Chapter 7.3 – Mia’s Journey Begins

Hello everyone! And we’re back! …Finally… We pick up right where we left off, with Keppel and Mia just moving onto their empty lot and they are ready to work on the house 7 goals! Which are:

  • Create a two bedroom, one bath house worth at least $40,000
  • Complete the soul mate aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to YA stage.

And I gotta say, after doing the mansion baron thing, 40K seems like a breeze lol and the aspiration is one of the easiest ones there are. So I’m feeling pretty confident about this house!

Which are, of course, the famous last words lol

The annoying part is that we’re back to only controlling our heir, so I can’t even make Keppel get a job. Which means he’s just going to be a freeloader around the house.

With nothing to do while we wait for collectibles, Mia and Keppel tied the knot.

I’m a little dissappointed that there’s no fishing spot in this area. Which means that Mia’s gonna have to get a job.

So I signed her up for the writer career. And she immediately started at level 3!

And thankfully, level 2 gives you a word processor, so I don’t have to wait to buy one of those!

I probably could have sold it to buy essentials like WALLS. But priorities. We did have enough left over (from selling the level 3 reward) to buy a table, chair, and potty bush.

Now, here’s hoping they don’t overheat. It’s the middle of summer, so I’m worried someone is going to burn to death lol I lied. It’s Saturday. So fall is literally about to start lol

Well crap. I did not think this through lol. I guess this means I need walls

So we went on a collecting spree and managed to get the computer inside.

Still missing on some top priority items lol

Mia got a fame chance card in which she would earn fame and money. So we obviously took that option (Mia is opted out of fame, so that didn’t change anything) and we were able to afford a nice shower, sink, and cooler!

Promotion! Woo!!

And with all that bonus, we were able to afford a small kitchen and a bed!

As you can probably tell by Mia’s red plumbob, her fun was really low. And as this is the fastest way to build social AND fun… well…

There was no try for baby. Yet.

That will wait until we can afford an actual toilet lol


As you can see in the back there, we have a table and some chairs in the back, but Keppel decided to eat inside so he could be next to Mia. It’s so sweet!

We finally have a bathroom!! Which is great because Keppel kept using the pee bush as a bed, even though we had a perfectly fine bed for him to use.


Also, you’ll notice that we have gnomes. It’s harvestfest, and I can’t wait for it to be done so that I can sell them for moneys!

Now with the addition of a toilet, it’s time for baby!

And success! We have baby incoming!

We are officially not lawn-living anymore! And we’ve crossed the $10K mark as well!

We keep getting visited by the other contestants. And Keppel is more than happy to talk with them like nothing ever happened lol

Mia got another promotion!

This is Mia’s reaction to skipping work because she’s in labor lol

Mia is not enjoying herself lol

It’s a girl! Everyone welcome our heiress, Kassidy!

Keppel is a REALLY good dad lol He’s always right there whenever Kass needs something

Keppel aged up to an Adult!

Man that bachelorette challenge really sucked their youth up lol

Kassidy aged up! And she managed to age up with Keppel’s hair and eyes! I’m a little upset that the heir is a girl (again), but we get fun colored hair now!

We got wall and floor coverings! We’re moving up in the world!!

I apparently missed the fact that Shayne died.

I guess this is what I get with video chatting my siblings while trying to sim at the same time lol

Mia got another promotion!

Mia had a birthday that I forgot about… Whoops.

Just a small update on the house. Current value is just over $26K

Keppel has some fun in the bubble bath.

I seriously love this dude lol

Nooboo incoming!

Keppel decided that this was a more comfortable spot to watch TV lol

Well that’s fun! Maybe I’ll remember to actually go to that lol

Brother Cameron aged up! Took longer than it should have because I forgot I turned off some aging for the duration of the bachelorette challenge… Whoops

It’s baby time!


Not like it matters, Cobalt was the first eliminated lol

And welcome to the family, Erick!

Aaaaaaaaaand this is where we’re going to end this one. It’s getting kinda long. Tootles!

Extra Bits:

Here’s younger sister, Sadie!

And younger brother, Gavin!