Chapter 6.5 – Smooth Sailing

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation (Completed)
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double (Completed)
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration (Completed)
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! Welcome back! Last time we finished the house and the aspiration! So the only goal left to finish is raising our heir! She’s 5 days from teenhood and then the 13 days of being a teen and we’re done!

Also, we welcome twins into the family… Yikes.

But I guess that will give me something to do while I wait for Mia to age up.

Even though the house is done, I added an activity room lol. Maybe they’ll do something besides paint for once lol

Mr. Vampire came home with a promotion!

Ghost Wren is flirty? Why? I have no idea how that happened lol

We have one surviving Lilly plant lol

Brother/Sister bonding with homework!

Well, I guess this is the worst kind of bonding…

Whoops… I forgot Chloe’s birthday… My bad.

Sadie and Gavin aged up!

And I just realized that now I need another toddler bed lol

You can definitely tell where the kids go to make messes lol

Kristian is still glued to the easels lol

I feel like peeing yourself with 4 (currently unused) bathrooms is unacceptable. Get it together, Chloe

Shayne got a promotion!

Chief Died. 😦 I’ll miss the money you brought in everyday

I didn’t forget this birthday!

And here she is after! She’s so pretty! ❤

Wren came out and joined the painting party! lol

This is actually her second painting during this haunting.

These two both came home with promotions!! Yay!

Shayne aged up.

And he looks marvelous lol

And Sadie and Gavin also aged up!

Meanwhile, Mia is still 9 days away from her birthday… *sigh*

And a few days later, I finally remembered someone’s birthday! lol

And he’s a handsome one!

Kristian is still attached to the easels lol

Homework time! They all have A’s too!

Chloe and Kristian both came home with promotions again!

They are at the same level but Chloe makes $4 more an hour lol

Then it was finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Mia’s birthday!

And we’re ready to tackle house 7!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Bailey Lahela. Emma and Enele’s oldest son.

And his little brother, Nolan!

Chapter 6.4 – Easy Peasy

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Hello! And welcome back! As you can see we’re still plucking away at the painting thing. I need that money!

Goal for this chapter is to finish winter lol, finish the house (currently at $211,211), and finish the aspiration (which means landscaping… my absolutely favorite thing to do…)

And maybe have another baby lol

Apparently Chloe and Shayne were already in on the baby idea. I had the game going for a few minutes when this popped up! So we have baby incoming!

Guys. She’s the most adorable! And I don’t like snow, but it’s so cute to see her playing in it!

Chloe is so engrossed in her painting that she’s not even paying a dying Dominik any mind.

He could have at least finished his painting first…

Painting assembly line in is full effect!

I built a music room! …I honestly don’t think it’ll get used unless one of the sims sneaks down there when I’m not looking. It’s merely value added to the house for me lol.

We’re currently sitting on a $260,571 value! So we only need $90000 more to reach one of the goals!

Shayne aged up! Into the wall…

But here we are again with mojo forgetting her simmie’s birthdays…

Oh hey there, Sunset Valley! Nice to see you!

Not sure it falls into the realism category though… lol

It turned out to be a masterpiece though!

Now this is a realism painting I can get behind! Wish my view outside looked like this…

We finally did the landscaping! And we skipped right to the final tier of the aspiration since we already met the requirements for the 3rd tier ($200k value and 30 windows.)

And we also already have 20 columns, so we just need to get to $350k and the aspiration is complete!

It’s baby time!

Shayne: Babe! We have to get to the hospital!

Chloe: I know! But I need a shower first!

Shayne: BABE!

I love it when our receptionists are ghosts! It always makes me laugh

It’s a boy!

Why are the boys always second to be born, tho? I’d like a male heir right now lol

But anyway! Everyone meet Cameron Swift!

Look at all those masterpieces! Kristian is literally chained to the easels when he’s not at school, so a majority of these are from him.

Thank god for vampires! lol

House value is at $305,290

I totally forgot about the bills. And when I tried to pay them, I realized that I didn’t have enough money… whoops…

So we painted all afternoon and we were finally able to pay them… geez

Emma visits us allllllll the time… Don’t you have kids at home to take care of?

Mia FINALLY had her birthday. It feels like she’s been a toddler for forever!

And she’s a cutie!

And Cameron also aged up!

Shayne got a promotion! …Finally. Took him forever it seems like…

Who am I to deny a wish for woohoo? It’s just a regular woohoo. Hopefully risky woohoo doesn’t strike!

We have 8 beds! That’s one of the requirements finished!

Cameron decided it was a better idea to curl up in the chair and sleep than to use his bed.

Weird kid

Our friendly neighborhood vampire aged up. Which is great because now he can keep painting without having to stop to go to school!

Our police chief earned a raise! Bringing home that bacon!

And then she aged up. Thanks for not leaving work early to do that.

Well that looks uncomfortable…

I added another bathroom upstairs and we’ve managed to complete the mansion baron aspiration, which includes having a home work $350k! So the only thing left to do is to age Mia up to YA! So I’m going to three speed A LOT until she’s grown! So everyone’s on freewill!

Bear with me here…

And I ended up downloading the ultra speed mod to help me out lol

…Which is broken… So I had to take it out lol

Fun fact. I didn’t know you could give toddlers baths in broken tubs.

Even on freewill they are drawn to the easels!

Especially Kristian…



Chloe and Kristian got jobs since I don’t need them chained to the easels anymore. So they get to join the work force! Chloe’s off to her first day of work EVER!

Oh, they both joined the scientist career

On her second day of work, Chloe came home with a promotion!

Why didn’t I get her a job sooner?

Oh my gosh guys, he’s adorable!

Oh and it’s his birthday, obviously lol

And here he is! At least he’s still adorable!

It’s baby time!

Oh gawd… Twins… what have you done?!


Everyone welcome Sadie and Gavin to the family.

Aaand I’m going to end this part here. I was going to try and knock it out in this chapter, but we’re already at 42 pictures, so we’ll have to finish it in the next part. lol

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke! Emma and Enele’s oldest daughter and one of the twins

And here’s the other twin, Madelynn!

And here’s their little brother, Bailey!

And apparently I missed the notification for this kiddo! But here’s the youngest of the brood, Nolan!