Chapter 9.2 – Unexpected House Guest

  1. Build an underground lair for a house
    • No full wall are allowed on the ground floor
  2. Achieve level 10 of the Diamond Agent branch of the Secret Agent career on The Drifter
  3. Achieve level 11 of the Villain branch of the Secret Agent career on The Secondary Sim
  4. Produce and raise the heir to the Young Adult life stage

Hello! And welcome BACK to my drifter challenge!

Also, let us not forget that we have a huge ass garden.

The best part about having a ladder to get into our bunker, means that Owen is stuck! No roaming toddlers!

We finally got money for flooring and wall coverings! Bunker is taking shape!

Lacie is expecting a baby with her girlfriend, Adelynn!

It’s literally been 24 hours since Winterfest ended.

Father Winter is officially a freeloader lol

Wait… who is this?

Ugh. Why are these always so lame? The Sims team missed an opportunity for witty comments.

Looks like giving Owen a bath is a WET experience lol

Brynn and Chaim are expecting a bebe!

48 hours later and Father Winter is still here.

Is he our roommate now?

Maisie and Freddy had a girl! Welcome to the family, Hallie!

Hey! He changed out of this Father Winter outfit!

No, Kiara! You know that Naomi is married. How dare you.

I made a little nook. And I love it!

4 full days after Winterfest and Father Winter is STILL here.

Naomi got a promotion! Welcome to the villain branch!

Darren got married! And Kiara is expecting with her husband!

And Lacie is a PLAYER. This is the second one in this chapter. We still don’t have a baby from that first notification yet!

If Father Winter is gonna stick around, we’re going to make him help out around the house. Like helping Owen with his potty skill lol

It’s Simon’s birthday! Woohoo! Adulting adulting!

Welp. Looks like Darren’s not having any babies with his wife lol

OH yes! This is my favorite call!

Not as funny as Vlad doing it though

But I’ll take that $5000 no problem!

Hiya Lacie! When you poppin’ babies?

Also, why you a hoe?

Simon got a promotion! Woohoo!

Lacie finally had a baby lol. Welcome to the family, Drake!

Whomp whomp. Simon’s all work and no play

We are now almost a FULL WEEK after Winterfest. And Father Winter is STILL around.

…I’m not gonna lie. I kinda tempted to try for a baby with Father Winter.

But I also just want ONE BABY. To make is easier to clean out the households without deleting too many Swifts lol

…but Father Winter’s baby…

Brynn and Chaim had a boy! Welcome to the family Victor!

It’s Naomi’s birthday! More adulting adulting!

So we apparently have a vacuum. Which is weird because I don’t remember buying that…

hmmmm… #sus

Simon got a promotion! Woohoo!

Owen had a birthday. He’s a real cutie!

I let him age up naturally to give me whatever extra time I can get for Simon and Naomi’s jobs. Since they still need a couple of promotions. Which is hard to do when you only work 3 days a week…

Kiara and Anthony had a girl! Welcome to the family Aubrie!

Promotion for Naomi! She only has two promotions left before she’s done.





Family photo!!

I’ve never seen this one before!


I picked the first option.

Now I want to have this happen again so I can choose another option lol

Brynn and her husband are expecting another baby!

Also, I missed the notification (or I deleted it…), but Lacie and Gloria had their baby. It was a girl named Noelle.

I absolutely canNOT believe that Father winter is still around… It’s been over a week and a half at this point…

I’m pretty positive that it’s because we’re in a bunker and we don’t have a front door.

But he got down here, so he should BE ABLE TO LEAVE

ALSO, I CAN’T SUPER SPEED BECAUSE OF HIM! This update took FOREVER to do because of that!

I think Owen makes messes just so that he can clean them up lol

Lacie and Gloria are expecting another baby!

I missed the notification that Maisie and Freddy were expecting. But they had a boy! Welcome to the family, Jeremy!

Father Winter is needy. He always wants to talk. Which means it takes everyone longer to do things. I had to move a chess table into Simon and Naomi’s room and lock it so that he can’t get in there and distract them.

Well, Naomi has all the skills for her final promotions done. Now she just needs to work on actually getting those promotions.

Kiara and Anthony are expecting another kiddo!

Owen wasn’t doing any of his homework, so I had to buy focusing lights to influence him to do it.

It’s working lol

Brynn and Chaim had twin boys! Welcome to the family, Blake and Adam!

Promotion for Naomi!!

And Simon got a promotion!

I tried yelling at Father Winter and getting him mad to see if that would help in getting rid of him.

It didn’t work.

So we’ll have to try something else next time! I’m ending this one here since it’s getting kinda long and repetitive lol

So join us next time for when we try to kick out Father Winter and hopefully get Naomi and Simon’s final promotions.

Extra Bits:

This is Victor Akiyama. Brynn and Chaim’s oldest

This is Aubrie Charm. Kiara and Anthony’s kiddo

This is Hallie Tinker. Maisie and Freddy’s oldest

This is Drake Swift. Lacie and Adelynn’s kiddo.

And this is Noelle Swift. Lacie and Gloria’s kiddo.

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