Chapter 2.3 – When Did He Get So Popular?


Welcome back! Thanks for joining us as we continue house 2 of the Drifter challenge! Last time we were visited by a nasty vampire, had some house upgrades, and we met Saya! Our mail carrier who became our girlfriend! Lots happened last chapter and lots happens in this chapter! So let’s get to it!


We begin with our dry looking garden. No! It looks so sad right now! Fix it, quick!

Also, for some reason Elias has a lot of visitors in this chapter, so I’m going to keep count, just for funzies. Visitor count is at 1 right now since Caleb Vatore


With the garden taken care of, it’s collecting day!

Also, if you look closely, you can see Dempsey came to visit! Visitor Count: 2

(Side note: Apparently, I still had House 1 as a played household. I couldn’t figure out why the family wasn’t aging until I realized that I forgot to mark them as “unplayed” whoops. That’s fixed, so now they will age like normal sims again!)


Look who we found while wandering the neighborhood! Hi Saya! Get off your phone and interact!


Well, Saya ran away so we introduced our self to Anaya, Visitor #3.


And of course, it wouldn’t be a Swift update without a visit from our mom, Siobhan!

Visitor count: 4


And here’s Stefanie who became visitor #5. She looks disgusted at the state of our house. Come on Stef, it’s not dirty! It’s just empty!

Stefanie: I know! How can he live like this!?

Well, he has no money so….yeah


Shhhh! Don’t make any sudden moves, Elias! Maybe he won’t notice you!

Visitor Count: 6

Also, he’s over here a LOT. I need to purchase some garlic seeds… get some garlic growing so maybe he’ll stay away.


A little bonding time with mom while doing some fishing. Gah! I miss the original family. I miss Aaron. Also, I wanna see the new baby!


Elias’ gardening skill finally is high enough that he can ‘tend garden’ which is wonderful. Less work for me!


Uhhhh….Why is Saya dressed for the circus? 02-06-17_11-02-15-pm

Oh well, we made a move anyway. Who cares if she’s a little weird? Elias sure doesn’t!


Dad! Hi! Glad to see that you’re happy! I was worried you were going to be grumpy forever!


Alright! We invited Saya over, it’s time to get things in this relationship moving!!


Yeah, I bet you all saw this coming, didn’t you?!


And because Elias is amazing, she said yes of course!


No time like the present to make it official! So they eloped! Congratulations!


Welcome to the family, Saya! We gave her a little make-over after she moved in. Her traits are art lover, goofball, and neat (yessss!!!). And her aspiration is Angling Ace.


Gardening takes half the time when you form a group and do it together. Although they “tend garden together” they don’t really do it “together” there’s no socializing at all while they do it. Lame


I forgot that when there are uncontrollables in the house, there’s the possibility of fire. I’m going to have to keep my eye on her.


Major house update! We’ve added a study/den area with a computer, bookshelf, and a sofa. Sectioned off the living room area and added a sofa, upgraded the TV, and added a TV stand. Nothing changed in the kitchen area except we bought a couple more chairs for the dinning table. With this update, our house is not valued at $16,639, so we’re almost halfway there!


Hahahaha, yup! She’s a neat sim alright! I love it when they mop the grass!


Oh look! We bought the super expensive, but really handy, money making trash can! So now we get money for all of our crap!


These two definitely spend a LOT of time gardening together. It’s actually ridiculous how much time they spend gardening…


So our visitor count ended at 6 and here we have 6 children just wandering the neighborhood. It’s really weird… It’s like the game is trying to tell us something… *shifty eyes*


If they aren’t gardening or collecting, they’re spending their time in the study. But I knew that was going to happen the moment I bought a computer.


Close to the final update for the bathroom. Got the unbreakable toilet, sinks, tub, and a new shower. The only thing that’s missing from a finished bathroom is the wall and floor coverings. And the house value is now at $21,398


Now that we’ve got a good start on the house, we can get started on the baby making! It’s about damn time! I don’t typically wait this long for that kind of thing. In my ISBI, the minute my heir is married we begin the baby making. But here, I was forced to wait because of the house. Hopefully we’ll make it! *crosses fingers*


And the heir is on the way! Woohoo! And this seems like a good place to end this chapter! Join us next time for more house, maybe an heir, and definitely more gardening!