idea why. But it was weird.

Promotion! So she’s now at level 8! She’s almost there!

And then she got a master piece! 9-5

And now Reese has mastered the painting skill!

But he’s got a little bit more to go in his career. He hasn’t even hit the branch-off yet…

And Reese celebrated by painting another masterpiece. 10-5


Adalind first!

Then Chloe

And then Emma

And here are the cuties! Chloe on the left and a sad Emma on the right.

Chapter 5.4 – Master Painter! Sort of…

Welcome back, readers! If you remember, at the end of the last chapter we welcomed twins into the family! Adalind is hold our heir, Chloe and little Emma is hanging out in the bassinet.

And we got right to work painting.

I have a feeling I’m going to hate painting after this house is done lol

And Reese has pulled ahead in the masterpiece race! I’m making it a competition between the two of them. So far the score is 2-1 to Reese.

… And then he painted another one… 3-1


Also, I really like this one with the cow plant lol

I guess this is my reminder that I haven’t bought an outdoor trash can yet… whoops

New stuff in the house! New table and chairs, a new TV, a new couch, and a new front door! House value: $45,660

Adalind finally gets another masterpiece done! So it’s now 4-2 still to Reese.


Here’s Chloe! Bummer she got the black hair.

At this point, I feel like all the heirs need to have black hair lol

And here’s Emma!

They’re sooo cute!!

Adalind got a promotion! At least she’s further along in her career than Reese, so she has something over him lol

But Reese is hot on her heels and comes home the next day with a promotion of his own.

Bath time for Chloe!! She’s so cute!!

And here’s another master piece for Reese. so the score is now 5-2!

I don’t understand… Maybe it’s the Art lover trait? His others are loves the outdoors and goofball… His painting skill is at level 8 right now, so WHY?!

No real bath for Emma! She’s taking one in the toilet!!

We got some floor and wall coverings!! The bathrooms are still bare… I ran out of money… lol house value is at $56,861

Chloe snuck around to the back of the house (like toddlers do) and started making a mess… wonderful

And the staple drifter trash can has finally made it’s appearance! It took me longer than usual to get it. We have no income from a garden this time and with Reese making masterpieces (which we don’t sell) we haven’t made as much money as fast as in the past

Adalind finally finished another masterpiece… So it’s 5-3

Added siding and a roof! I do have plans to add an upstairs art studio and a couple of decks, so the house is far from finished. We also have a ways to go before getting that house goal too. We’re at $60,719 so we’re at least over half way there

Extra Bits:

Here’s our little sister, Laurel!

Here’s Renee Swift, Rebecca’s daughter

And here’s Ashlynn Tanaka! Kayla’s daughter!!


Chapter 5.3 – White Wedding

Welcome back everyone! Reese and Adalind are busy sleeping. The news that a nooboo is on the way pretty much wiped them out. So we’re going to fast forward though this SUPER boring part

Noooooooo! Mom and dad died!!

Weird though that they died on the same night

Well they woke up and went to work. And then both of them came home with promotions!! Yay! Bonus money!

Winterfest came along and we decided to celebrate this time. Here they are decorating the tree! I usually just buy the pre-decorated ones but I wanted to try something new!

Waahhh! So pretty! Honestly, I never do anything with the trees. I just plop them down and ignore them. So I’ve never turned on the lights before. So I thought this was SO CUTE!!

And then I thought this would be an adorable way for Adalind to propose!

And he said yes!!

Gosh. They are sooo cute together!

And we eloped immediately.

Welcome to the family, Reese! (officially)

More Winterfest! Gotta have that good meal!

And Reese is looking at me like “I guess this isn’t so bad. Thanks”

Reese was in such a good mood that he painted our first masterpiece!

O_O This was Father Winter’s gift to Adalind… O_O What the hell.

And Adalind’s making sure that she keeps up with Reese and she paints her own masterpiece!

Baby time!!

Lawrd help us. Our doctor is a ghost…

And so is our receptionist!

My game is obviously celebrating halloween early… lol

Or at least it did for a little bit. Then a new receptionist poofed into being and we were on our way.

They also decided we should have a real doctor.

“Thank goodness. No ghost was getting near my hoohaa. Especially a distant relative.”

No one goes near your ‘hoohaa’ anyway. That’s not how birth works in the Sims

“In the what?”


And we had twins! Both girls!

(Y’all need to send these girls over to my Baby Boom challenge… I’m lacking girls over there…)

Anyway! Meet the girls! Reese is holding our heir, Chloe! While Adalind is holding our first spare, Emma!