Chapter 4.11 – It’s About Time

Welcome back! This is the last chapter of house 4! Adalind still has 5 days left until her birthday, so we are going to three speed this shit!

Here we go!

Oh yeah, if you remember, last chapter Malik welcomed baby Laurel to the family!

Purple alien babies for the win!

With Hailey’s goals finished, I leave her on freewill most of the time and just watch the fam. And these two are super cutsie all the time!

We picked a good one!

This is the look of an internet troll . You know that’s not very nice, Adalind.

Adalind: But I’m right and they’re wrong!

No. Just stop.

Vasyl’s really good at taking care of Laurel. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought she was his! He gives her so much attention!

Everyone was “Burning to death” inside the house during the heat wave, so we had to splurge and turn on the air conditioner.

Boo. Money.

Uh oh. Malik’s non-committal is showing. Weirdly though, it wasn’t because he was married. It was because of his job. I didn’t even know that was a thing! I thought it was strictly for marriages! So that was my fun fact of the day!

Aiden and Lucas came to visit!

Aiden is ROCKIN’ those shorts

And they even stayed for family dinner!

Wait… How is it they’ve been married this long and he’s just now learning her traits?

This requires further investigation.

Investigation Results: Apparently they don’t know anything about each other. I dunno how that happened. I wonder if they got reset or something? Because I find this hard to believe.

Laurel aged up and ohmygoodnesssheissocuteimgonnadie

Prepare for toddler spam

Daddy/Daughter playtime!


*sigh* I love wild toddlers. Wild toddlers are the BEST!

So apparently, Vasyl DOES have a real alien form. Which is weird because he didn’t in CAS, so I didn’t think he had one, but I just randomly clicked on him and decided to try it out. So he will now be walking about like this.

Say hello to the REAL Vasyl!

She’s got the artistic flair. But she’s so cute I can’t even be mad

Everyone dotes on Laurel. She literally is always in some sort of interaction with one of the family members. And their favorite thing to do is play with her. So she always ends up flying on someones back. But it’s cute so I don’t mind at all!

See? All the love.

Adalind is just waiting for her turn to go again lol

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, Hailey? This is worse than Adalind!

Caught her dunkin’! Adalind is such a baller!  (ha)


It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for this moment for DAYZ!

And we’re off to start house 5! ……in the rain……

Chapter 4.10 – I Can See The Light

*A/N* I just want to warn you guys that there are A LOT (by a lot, I mean almost half of these screenshots lol) of updates on the extended family lol. Most All of this chapter was played on three-speed lol

We begin things off with a little change in the house. I sold the doll house! And I got another treadmill. I’m working on getting Adalind into shape lol

Speaking of Adalind, she’s only one day into teendom. Ugh. So we have a LOT of playing to do… This is where the three-speed goodness comes into play!

She was definitely in bed. Notice, she’s wearing her pj’s. So it really irks me that she got out of bed just to pass out. Like, really? Why? #simlogic

Adalind is really going for it. I couldn’t figure out where she was going until I saw this. She went allllll the way across the empty neighboring lot just to shovel this pile of snow. And she managed to do it with an INVISIBLE SHOVEL!!

Hai mom! Why do you always visit while we’re at work? What wrong with you?

NooooOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dad! I miss you already. I loved seeing you pass by the house.

Guys. I somehow missed the fact that you could travel to Sixam through a wormhole with a rocket ship. So we made it to Sixam a bit sooner than planned! Too bad Hailey doesn’t look too happy about it either lol

Goal: Check

And since we were here we went and did some collecting. We need those Get To Work items!

It’s a good thing we met Vasyl when we did. Sixam is a ghost planet. There’s literally NO ONE else here. Good thing I wasn’t banking on an alien from here…

Made it home since there was nothing else to do. We completed the geode collection, and got a couple of harvestables. So that completes the last goal for Hailey. Now we just have to wait for Adalind to age up.

Goal: Check

The second treadmill was a really good idea. Lookin’ good, Adalind!

Damn, Devin! That seems like a drastic over-reaction!

*Makes note not to do that to him again*

Lolololol, we transformed a snowpal. And we got this. lol And we have no children to enjoy it

I’m a little worried for Adalind… It took her this long to figure out that Vasyl is an alien…

Malik got that promotion he was looking for! I want to see how far I can get him in his career before Adalind takes over.

Kayla is expecting again!

And so is cousin Avery!

Also, he apparently got married.


This is not okay… I wondered why it looked like he was gaining weight… Ugh.

Adalind came home in this. I did not give her that. Why does EA do this to us?

Rebecca is expecting!

As is another cousin, Joshua!

Guys. I’m still mad about this.

Malik doesn’t look too upset about it though…

Kayla had a girl! And cousin Avery had a girl!

NooooOOOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both mom and dad died in this chapter!!!! Boooooooooo

Rebecca had a girl! And Cousin Joshua had a boy!

And then Malik decided it was time to introduce us to the alien spawn.

Everyone, meet Laurel. SHE’S PURPLE! I’ve only ever had blue aliens. So this is a nice surprise.

/end chapter. Adalind still has 4 or 5 days before she ages up… So we have one more chapter of filler before we kick off house 5!


Chapter 4.9 – Slow Progress

Welcome back! Hailey’s busy working on a breakthrough so that we can get that promotion!

Dad is really getting into the Talk Like A Pirate Day… You go dad!

Hailey and Adalind had a really cute mother/daughter moment.

Adalind: And then the other kid jumped out and said BOO!

Hailey: Wow! That’s fascinating!

Malik had another abduction.

Have fun, Malik.

You probably can’t tell, but this kid in front is a teen. But he looks like he could be the same age as the elder in the back.

I thought it was funny. No? Just me? Okay, moving on

No Vlad. No away, we don’t serve your kind here.

And there goes Hailey…

Nicole (Dempsey’s daughter) is expecting with her husband

Devin knocked up a townie…

Malik is bearing it all for the town to see… Put some clothes on, mister!

And now cousin Joshua is expecting with his wife!

Damn, this town is BUSY this chapter…

Aaaaaaaaaaand there goes Malik again.

Nicole had a boy!

It’s snowing. On Harvestfest. That’s too early…… And very realistic….

Here we are trying to get Malik’s fitness skill up so that he can get a promotion. With most of the house goals finished, I can work on the rest of the fam.

We got that final promotion! Goal: check!

And I forgot to mention this, but we all maxed the rocket science skill! Goal: Check!

Malik got that promotion! Good for you, buddy!

We had a TOTALLY random fire. No idea what caused it. The gnome just spontaneously combusted.

Vasyl saved the day! But not before we lost the couch, tv, and tv stand… ugh.

Devin had a baby boy!

And Joshua had a girl!

And then it was Adalind’s birthday!

She looks not too thrilled about it lol!

So the only goals we have to complete are:

  • Travel to Sixam
  • Collect three items unique to the Get to Work expansion pack
  • Grow the Heir up to Young Adult


Extra Bits:

Here’s Skye Tanaka. Kayla and Calvin’s daughter.

Blake Sneed. Nicole and her husband’s son.

And here’s Ray Kibo. Devin and Kylee’s son.

Chapter 4.8 – The One Where Nothing Happens

Oh Hello there! We pick up right where we left off, with Adalind crying over the broken dollhouse. I’m debating on whether or not to replace that one with one that looks more like an actual dollhouse lol. This on is cute for toddlers, but I’m thinking she needs something more her age… maybe.

Hailey’s working really hard on getting into shape! Girl’s got way more motivation than I do… Good for you, Hailey!

Bye Malik! Have fun! …but not too much fun. We don’t need another Kellen…

Speaking of Kellen, one of his offspring got married! To a guy with pink hair!

Set up the gaming rig that we got from Father Winter. I don’t think I’ve ever used one before. I’ve never bought one for any of my sims across all my games, so this is new for me. Although, I’ve seen that it can be addicting. And Adalind is getting close to that point. But she’s too cute to be mad at.

Nooooo! Bye Aunt Olivia!

Since I’ve never played with this before, I was really entertained by all the flashing pics while Hailey was fixing it

We had extra money to spend so we brought work home with us! This will help Hailey get those breakthroughs faster! So hopefully we can get promoted faster!

Wow, they don’t wait for long do they?

Look at what we invented!! Getting closer to Sixam!

Attempted contact. No one was home.

Birthday! It was at this point that started thinking that she was a YA for a really long time… And then I realized that I hadn’t reverted my age spans from back when I used to play my non-published stuff. So I reverted the ages back to my normal settings. lol


Anyway, she doesn’t look very happy to be a realy adult now.

And shout out to Malik who’s ROCKING those boxers!

Welcome to the family, Skye!

This just shows you how long this chapter spans lol. Kayla was able to get married, get pregnant, and have a baby all in one chapter!

So Adalind is pretty much the most boring child ever. She never does anything. I’ve never seen her make a mess either…

Vasyl is the first one to try out our new swing set!

FINALLY! She’s been level eight for FOREVER! Now we can sit at lever 9 for forever.

Found out why she’s boring. She’s always in here. Or at least she fights Vasyl for it. They go back and forth

No. Go away, Caleb

It’s a Iron Chef showdown! Who will win?!

Spoiler: Hailey, duh

Family time! Malik is such a good father!

Great news! She’s just become a normal child! I’m so proud

Aaaaaand that’s it for now! Join us next time for hopefully some sort of progress with the house goals…

Extra Bits:

Here’s what Kayla’s beau looks like. He’s got an awesome nose… lol

Chapter 4.7 – We Did Stuff

Welcome back! As you can see, Hailey is starting us off the right way. She obviously had a rough day at work lol


And if you remember, last time we had a baby and she aged up! Say hello to our heir, Adalind!

New stuff!! A fireplace (which I’ve not ever had in any of my houses in any game I’ve played since the game came out…), plants and toddler stuff, a dollhouse, and some moar wall decor. House value is now sitting at $49,356.  We should finish the building goal in this chapter

Hailey’s doing some potty training with Adalind. And Vasyl decided it was MUCH more important to punch the wall than to catch that cooking oil he was using…

Hailey: “Hmmmm… What an interesting way to cook!”

Oh cool! I think that’s totally neat that their new years resolutions show up in their sim panel! Great way to keep me her motivated.

Bye! Have fun! Make friends! Please, do NOT come back pregnant.

Treadmill! Hailey’s been putting on some weight, so we’re going to do some working out! Also, this made our house value $50,058! So goal: check!


I’m trying to get rid of all these annoying leaf piles left behind by fall. And it’s stupid. You have to burn them multiple times before you can trash them. It’s SUPER dumb

Bye again, Malik…

Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a passer-by get abducted. And guess what? It was Kellen. Dad still needs to spend time with his alien friends.

Jordyn died. For those of you who don’t remember, she was the 3rd born of gen two. She was Elias’s sister.

Why are you outside? And dirty? Where are your parents?


No is not an answer to any of those questions.


Oh boy.

Willow and Hailey do a lot of socializing at work so they’ve become best friends. It’s weird. My sims don’t usually leave their lots so we don’t get a lot friendships outside of the family lol. They’re so cute! ❤

And this was when I realized that I didn’t have windows for the house. So I fixed that.

I also deleted the greenhouse. And apparently deleting that small little area killed our value on our house… So I had to buy the toddler play gym to get it back over $50,000…


Still as handsome as ever!

And then it was Adalind’s birthday too!

Aaaaaand we’re sad because of the broken doll house.

Also, she never got to use that toddler playgym… What a waste of money…


Chapter 4.6 – Meet The New Heir

Welcome everyone! As you can see, we start the chapter with a VERY pregnant Hailey! She can’t wait for it to be over, and I can’t wait for the new heir! I hope it’s a boy

That is definitely not a good idea for a pregnant sim such as yourself.

“But I need to keep working”

… You’re going to work yourself to death in the cold like that!



Looks like someone started and then gave up on this snowpal. Poor little dude.

Look at all that cabinet space!!! *dies* it’s my dream!

And with the new table and chairs and computer, the house value is now, $41,034

Whomp whomp. This is what happens when a really pregnant sim decides it’s a good idea to go to work.

And this might be an even worse idea…

He’s gonna die before his kid is born…

And it’s baby time! Nice to see that Malik made it alive

Malik: “Why’s it so *&%#ing cold!”

Hailey: “…… It’s winter.”

Malik: “Damn it, woman! Put a jacket on!”

He’s got a point there…

Hailey: “I’m having a baby, leave me alone.”

And we just learned that our cousin Joshua Capris (Olivia and Dylan’s kid) is a doctor!

Who looks really confused…

Hailey: “You know what you’re doing… right, Josh?”

Josh: “Oh yeah! Don’t worry about anything, Hailey! …what is THAT!?!?”

Hailey: “What?! What happened?!

Josh: “Oh! Um… nothing…!”

I have no faith in this kid

Everyone, meet our heir, Adalind! I was hoping for a boy, but oh well!

… And I’ve just realized that the walls are really plain.

So we fixed that!

Hey! That’s not your work uniform!

“Uniforms are dumb anyway!”

Oh… Bye Hailey…

It’s New Year’s Eve! Hailey made a resolution to get a promotion!

Upgraded the bathroom!

Also, Vasyl is still around

And he’s always in the way when I need to get Hailey in there to care for Adalind… He’s really annoying

Hanging out by and expired leaf pile. Fun times

Hi mom!

So here we have a burning leaf pile and a couple of culprits running away from the scene of the crime.


And it’s the first kiss of the new year!

They totally did this autonomously, it was so cute.


And here she is as a toddler! I actually liked her EA given outfit so no CAS for her! (lies, I did change all her other outfits lol)

Extra Bits:

Here’s Rebecca! Kellen’s last alien baby.

Chapter 4.5 – Winterfest

Welcome back! Last chapter was a lot of nothing. Just the introduction to seasons. We have lots of stuff in this chapter, so buckle up! We’re in for a ride!

We begin with some gardening. A bit boring, but it needs to be done

And here’s Hailey admiring her hunky hunky husband in his boxers. Enjoy, Hailey. Enjoy

Malik: Mmmmm. Pasta….

*sigh* no babies yet. Hailey’s too tired. And I want her to be a bit further along in her job before we get the baby thing going

Also, we have a new bed.

It was and alien invasion at work today! So we meet our first alien! Now we have a chance to fulfill one of the requirements of this house!

We are now officially best friends forever! Now all that’s left is to move him in (which I can’t do while we’re at work)

RIP Space Rocket. You were a real friend

Damn Lightning.

Kayla and Devin aged up!

Mr Alien moved in!

His name is Vasyl Holliday (how appropriate)

This pic is mainly to prove that he’s an alien. lol

Also, mom is freezing to death. D:

Oh no! This is not good! Please don’t come home pregnant…

Wouldn’t that be funny though if he had an alien baby before the heir is even born? lol


Someone was really busy…

And there’s another table in the back that is also full of food. What a waste of money

They’re so cute. I love them so much

Hailey had 3 days off from work which was gonna totally ruin the progress-making we’ve got going on, so we bought our own rocket ship!!

Which she got to work on right away

No shit Sherlock. I’m glad we’ve established that Vasyl is an alien.

Hailey: “Hey wanna woohoo in my rocket ship?”

Malik: “Sure, what could go wrong?”

Baby time?

Baby time! Our heir is on the way!

Winter is here.

Valar Morghulis.

Snowfall is beautiful! And the snow on the ground sparkles in the sunlight! It’s so pretty!


Winterfest is here! We wasted no time into getting into the presents!


Well gee. That’s a much nicer gift then the poop…

Even Vasyl got a decent gift

Hailey went again and got a bunch of upgrade parts… She really killed it didn’t she?

Snow angels!

DAD! You’re gonna DIE!

Our greenhouse got it’s very own snowpal protector!

That would keep me away, that’s for sure…

Father Winter arrived!

He gave Hailey a chess table! Awesome!

And he restocked our presents and then some!

Hailey still did fare well… Her next gift was a piece of coal…

I wish we would have had the baby in this chapter, but it’s getting pretty long, so I’m gonna end it here.


Chapter 4.4 – Harvestfest

So I downloaded seasons and this is the first time I’m playing my drifter save since then and I’ve decided that seasons does not agree with my way of earning money. Can’t really garden if your garden isn’t in season for half the “year”… Which means I have to use some hard earned money to build a stupid green house…

Hahahaha! Old lady twin push-ups!

Eliza: What are you doing! You’re in my way!

Olivia: No, you’re in my way! I was here first!

Making special alien friends.

Side Note: I’m super bummed that they don’t actually form alien relationships while abducted…

Got the greenhouse started. Now, I usually put foundations on my houses, and greenhouses and foundations do not mix at all… So eventually, we’ll have to say goodbye to the garden…

Bought a bookcase! Now she can have breakthroughs outside of the bathroom! (That was a really weird thing to say)

*squee*!!! They’re soooooo cute!! This was all autonomous!

She’s just like “ugh, here we go again…”

The trees are changing colors! It’s fall!

Space adventures! Her trips are boring. She always returns home safe lol

Added flooring and wallpaper! And we also got a new stove and fridge!

House Value: $20,399

Lotto time! I’m not sure how many times I’ll participate in this… Tickets are $100… and we need all those $$$’s right now…

But anyway, Malik is apparently a gambling addict…

Too bad I can’t have him participate since I can’t control him. So Hailey bought a ticket.

Then she got a promotion! I feel like she’s taking forever getting those promotions…

Another small house update! The new walls are enclosing the new closet added in the main bedroom. We also bought a new TV stand and a new TV, shelves, and a dinning table with chairs.

House Value: $23,519

Ahhhh… The life of a sim with a really crappy (no pun intended) toilet

Harvestfest is here! As are the really creepy gnomes that, once appeased, kept leaving me damn seed packets ALLLLLLL over the damn place!

It was annoying.

We lost the lotto… Booooooo what a waste of money

Enjoying the “grand” meal! Huh. Now I want a ham… *salivates*

Damn angry gnome broke our TV. Rude.

And then this happened. Hailey was smited… Smote? Whatever. She was struck with lightning because the stupid gnome didn’t like her pleas. *grumbles*

Ending the chapter with a kitchen update, more cabinets and counters and a new fridge. I want to add a bar yet and another row of cabinets on top. And also get a better stove and (another) fridge.

Current Value: $27,246 (over halfway!)

Chapter 4.3 – Space Adventure

Hello and welcome back! If you remember, last time we got lots of promotions, worked on a rocket, was abducted a few times, got a boyfriend, started the house, and dealt with crazy co-workers. Whew! That was an eventful chapter! Here’s hoping this chapter is just as exciting!

We begin this chapter with a quick collection run! That smirk tells me she’s thinking of other things…

Cousins Hunter and Avery aged up! Hard to believe that Olivia and Eliza both have young adult children now! hahaha

*sigh* What. An. Idiot.

At least it doesn’t lose me points in this save. Unlike my ISBI which has had numerous fires because stupid sims can’t keep their hands off the grill. (Lookin’ at you, Caden)

Yeah. I’d look like that too if I set myself on fire.

Or maybe I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t set myself on fire in the first place lol

This day was a VERY unproductive day at work. Hailey was in a TERRIBLE mood and kept trying to leave all day. It took a lot of intervening to keep her from just walking off the job.

Our small (small for a drifter family) garden is coming along nicely.

Malik came over! And since we didn’t have any work progress, I’m hoping for some family progress!

HE SAID YES! (Ignore Hailey’s red plumbob. She was still in a terrible mood. I’m surprised he even said yes.)

Oh my goodness she’s so excited!

Malik is just like “awe yeah! score!”

Wasted no time! We have deadlines!

Welcome to the family, Malik! Love the new makeover!

We have house shell! And this is the final shell too. No more additions to the house besides a couple of porches. (and the obvious floor and wall coverings and moar furniture)

Work is good for one thing! Wall deco! Its the cheapest too! FREE!

Never say no to free

All hail the almighty trashcan! GIVE ME MONEY

We finished the rocket at work, so we’re off on our first space adventure!!! Yay!

The Crazy Co-Workers strike again!

Office Memo:

Please refrain from setting the office furniture on fire in the future


Ummmmmm…. Mom? Why are you at the science lab? Now, I KNOW you don’t work here, so what’s the deal?

Eliza: I’m lonely.

Oh. Well… That’s unfortunate.


And then I said, “let there be light!” Now we can see everything! In it’s super bland glory…

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for hopefully some progress with our goals… lol

Extra Bits:

Here’s our baby (half)sister, Rebecca. I’m gonna go off on a limb and just assume that alien pregnancy alien don’t qualify for the “move in and befriend and alien” goal. Which is a shame since I have many too choose from since Kellan was an abduction magnet… lol


Chapter 4.2 – Amazing Progress

Well hello everyone! Welcome back! So last time, Hailey started her adventure! She started her job, got a little work done on the house, and we met a guy! So let’s get started and see where we end up at the end of this chapter!

Well then. That is one way to befriend the aliens! Make lots of friends!

The next morning we went on a collecting run! Had to get more money for the house!

And then we were off to work! And obviously her co-worker is NOT thrilled about being there lol

While we’re at work, we always fill our task bar first and then use the extra remaining time to work on the rocket. I also started choosing the stay late option so that we have more time to work on the rocket skill. It’ll be a looooong time before I have the money to buy one for the house. IF I ever have money for one at the house….

And the next day, we got a promotion! More money! Time to start expanding the house!

So here’s the beginning of our kitchen! We didn’t even start with the cheap cabinets! Woohoo!

Look who came for a visit! Get your suave on! Malik is a keeper!

And now we have an actual toilet! As well as a sink! I tried for walls, but we didn’t have enough for that… So it’s an open bathroom for now.

More alien visits. This is actually, trip number three. And she went again two more times after this as well. This girl is a damn alien magnet.

Rocket is getting bigger! It’s been a really long time since I played with the rockets, so I’m really enjoying this.

Ummmmmmmm… I don’t think Hailey going to the bathroom is a show. Y’all need to get OUT!

Getting started on our garden! I’m planning on keeping this one small. Just these plants here. I guess it just depends on how much money I need later.

Also, I finally picked out a floor plan! So we got started on that and moved all our existing furniture into the right spots

Malik came over again! They are such a cute couple!

And as you can see, things are going well!

So we officially made out move! Things became official!

Aaaaaaaaaand then he left… lameeeee

Noooooo! Mom is old!

Exciting Rocket fun!

And we’ll end this chapter with Hailey and her new promotion! Yay!

Extra Bits:

Our alien half-bro aged up! So here’s Devin

And half-sis Kayla

And here our little baby alien half-sis Rebecca!