Chapter 4.3 – Space Adventure

Hello and welcome back! If you remember, last time we got lots of promotions, worked on a rocket, was abducted a few times, got a boyfriend, started the house, and dealt with crazy co-workers. Whew! That was an eventful chapter! Here’s hoping this chapter is just as exciting!

We begin this chapter with a quick collection run! That smirk tells me she’s thinking of other things…

Cousins Hunter and Avery aged up! Hard to believe that Olivia and Eliza both have young adult children now! hahaha

*sigh* What. An. Idiot.

At least it doesn’t lose me points in this save. Unlike my ISBI which has had numerous fires because stupid sims can’t keep their hands off the grill. (Lookin’ at you, Caden)

Yeah. I’d look like that too if I set myself on fire.

Or maybe I wouldn’t because I wouldn’t set myself on fire in the first place lol

This day was a VERY unproductive day at work. Hailey was in a TERRIBLE mood and kept trying to leave all day. It took a lot of intervening to keep her from just walking off the job.

Our small (small for a drifter family) garden is coming along nicely.

Malik came over! And since we didn’t have any work progress, I’m hoping for some family progress!

HE SAID YES! (Ignore Hailey’s red plumbob. She was still in a terrible mood. I’m surprised he even said yes.)

Oh my goodness she’s so excited!

Malik is just like “awe yeah! score!”

Wasted no time! We have deadlines!

Welcome to the family, Malik! Love the new makeover!

We have house shell! And this is the final shell too. No more additions to the house besides a couple of porches. (and the obvious floor and wall coverings and moar furniture)

Work is good for one thing! Wall deco! Its the cheapest too! FREE!

Never say no to free

All hail the almighty trashcan! GIVE ME MONEY

We finished the rocket at work, so we’re off on our first space adventure!!! Yay!

The Crazy Co-Workers strike again!

Office Memo:

Please refrain from setting the office furniture on fire in the future


Ummmmmm…. Mom? Why are you at the science lab? Now, I KNOW you don’t work here, so what’s the deal?

Eliza: I’m lonely.

Oh. Well… That’s unfortunate.


And then I said, “let there be light!” Now we can see everything! In it’s super bland glory…

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for hopefully some progress with our goals… lol

Extra Bits:

Here’s our baby (half)sister, Rebecca. I’m gonna go off on a limb and just assume that alien pregnancy alien don’t qualify for the “move in and befriend and alien” goal. Which is a shame since I have many too choose from since Kellan was an abduction magnet… lol


Chapter 4.2 – Amazing Progress

Well hello everyone! Welcome back! So last time, Hailey started her adventure! She started her job, got a little work done on the house, and we met a guy! So let’s get started and see where we end up at the end of this chapter!

Well then. That is one way to befriend the aliens! Make lots of friends!

The next morning we went on a collecting run! Had to get more money for the house!

And then we were off to work! And obviously her co-worker is NOT thrilled about being there lol

While we’re at work, we always fill our task bar first and then use the extra remaining time to work on the rocket. I also started choosing the stay late option so that we have more time to work on the rocket skill. It’ll be a looooong time before I have the money to buy one for the house. IF I ever have money for one at the house….

And the next day, we got a promotion! More money! Time to start expanding the house!

So here’s the beginning of our kitchen! We didn’t even start with the cheap cabinets! Woohoo!

Look who came for a visit! Get your suave on! Malik is a keeper!

And now we have an actual toilet! As well as a sink! I tried for walls, but we didn’t have enough for that… So it’s an open bathroom for now.

More alien visits. This is actually, trip number three. And she went again two more times after this as well. This girl is a damn alien magnet.

Rocket is getting bigger! It’s been a really long time since I played with the rockets, so I’m really enjoying this.

Ummmmmmmm… I don’t think Hailey going to the bathroom is a show. Y’all need to get OUT!

Getting started on our garden! I’m planning on keeping this one small. Just these plants here. I guess it just depends on how much money I need later.

Also, I finally picked out a floor plan! So we got started on that and moved all our existing furniture into the right spots

Malik came over again! They are such a cute couple!

And as you can see, things are going well!

So we officially made out move! Things became official!

Aaaaaaaaaand then he left… lameeeee

Noooooo! Mom is old!

Exciting Rocket fun!

And we’ll end this chapter with Hailey and her new promotion! Yay!

Extra Bits:

Our alien half-bro aged up! So here’s Devin

And half-sis Kayla

And here our little baby alien half-sis Rebecca!