Chapter 6.5 – Smooth Sailing

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation (Completed)
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double (Completed)
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration (Completed)
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! Welcome back! Last time we finished the house and the aspiration! So the only goal left to finish is raising our heir! She’s 5 days from teenhood and then the 13 days of being a teen and we’re done!

Also, we welcome twins into the family… Yikes.

But I guess that will give me something to do while I wait for Mia to age up.

Even though the house is done, I added an activity room lol. Maybe they’ll do something besides paint for once lol

Mr. Vampire came home with a promotion!

Ghost Wren is flirty? Why? I have no idea how that happened lol

We have one surviving Lilly plant lol

Brother/Sister bonding with homework!

Well, I guess this is the worst kind of bonding…

Whoops… I forgot Chloe’s birthday… My bad.

Sadie and Gavin aged up!

And I just realized that now I need another toddler bed lol

You can definitely tell where the kids go to make messes lol

Kristian is still glued to the easels lol

I feel like peeing yourself with 4 (currently unused) bathrooms is unacceptable. Get it together, Chloe

Shayne got a promotion!

Chief Died. 😦 I’ll miss the money you brought in everyday

I didn’t forget this birthday!

And here she is after! She’s so pretty! ❤

Wren came out and joined the painting party! lol

This is actually her second painting during this haunting.

These two both came home with promotions!! Yay!

Shayne aged up.

And he looks marvelous lol

And Sadie and Gavin also aged up!

Meanwhile, Mia is still 9 days away from her birthday… *sigh*

And a few days later, I finally remembered someone’s birthday! lol

And he’s a handsome one!

Kristian is still attached to the easels lol

Homework time! They all have A’s too!

Chloe and Kristian both came home with promotions again!

They are at the same level but Chloe makes $4 more an hour lol

Then it was finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Mia’s birthday!

And we’re ready to tackle house 7!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Bailey Lahela. Emma and Enele’s oldest son.

And his little brother, Nolan!

Chapter 6.4 – Easy Peasy

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! And welcome back! As you can see we’re still plucking away at the painting thing. I need that money!

Goal for this chapter is to finish winter lol, finish the house (currently at $211,211), and finish the aspiration (which means landscaping… my absolutely favorite thing to do…)

And maybe have another baby lol

Apparently Chloe and Shayne were already in on the baby idea. I had the game going for a few minutes when this popped up! So we have baby incoming!

Guys. She’s the most adorable! And I don’t like snow, but it’s so cute to see her playing in it!

Chloe is so engrossed in her painting that she’s not even paying a dying Dominik any mind.

He could have at least finished his painting first…

Painting assembly line in is full effect!

I built a music room! …I honestly don’t think it’ll get used unless one of the sims sneaks down there when I’m not looking. It’s merely value added to the house for me lol.

We’re currently sitting on a $260,571 value! So we only need $90000 more to reach one of the goals!

Shayne aged up! Into the wall…

But here we are again with mojo forgetting her simmie’s birthdays…

Oh hey there, Sunset Valley! Nice to see you!

Not sure it falls into the realism category though… lol

It turned out to be a masterpiece though!

Now this is a realism painting I can get behind! Wish my view outside looked like this…

We finally did the landscaping! And we skipped right to the final tier of the aspiration since we already met the requirements for the 3rd tier ($200k value and 30 windows.)

And we also already have 20 columns, so we just need to get to $350k and the aspiration is complete!

It’s baby time!

Shayne: Babe! We have to get to the hospital!

Chloe: I know! But I need a shower first!

Shayne: BABE!

I love it when our receptionists are ghosts! It always makes me laugh

It’s a boy!

Why are the boys always second to be born, tho? I’d like a male heir right now lol

But anyway! Everyone meet Cameron Swift!

Look at all those masterpieces! Kristian is literally chained to the easels when he’s not at school, so a majority of these are from him.

Thank god for vampires! lol

House value is at $305,290

I totally forgot about the bills. And when I tried to pay them, I realized that I didn’t have enough money… whoops…

So we painted all afternoon and we were finally able to pay them… geez

Emma visits us allllllll the time… Don’t you have kids at home to take care of?

Mia FINALLY had her birthday. It feels like she’s been a toddler for forever!

And she’s a cutie!

And Cameron also aged up!

Shayne got a promotion! …Finally. Took him forever it seems like…

Who am I to deny a wish for woohoo? It’s just a regular woohoo. Hopefully risky woohoo doesn’t strike!

We have 8 beds! That’s one of the requirements finished!

Cameron decided it was a better idea to curl up in the chair and sleep than to use his bed.

Weird kid

Our friendly neighborhood vampire aged up. Which is great because now he can keep painting without having to stop to go to school!

Our police chief earned a raise! Bringing home that bacon!

And then she aged up. Thanks for not leaving work early to do that.

Well that looks uncomfortable…

I added another bathroom upstairs and we’ve managed to complete the mansion baron aspiration, which includes having a home work $350k! So the only thing left to do is to age Mia up to YA! So I’m going to three speed A LOT until she’s grown! So everyone’s on freewill!

Bear with me here…

And I ended up downloading the ultra speed mod to help me out lol

…Which is broken… So I had to take it out lol

Fun fact. I didn’t know you could give toddlers baths in broken tubs.

Even on freewill they are drawn to the easels!

Especially Kristian…



Chloe and Kristian got jobs since I don’t need them chained to the easels anymore. So they get to join the work force! Chloe’s off to her first day of work EVER!

Oh, they both joined the scientist career

On her second day of work, Chloe came home with a promotion!

Why didn’t I get her a job sooner?

Oh my gosh guys, he’s adorable!

Oh and it’s his birthday, obviously lol

And here he is! At least he’s still adorable!

It’s baby time!

Oh gawd… Twins… what have you done?!


Everyone welcome Sadie and Gavin to the family.

Aaand I’m going to end this part here. I was going to try and knock it out in this chapter, but we’re already at 42 pictures, so we’ll have to finish it in the next part. lol

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke! Emma and Enele’s oldest daughter and one of the twins

And here’s the other twin, Madelynn!

And here’s their little brother, Bailey!

And apparently I missed the notification for this kiddo! But here’s the youngest of the brood, Nolan!


Chapter 6.3 – Big Bonus

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Why hello there! Yes, we’re back with another fun filled chapter of the Swifts! We begin this wonderful chapter with Chloe and the teenage vampire, Kristian, painting. Earning us that money!

Fun Fact: The one that Chloe is painting ended up being a masterpiece.

Funner Fun Fact: Kristian’s was also a masterpiece.

Sherry here is taking care of our next heiress for us! This is the biggest perk of being able to control a whole household lol

Just a random shot of some artwork. I splattered some around the whole house to complete the “need 15 pieces of art” part of our aspiration.

And now we need landscaping. And I hate landscaping…

Emma and her husband had a baby! And it’s a boy! Feels like we haven’t had a boy in forever in this save… geez

And as it’s the fastest and easiest way to build fun, we went for some woohoo. Just regular woohoo. No try for baby woohoo. Hopefully the game doesn’t slap us with another nooboo.

Practice safe woohoo, people!

Baby sparkles only mean one thing! Toddler time!!

And she’s a cutie! I’m a little bummed that she doesn’t have black hair… She broke our streak!

With Mia’s birthday, I kicked Dominik out of the second bedroom on the main floor and converted it into Mia’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the basement got an extension with a hallway, Dominik’s new bedroom, and a bathroom.

What the actual fuck is this? Apparently this is how Dominik really feels about being kicked into the basement before he dies…

And then there’s this one. Sherry decided to bless us with the pig masterpiece.

It’s winterfest! Free stuff! Free stuff is the best stuff! …most of the time. Don’t quote me on that.

I forgot that Chloe had an urn in her inventory, so I took that out and we have our first haunting from Wren!


Dominik got a chance card that gave him fame and promoted him to the top of the comedy career! So we got a real NICE bonus from him! Thanks Dom!

And with that money, we got better beds for the whole house! And we’re going to end on this high note! The current house value is $201,064

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke. One of Emma and Enele’s twins.

And the other twin, Madelynn

Chapter 6.2 – Moving Along

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.


Welcome back everyone! We’re back again! Last time we actually ended the chapter with a HOUSE! Like four walls and windows and everything!

…well everything except floor and wall coverings. lol

We begin this chapter with Chloe and Dominik hard at work painting away!

Shayne is not a fan of our first masterpiece lol


We got Mrs. Police Chief in on the painting action! All the other extras are sleeping, so she was volunteered.

Emma had TWINS!! Welcome to the fam!

Shayne’s collecting run took a lot out of him. Poor dude.

almost forgot about our garden. Almost

It’s a party!! A painting party!

Per a tip from Karise on the officials, we accumulated $1K and we headed to magnolia prominade to hopefully catch some dragonfruit! Everyone cross your fingers!

No dragonfruit, but this happened. So we got the hell outta there!

It’s another masterpiece!!

…He was a work for a whole 30 minutes before he came home so he could age up.


That is creepy AF. No thank you

Our first masterpiece from someone besides Chloe

Shayne came home with a promotion! Bringin’ home that bacon!

Here’s a little house update! (I’ve been busy lol) House value is currently at $48,765

Chloe painted another masterpiece! She’s really taken after her parents lol

Who left the book on the floor in the bathroom? *squinty eyes*


No try for baby. I don’t wanna rush myself here.

Chloe’s a tiger! Rawr!

Also, if you look in the back there, you’ll notice that the TV and couch are missing.

And that’s because it got moved downstairs! It’s our new movie hangout room!

(title subject to change lol)

Both Chloe and Shayne completed more masterpieces!

And two more masterpieces courtesy of Dominik and Shayne

Emma and her husband are expecting again!

This was definitely NOT in the plan… Well, I guess the countdown has started… Damn you, risky woohoo!

I’ve never really paid much attention to the kid that Dominik and his wife brought with them because kids can’t really earn money. Well, he aged up and I found out that he’s a freaking vampire.


And then we immediately got him started on the painting

This time Wren came home from work early to die.

Rude. You could have at least worked a full shift

With the vampire stuck on the easels making use of his need to not sleep, Chloe gets to enjoy some time away from the easel

It’s baby time!

And here’s our new heiress for house 7, Mia!

And that’s where I’ll end this chapter! The house value is currently at $102,984. So we’re making real good progress on the house goals!

Extra Bits:

This is Brooke, on of Emma’s twins

And this is the other twin Madelynn

Chapter 6.1 – Chloe’s Journey Begins

Hello! We’re back! And we’re at the start of a new house! That’s right, Chloe’s out on her own and she’s ready to make her mark! We’re at the very end of spring (it’s 6pm saturday) so we need to get cracking on the house so that she doesn’t die of heatstroke right away! And speaking of the house, let’s take a look at the goals for house 6:

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

YIKES! I’m rubbish at building, so this is definitely not my favorite house right off the bat. But at least all the sims in this house are controllable.

And speaking of sims in the household:

If you read my 100 baby challenge, this guy should look familiar! This is Shayne! He was baby number 19 and he was Carly’s second to last pregnancy before she handed over the reigns.

And before you start screaming about unfair skills and stuff, he’s been reset. He starts off with nothing.

But here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint me like Reese did in the last house, considering they’re technically brothers lol

So we moved into the Oakenstead lot in Willow springs. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, we deleted all our household funds and start with 0. EXTREME MODE BABY!

Well let’s dive in! Shayne gets a job right away in the military career and then heads off to do some fishing.

Chloe hops onto the bench for a nap. She came into the house with 3 green needs (bladder, social, and hygiene), 2 yellow needs (fun and energy), and 1 orange need (hunger). So her needs aren’t terrible but she needs to find a way to get food asap.

So we woke her up and sent her off collecting. I want to get enough to buy an easel right away so that she can do painting. That makes a ton of money and we can keep the masterpieces to help with the house value.

After a few hours, we were able to afford quite a bit! I don’t think I’ve ever had a stove or fridge so early in a drifter save!

And then I realized that I forgot a counter, so we can’t even prepare food lol

Hi mom!!!

Nothing like using an already fertilizedbush.

And then she napped in it…

Not even 24 hours into house 6 and we have almost all the essentials. I prioritized the easel over the bed and a shower since we have replacements for those around the neighborhood.

But the downside is that I don’t have any money for the canvas’s, so we’re gonna have to do more fishing/collecting.

Then I sent out Shayne to make friends with other sims so that we can move in others to help us make some money

And then Chloe was sent on the same mission.

We’ll get others in here at some point

After one cloudgazing session, Shayne was able to ask Dominik to move in with us!

Dominik brings with him his wife and her son. Both Dominik and Wren have level 5 in their careers (comedy for Dominik and business for Wren) so that’s a good start for us.

But now we definitely need to work on getting a house lol

And beds

This has been a really productive 24 hours though

Dominik and Wren both came into the house with earbuds in their inventories so we sold those and were able to afford a bed and a couch. Finally we can sleep and nap on the lot without using a fertilized bush!

After what seems like forever, we were able to afford our first canvas! So Chloe got right to work!

And then bills came. The worst part about starting on a weekend is that you don’t have money for bills when they come around!

Wren came back from work 5 HOURS EARLY so that she could age up. *sigh*

But at least she brought home enough to pay the bills

And because roofs are free, we have a temporary shelter! We just had to pay for the door!

Awe! Dad died!

We were able to afford a second bed! And a bin! No trash plants on my watch!

With Chloe tied to the easel, Shayne has been relegated to collecting! And we’re gonna start a garden. That shit with rake in the money as well

Emma got married and is expecting!

We have an “outhouse” now. It includes a shower and an actual toilet!

And then we added a sleeping quarters. Mainly so that I could buy a TV and they wouldn’t wake up those who are sleeping.

Bought our first high-quality item! The first of mannnnnyyyyy

And then we bought a couple more easels so that Chloe’s not the only one painting

And we got to work on Shayne and Chloe’s relationship!

They ended up boyfriend/girlfriend at end of this exchange

Oh no! Mom died!

That just means that Chloe’s gonna be stuck with a sad moodlet for a couple days. *sigh*

It’s our first masterpiece!

We added another member to the family! And we got lucky with this one! She the chief at the police station! That’s right! She’s at the top of the detective career!

And after our first week, we have an actual house with real walls and a small greenhouse in the back. Current house worth is $23,352. I have no idea if that’s a good place to be at the end of the first week or not lol but we’ll see!

After building this, we’re left with a whole $29 so we’ll be needing lots of painting to supplement our lost of weekend work. Since by some astonishing coincidence, none of the adults work on the weekend…

Anyway! Join us next time for more frantic money making!