Chapter 3.2 – Busy Bee

Herro everyone! Welcome back to The Swifts! I hit gold in SimNaWriMo with The Wilde’s, so it’s time to return to all my other challenges! If you remember, last chapter we started Eliza’s journey in house 3! We had problems finding a spouse, did lots of fishing, and went for the world record for the largest garden maintained by a single sim. What will this chapter have in store for Eliza? Let’s find out!

We caught a new type of fish!

Also, how annoying is it that none of the fish that come from the game packs/expansion packs count for the aspiration? I’d get this notification and think, Yes! One step closer! Only to check and realized that it DIDN’T count! Stupid.

*le sigh* too much time fishing… whoops. At least it’s a nice change from my ISBI challenge. No loss of points here! Whew

Well this was unexpected! But super bummed that we didn’t have the money to go 😦

But it didn’t matter, because we just decided to invite him over anyway. And as you can see, we wasted no time in getting down to business. Like I said last chapter, it’s never taken me so long to find a “legacy” spouse, so I left rushed lol

Really rushed.

Eliza: Please say yes before my foot becomes permanently a part of the house.


He said yes, of course.

Although his face kinda looks like he’s starting to regret it. TOO BAD!!! YOU’RE COMMITTED NOW!

I wanted to marry them immediately, but SOMEONE had to eat. I mean, really. Who needs to eat? You’re not even real, I’m sure you’d be fine!

Also, Eliza has love in her eyes. Not sure if it’s for Kellen or the food. Let’s go with Kellen because otherwise it’s just sad…

We finished our food and commenced with the elopement immediately. No time to waste! Get it gurl!

So Kellen has officially joined the family! And he’s been given a “makeover”. I didn’t do much. He got a shave and a haircut, but I liked his outfit, I just changed the colors.

Also, I didn’t realize his mouth was so… large… Oh goodness.

Heehee… Our ulterior motive for marrying him so quickly… We needed help with our massive garden!

Guys. This is a super inappropriate place to have conversation and food. This is more appropriate behavior for the dinning room. Oh wait… we don’t have one of those… my bad.

Goal 1/6 completed! That seemed really fast. I feel like she mastered it faster than Elias did. But I guess since her garden is over TWICE the size of his was, that it’s to be expected.

No. Leave. Why are you in your dark form? Stay away!

Vlad: Whadya mean? I’m not here… You don’t see anything.


With all the money our massive garden is giving us, we were able to do a little bit of traveling! We headed to Sylvan Glade for the first time in forever.

Woohoo! Onto the last milestone of the aspiration! (This went a lot faster than I thought it would…)

And as you can see, she’s filthy. So we went home and cleaned her up.

So our current count for total fish collected is 13/20.

I love him! He’s autonomously gardening! I didn’t even have to cheat him into it! He’s a keeper!

Dad invited us out to a festival! And since we had money for it, we said yes!

Of course we joined the pranksters! It’s the only side I ever join when I go to this festival… maybe I should mix it up next time lol

Haaa. Food was too spicy for Kellen! And as you can see, Eliza does not care at all.

Eliza: Oooo! What’s that!


Eliza: Did you say something, dear?

Elias: He’s exaggerating.

Random Lady: My goodness. Y’all are weird.

Pranksters win!

Guys. He literally just cleaned the sink. And now he’s cleaning the toilet! I think I’m in love *swoons*

House expansion! Current value of $23,511, so we’re over half-way there on the house front!

We needed an expansion because…

Our heir is on the way! Join us next time for baby fun, some gardening, and hopefully a completed aspiration!