Chapter 2.7 – Smooth Sailing

Hello and welcome back to my Drifter challenge! We’re going to *hopefully* finish this house in this chapter, cross your fingers! We ended last chapter with the twins aging up into teens so we have a while to go yet.

We begin this chapter with Saya doing some autonomous cleaning of the grill. Neat sims for the win!

So I must have missed the notification telling me that Dempsey got married. To a bear. Named Hakim Mansouri.

Here’s what Hakim looks like outside of his bear costume.

And here’s our sister Jordyn who had a birthday that we missed apparently. Oh well. She looks a lot like Dempsey.

We’re sooooo close to finishing! Only 1 point left of the herbalism skill!

Saya autonomously started learning the herbalism skill. I’ve never had that happen before. I guess that’s what happens when you have a bookworm in the family.

I gave the girls’ room a little makeover. Since their teens, I didn’t think the butterfly wallpaper was appropriate anymore lol

I completely forgot that Elias was a childish sim. And seeing this reminded me that we didn’t need this anymore. So we sold it and bought a treadmill instead.

Elias influenced both of the girls to do their homework. I then went and checked something else out and when I came back, both Elias and Saya were helping them with their homework. I’ve never had parents do that autonomously before! So this was a great family moment!

And then we continued the family moment out to the garden! Gotta put those teens to work!

Newly married Dempsey came to visit! GIVE US BABIES! What, what? Who said that?

Aspiration completed! So Elias has completed all of his requirements and we’re just waiting for girls to age up. And they still have 11 days to go… So we’re going to 3-speed most of this and finish this in this chapter! It may be a little longer than normal, but I wanna finish this house!

Eliza’s the first to use the new treadmil. Go girl!

The girls are best friends. They’re always hanging out talking to each other. Cuties!

Way to go, Olivia…

Teamwork for the win! I had instructed Elias to put it out and then Saya started to put it out too! #soulmates

And then Elias had his birthday. Noooo

I’m gonna cry. 😥

I’ve noticed that sims prefer to eat where there are place settings. Which is weird, but awesome at the same time. Also, I have no idea who keeps setting the table because it always happens when I don’t see it. I have a feeling that it’s Olivia since her manners bar is much higher than Eliza’s

Ummmm, dad? You died. No we don’t want to visit you in the afterlife! It’s not time yet!

Eliza skipped school. I tried to ground her, but there was no option for that. Something seems wrong with that…

Dempsey’s having a bear baby!

Tiger Saya’s birthday!

She took it much better than Elias. Might be because she’s delirious.

Eliza’s always on this thing! She’s gonna have this maxed before she leaves (not really, but she does get it to level 6 which is still quite the accomplishment.)

Dempsey and Hakim’s baby was born! It’s a girl who we named Nicole!

Jordyn became a young adult!

Why do our dead parents keep calling us and asking us to come over?! Over where! They DIED!

Senile, even in death. Some sims are so stupid. lol

NOOOOOOOO! He just became an elder! He can’t die yet!

Uhhhhh, Saya? Maybe not the best of time to clean the tub… just sayin’

Birthday time!

And with that, it’s time to move onto house 3! Woohoo!


Chapter 2.6 – Oh My Wilderness

Hello and welcome back! Here we are again ready for another wonderful update of the Swifts! Last time the twins became children and we took our first trip into Granite Falls! Got a great start on that aspiration of ours! So let’s begin this chapter with Elias reading some herbalism books.

I bet you can’t spot the new stuff on the house! Okay maybe you can a little bit. But for the record, we got more modern doors, got a grill for herbal remedy stuff, added a roof finally, and added windows through out the whole house! So our house value is now $41,403! So we’ve officially hit one of the goals for this house! Now we just have to get Elias to finish this aspiration.

So we’re going to spend a lot of time at this grill working on the skill (rhymez for dayz).

Olivia is being a good helper around the house. And notice the new kitchen island that we built!

Who’s this you’re asking? Well this is Jordyn! You know, Elias’ other sister that Aaron and Siobhan had after we moved out. She’s a little cutie!

Cute mother/daughter bonding!

I finally felt that his skill was high enough to identify all the wild plants that we gathered on our last trip so that’s what we’re doing here. And he successfully identified all of them, so check that box off the to do list!

So we’re almost there! This is going a lot smoother then I anticipated… Since I never have done this one, I was a little nervous. I want to use up all his current ingredients before we head back out, so for now we’ll stick around the house.

I’m not gonna lie… After playing my ISBI where things are crazy ridiculous and my 100 baby challenge where there are kids out the wazoo, the Swifts are…… kinda boring… But in a good way! It’s so nice an refreshing to not have babies and toddlers crying all the time or uncontrollable family members constantly passing out or wetting themselves. I’m in heaven right now.

This is our current mail carrier… Notice that her name is also Saya… That must be a popular name in the mail industry lol

Elias used all his ingredients and the twins are back from school, so it’s time to head back to our campsite at Granite Falls!

Eliza: I miss running water!! I gotta pee!

Oh the joys of camping!

Family breakfast! Minus Saya. No idea where she’s at.

Insect hunting! Glad it’s virtual… No way I would sanction that in real life. But we need ingredients, so…

Go away, Mr. Bear… You are making them tense. They already don’t like camping and you are just making things way worse…

Hmmmm… I wonder what these two are up too? Nothing good, I can tell you that. (I did seriously consider having another kid, but nah. The twins are enough)

Haaaaa! Two totally different reactions to this woohoo! Elias had a great time and Saya was completely embarrassed. Also, Saya is NOT an outdoors person. She’s always miserable whenever we go camping…

The ladies are NOT having a good time. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the bathrooms were bugged. I reset all the sims and the building themselves and none of the girls could use it. The boys had now problem. And when I left to the national forest/deep woods area or whatever and then came back, it worked fine. So no idea what happened there…

Uhhhh… Hi. As you can see, Eliza is going through a phase. Lovely.

Papa bear and baby bear. This is so cute! ❤

Saya and Olivia are always off doing their own thing, but Eliza tends to stick to dad. The tent is right behind her here and that is currently where Elias is sleeping per his aspiration.

Good girl Eliza is doing her homework while on vacation. Gold star!

We’re close to finishing his aspiration! Woohoo!

Uhhhhhh… Eliza? Why are you thinking about diapers? She’s been doing this a lot lately and I have NO idea why, but it’s weirding me out a little bit.

Besides thinking about diapers, she’s always making a mess. So since I’ve never sent a kid to timeout before, I tried it out. She looks way to happy to be in timeout…

The trip ended and we made it home just in time for birthdays! (Elias finished the sleep requirements for his aspiration, so we can finish the rest of it at home so no more traveling to Granite Falls!)

And here are the twins after their birthday and makeovers. Eliza is on the left. She gained the active trait and the aspiration of freelance botanist. Her aspiration will probably change when she takes over the challenge (since I’m playing blind, I have no idea lol), but for now she’s gonna help out around the house with the garden we’ve got.

Olivia is on the right and she gained the bookworm trait along with the freelance botanist aspiration as well. lol, I was lazy in picking them out.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for when we COMPLETE Elias’ aspiration!! Toodles!


Chapter 2.5 – We’re Off On An Adventure!

*peeks head out from under the rock* *waves* Hi guys! Long time, no see, I know. But life… yeah… So here we are again! Let’s hope that I can remember what we’re doing since these pics were taken awhile ago! lol We begin with Elias chatting up his heir, Eliza. And I just realized how similar their names are… weird.

So with the small chance that this could eat my sims, it’s time to get rid of it. I only needed to grow it for his current aspiration anyway. So it’s time to sell it!

Looks like we sent Elias out on a collecting run. And he doesn’t look to happy about it. But money is money, we have a house to finish!

Collecting paid off and we were able to update the kitchen! Current value of the house is at $38,900 so we’re making progress!

Awe! She’s so cute!!!

Our sims finally use the sofa again! Without my interference! Gold star for you!

Noooo! Siobhan! You can’t die! I won’t allow it! (Also, I forgot that she had remarried after Aaron died…)

Elias has a special skill. He’s able to fix the sink without any tools!

Saya: Ummm… That’s not how that works…

Elias: Sure it is! I’ve done it loads of times!

Saya: …Sure you have… *rolls eyes*

Birthday time for the twins!!

Eliza is on the left in white/teal and she gained the loves the outdoors trait and the Rambunctious Scamp aspiration. Olivia is on the right in purple/grey and she gained the neat trait and the Artistic prodigy aspiration.

With the twins as children, we changed Elias’ aspiration to the outdoor enthusiast and we set off on our first trip to Granite Falls!

And here we have our home sweet home for the next few days!

And of course we immediately set off to buy supplies so that the rest of the family can survive while we’re busy.

But poor Olivia couldn’t wait for the tent to get set up before crashing…

Saya met a ghost on our first day. Kinda weird to meet a ghost like that but whatever.

Noooo! Mom died! 😥 We miss you already!

Making progress on this aspiration of ours. I don’t want to have to make too many trips here! lol

oh… yummy… /sarcasm. Elias looks thrilled too.

And this is me forgetting Saya’s birthday…Whoops. I’m sorry, Saya.

Olivia is a super social sim! She’s always talking to someone!

Eliza is cleaning up everyone’s messes even while camping. Going above the call of duty I see.

Daddy/daughter/heir/heiress bonding!

Elias is such a talented sim. First fixing a sink without a wrench and now we’re reading a book without holding it and it’s sideways in the ground. He’s so special.

Awe poor Eliza! She was too tired to make it to the tent or the chairs… typical

And we made our first ever trip (in the whole time I’ve had this game) into the deep woods! We met the hermit and did lots of collecting! So this is fun!

And just like that, our first trip ended. Elias looks super bummed to be home, while Eliza looks elated to be back. Well, Elias, at least you can study herbalisim while at the house now! We just have to get the books!

And that’s it for now! Let’s hope that it doesn’t take so long for another update! haha!

Chapter 2.4 – When Death Comes Knockin’


Oh hai there! Welcome back to my drifter challenge! Last time we did some gardening, got married, did more gardening, and then found out we’re expecting a nooboo! Lots of story progression stuff happens in this chapter, so grab your cocktails, wait, no. I didn’t say that. Grab your “juice” and here we go!


And it would be a drifter update without an obligatory gardening shot!


Oh look! Dad came by for a visit!

Aaron: She’s pregnant…

Elias: Oh yeah! Dad, this is Saya, my wife!

Aaron: I know what you did… that’s gross. Don’t do it again.

Elias: DAD!

Saya: *giggles*


This cutie is Jordyn, our little sister! She finally aged up into a toddler so I could get a picture of her! Welcome to the family! ❤


Dempsey came to visit, and she does not look happy about it… cheer up girl! You’re too pretty to be sad!


Remembering Vlad’s unfortunate visit, I made sure I bought some garlic to plant. Hopefully he’ll leave us alone.


I’ve noticed that Saya and Elias prefer to stand while watching TV. It’s really weird. I kinda cheated and told her to sit down just to see if she would still watch TV while sitting. And she did. So I dunno why they prefer to stand…


Oh no! That’s a really sad notification! Dad can’t die! He’s our founder!


MAJOR house update! We’ve got our second bedroom and we added a closet in the kitchen (there’s gonna be a second door there, so it’s kinda like a coat closet). AND we’ve got all the floor and wall coverings! Yay! House value is now $24,773.


Elias maxed the gardening skill! That’s a first for me! Yay for drifting!


Okay, two things about this one:

  1. Saya is HUGE!!
  2. Siobhan aged up, so she’s probably gonna die too…


Baby time! Here we go! The heir is on it’s way!


And it’s twins!!! We’ve got twin girls Eliza (first born in the yellow bassinet) and Olivia (second born in the pink bassinet).


We added a foundation to up the value to $28,155.


No no no no no! The garlic is supposed to keep you AWAY!


Derp. Poor Elias. At least he didn’t do it three times in a row like Harley in my ISBI… and I’m glad it doesn’t count as negative points here!



Nooooooo!!! Dad died!! Let us observe a moment of silence for our fallen founder……


In a ray of sunshine in a dark night, it’s the twins’ birthday!


And here they are! Eliza is in the aqua (funny I just realized that she blends in with the carpet…lol) and Olivia is in the pink!


And here’s our first “family dinner” with the toddlers. I can’t ever decide if I like the high chairs or if I hate them… Like it takes a sim a ridiculously long time to put them in it, plus if toddlers can grab their own food off the counter, they’re kind of pointless…


Raising twin toddlers can really take a lot out of a guy. At least the garden looks nice…


Smallish house update: We had to get all the toddler stuff for the girls. And we got new sofas in the living room and a new TV. Also we now have a couple wall decor pieces


I have literally NEVER grown one of these EVER in all my time playing the Sims. And that’s since the Sims 1. So this’ll be fun. I needed to grow one for his current aspiration, so fun times.


NOOOOOO! Mom?! What are you doing! Dad died THREE DAYS ago! Geez, you move on fast…


Gahhh! And then this happened! Saya! Please try NOT to burn down our carefully crafted home in which you are a resident. It would be greatly appreciated.


Elias to the rescue! Meanwhile, Olivia’s in the high chair freaking out. After Elias finished extinguishing the fire, he grabbed Olivia and ran to safety. Interestingly enough, no one grabbed our heir, Eliza… hmmmm, I see our priorities are messed up.


Saya tries to make it up to little Eliza by playing with her. (Also, because of the fire, I had to replace both the stove AND the fridge. At least they were the cheap ones… lol)



And we end this chapter with Elias’ birthday! And he’s obviously not thrilled about it. Don’t worry, I’m nervous too… I hope we didn’t wait to long to have kids. I’m worried he’s gonna die before we finish the required aspiration… yikes! Well, join us next time as we hope to get started on that aspiration before he croaks!

Chapter 2.3 – When Did He Get So Popular?


Welcome back! Thanks for joining us as we continue house 2 of the Drifter challenge! Last time we were visited by a nasty vampire, had some house upgrades, and we met Saya! Our mail carrier who became our girlfriend! Lots happened last chapter and lots happens in this chapter! So let’s get to it!


We begin with our dry looking garden. No! It looks so sad right now! Fix it, quick!

Also, for some reason Elias has a lot of visitors in this chapter, so I’m going to keep count, just for funzies. Visitor count is at 1 right now since Caleb Vatore


With the garden taken care of, it’s collecting day!

Also, if you look closely, you can see Dempsey came to visit! Visitor Count: 2

(Side note: Apparently, I still had House 1 as a played household. I couldn’t figure out why the family wasn’t aging until I realized that I forgot to mark them as “unplayed” whoops. That’s fixed, so now they will age like normal sims again!)


Look who we found while wandering the neighborhood! Hi Saya! Get off your phone and interact!


Well, Saya ran away so we introduced our self to Anaya, Visitor #3.


And of course, it wouldn’t be a Swift update without a visit from our mom, Siobhan!

Visitor count: 4


And here’s Stefanie who became visitor #5. She looks disgusted at the state of our house. Come on Stef, it’s not dirty! It’s just empty!

Stefanie: I know! How can he live like this!?

Well, he has no money so….yeah


Shhhh! Don’t make any sudden moves, Elias! Maybe he won’t notice you!

Visitor Count: 6

Also, he’s over here a LOT. I need to purchase some garlic seeds… get some garlic growing so maybe he’ll stay away.


A little bonding time with mom while doing some fishing. Gah! I miss the original family. I miss Aaron. Also, I wanna see the new baby!


Elias’ gardening skill finally is high enough that he can ‘tend garden’ which is wonderful. Less work for me!


Uhhhh….Why is Saya dressed for the circus? 02-06-17_11-02-15-pm

Oh well, we made a move anyway. Who cares if she’s a little weird? Elias sure doesn’t!


Dad! Hi! Glad to see that you’re happy! I was worried you were going to be grumpy forever!


Alright! We invited Saya over, it’s time to get things in this relationship moving!!


Yeah, I bet you all saw this coming, didn’t you?!


And because Elias is amazing, she said yes of course!


No time like the present to make it official! So they eloped! Congratulations!


Welcome to the family, Saya! We gave her a little make-over after she moved in. Her traits are art lover, goofball, and neat (yessss!!!). And her aspiration is Angling Ace.


Gardening takes half the time when you form a group and do it together. Although they “tend garden together” they don’t really do it “together” there’s no socializing at all while they do it. Lame


I forgot that when there are uncontrollables in the house, there’s the possibility of fire. I’m going to have to keep my eye on her.


Major house update! We’ve added a study/den area with a computer, bookshelf, and a sofa. Sectioned off the living room area and added a sofa, upgraded the TV, and added a TV stand. Nothing changed in the kitchen area except we bought a couple more chairs for the dinning table. With this update, our house is not valued at $16,639, so we’re almost halfway there!


Hahahaha, yup! She’s a neat sim alright! I love it when they mop the grass!


Oh look! We bought the super expensive, but really handy, money making trash can! So now we get money for all of our crap!


These two definitely spend a LOT of time gardening together. It’s actually ridiculous how much time they spend gardening…


So our visitor count ended at 6 and here we have 6 children just wandering the neighborhood. It’s really weird… It’s like the game is trying to tell us something… *shifty eyes*


If they aren’t gardening or collecting, they’re spending their time in the study. But I knew that was going to happen the moment I bought a computer.


Close to the final update for the bathroom. Got the unbreakable toilet, sinks, tub, and a new shower. The only thing that’s missing from a finished bathroom is the wall and floor coverings. And the house value is now at $21,398


Now that we’ve got a good start on the house, we can get started on the baby making! It’s about damn time! I don’t typically wait this long for that kind of thing. In my ISBI, the minute my heir is married we begin the baby making. But here, I was forced to wait because of the house. Hopefully we’ll make it! *crosses fingers*


And the heir is on the way! Woohoo! And this seems like a good place to end this chapter! Join us next time for more house, maybe an heir, and definitely more gardening!

Chapter 2.2 – Unexpected Visitors


Oh hi! Welcome back to my drifter challenge! Last chapter we started Elias’ journey in house 2! We started this wonderful garden and got a decent start on the house! And now we begin this chapter with a little lot of gardening! I think I accidentally hired a one time gardener instead of a regular one. We haven’t seen a gardener in days.


But I guess it’s fine. That means that he’s getting some great gardening skills!


And here’s a daily visit from Mom! A very pregnant mom. You got twins in there, Siobhan? lol


In our peruse of the neighborhood, we found Dad as well. I’ve come to the conclusion that Aaron is probably permanently mad. Or at least annoyed. Why you mad, bro?


Vlad came to visit us. Just came to say hi apparently. Go away, Vampire.


Got rid of the cooler. Replaced it with a fridge, stove, and some counters. I ran out of money to buy a sink, so we still have to do dishes in the bathroom. #annoying


Who’s this? Well, obviously, it’s the mail carrier…and you can tell she’s female…but you can’t tell how old she is! *crosses fingers for a young adult*


And she is!!! She’s a young adult! *dies* Her name is Saya Nakamura, and I hope Elias can make this work! I don’t want to wait forever to find someone!


She has great facial expressions! I love her, guys. I really love her. I need her in the family asap, but I can’t move her in until her and Elias are married. So plum that. We’ll have to do this the old-fashioned way.


Oh look! Mom and dad had their baby! Elias now has another younger sister!


He’s such a good little fisherman! Look at that big fish! Just kidding! That big fish was only worth a whopping $7… What a rip off.


It’s a collecting day! Need to make some house updates!


And here it is! (I also bred some frogs after this was taken and had enough for lights in the bedroom and living area.) So the house value is now at $8,783 and we have $2 in the bank.


No. Go away. Stay out of my house!


Stop! Don’t do it!


Bed is in the opposite direction, Elias! Turn around!

Elias: *Zombie noises*


Well, that was rude. Go away, Vlad.


Oh wonderful. We’ve got a bad moodlet, he drain our energy, and now Vlad has promised us a return visit. Greaaat


Elias: Uhhhh, What happened.

You let a vampire suck your plasma. Stupid.

Elias: What the hell! Why didn’t you stop him!?

You were a mind-controlled zombie. You wouldn’t listen.


Well, at least Saya comes and visits! Even if she’s just delivering elements from the Geo Council… But still, it’s nice to see a friendly face that won’t stick their fangs in your neck.


Hmmmm. I really need to get him a table and some chairs… He’s always eating either right there at the counter, or he goes and sits on his bed and eats.


Gah. Gardening is exhausting… Just when I finish tending to it, it feels like I have to start all over again. But it’s a great money-maker!


And after a full day of collecting and gardening, we bought new stuff! We splurged on the table and the chairs and had just enough money for a cheap TV. Not too bad for a day’s work!


Breakfast and TV! The best morning combo there is! Enjoy it, buddy!


And again, Saya has paid us a visit! The best part about pursuing the mailwoman, is that you see her often and for FREE!


Easy relationship building right here!


Huh. She looks different in civilian clothes. I like it!


Elias: Saya, will you accept this rose?

Saya: Of course! Thank you!


Oh? What’s this? We’re making a move! And she’s into it! #love


And we end this chapter with the two of them being boyfriend and girlfriend. Also with Saya making a move on Elias! Best mailwoman ever! Join us next time for more fun!

Chapter 2.1 – Elias’ Journey Begins

Hello! No, you are not imagining things, this IS a new chapter of the Swifts! I know, I know, it’s been a long time and I’m a horrible blogger, but I promise not to take such a long break again! Now, since it has been a long time, I had to take a bit to re-familiarize myself with the challenge. It wasn’t that hard, since Vi has made the rules super easy to understand! So when we last left off with the Swifts, Elias had just aged up and we had completed House 1! So we begin this journey with Elias and House 2! Let’s go!


So we moved Elias into the required lot in Willow Creek and changed his aspiration from Renaissance Sim to The Curator. Of course that’s just temporary until he has a kid and can work on the Outdoor Enthusiast aspiration.


So while we’re waiting for the collectibles to generate, we did some fishing.


He looks so proud of that seaweed clump…


Oh ho! Who do we spy over there?!


It’s mom and dad! Aaron looks really pissed that we came over to say “hi.” You know that’s not very nice of you, Aaron…


So since dad was being a huge butt, we went collecting which is a better use of our time anyway.


And of course, Elias got to uncomfortable. But with no bed to nap on, it was off to the public bench.


While there’s a public bench, unfortunately there is no public bathroom. So we had a bladder fail right in the middle of the neighborhood. At least we have no neighbors.


I’m determined to get enough money to buy some essential stuffs for the home lot. So once again, we hit the collectible circuit.


And after selling our collected items, we were able to afford an actual sink and a cooler, which I didn’t realize also doubled as a seat, so BONUS!


After this miracle thing called frog breeding (which I didn’t know about for some reason, but is REALLY handy), we were able to afford a toilet. (Also notice that he’s clean after spamming the ‘wash hands’ interaction over and over)


Look at this sexy guy. Just sitting there all sexy looking. This is a perfect banner pic!


Low social bar means socializing with the “neighbors” and by neighbors, I mean the people who wander though the neighborhood. Normally, this is good spouse hunting tactics, but not when you’re required to marry a service sim!


Dempsey! Hi! hahaha, look at Elias. I can’t tell if he’s mad at his sister for cock blocking or if it’s a silent plea for help.


Elias: “What the hell is this!?”

It’s a broken sink. Also, stabbing your hand though it isn’t going to fix it. So stop.


Well, it’s as good a time as any to call a repair sim and cross our fingers and hope for a female. Not like we’re going to get married any time soon since we need a house worth 40 grand. But still, we can work on a relationship!


Well, we could if it was a girl. They would send a male knowing full well that I needed a female… It’s a conspiracy I tell you!


After lots of fishing and collecting, we were able to afford a bed! And look! It’s not even the cheapo air mattress!!


This game is really out to get me. The community gardener is female, but an elder. So she’s a no-go


Mom came over for a visit. And it looks like she’s asking him about babies…

Siobhan: When are you gonna give me grandbabies! I want grandbabies!

Elias: Mom! I need a girl first!

Siobhan: Well I know this really cute blonde who’s your age…

Elias: MOM!


So we started a garden. And a garden means a gardener, which of course we hired one. I hope it a female.


Look! We bought a shower! Also, you might be wondering why these items are placed like this on the lot. Well I have a house blueprint in mind, and this is where all these items are placed in the final layout. So for instance, all the bedroom and bathroom need to be completed are walls! (and floors and wallpaper…)


Siobhan must have separation anxiety or something…she’s ALWAYS around…


Well, this happened… Congrats, Elias. You’re going to be a big brother again…


Look! It’s our gardener! And she’s a girl! But she’s an adult…by the time we’re ready for babies and stuff, she’ll probably be an elder… so no.


Walls and doors! And one light. Well, we can’t have everything…


So what did you catch today?


Oh exciting (heavy sarcasm). Inside was a single apple. Don’t eat it, Elias, it’s probably poisoned.


Our garden is flourishing! We spend so much time tending our own garden that we don’t get a lot of time to collect other items around the house! I don’t think he’s gonna have a job, he just won’t have time with all the gardening and collecting. But that’s just fine!

So this is where we’re going to leave this chapter, stay tuned for exciting times with the Swifts!!