Chapter 5.6 – Treasure Hunt

*A/N: Sorry for the short chapter. I was just into taking the pics at this point lol

Welcome back! This is a picture of Reese who’s SUPPOSED to be at work. But when I went into manage worlds and came back, so did he. And now I can’t send him back either. …He was only at work for an hour… ugh.

Goodness, they are just so cute!!!

I say that, but I’m ready for another boy heir. Chloe will be the 4th girl in a row.

Our house must be glitched or something. Last chapter sims were walking through it and this time, this guy came inside the house to knock on the door. Idiots.

Adalind painted another masterpiece! She still trails Reese 10-6

Well, Reese isn’t one to be one upped, so he painted another one too! 11-6

We bought a couple of computers and set them up in the studio upstairs. They brought the house value to $105,166. So we completed another goal!

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Started gathering all the photos for our photo treasure hunt.

Funny story though, in-game that skirt looked brown. But it looked black when I wrote this. And I had another photo with Chloe for black hair. So I quick popped back into the game got a pic of brown hair. So we’re good to go!

So this isn’t a master piece (And I don’t even remember who painted it) But it’s space and it’s beautiful so I’m keeping it anyway!

Adalind got a promotion! Yay!!!

Reese is so determined that Adalind doesn’t catch up in their competition, that he’s on the struggle bus.

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And a finished collection!

And here they are! Proof! I thought it was going to be harder to finish the treasure hunt. Thank goodness it wasn’t. It did still take me a couple sim days to finish. I people watched the whole time which is why this chapter is a little shorter than usual.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for more… fun? Definitely more painting, that’s for sure.

Chapter 5.5 – Friendly Competition

Welcome back!! I know! I took a really long break. I took a break from updating because I just wanted to play. So I played and I played. I have enough for 2 or 3 updates for each of my stories. And then Get Famous came out and I wanted to play that! (Which is awesome and I love it). And then the holidays hit so I got busy…

Anyway! Moving on!

Goodness, the toddlers are so adorable!

“Whaz daddy doin'”

Daddy was painting another masterpiece. Score is 6 – 3. Reese is still winning

And there he’s got another one. Adaline’s gotta get off her ass and get to work! Reese is kicking her butt in this competition! 7-3

Even the girls are busy! Look at all those messes!

And here’s another one. 8-3

You know, I’d like to sell a few paintings, but I can’t if you keep painting masterpieces!!

Mommy is at work, so Reese had to take a break from painting to care for the girls. As you can see, Chloe is in desperate need of a bath

Birthday time for the masterpiece king!

I’ll spare you all the photo of the after. He looks exactly the same…

Oh goodness that’s a dark painting…

Actually kinda creepy…

We added a second floor! This is the first house I’ve built in this challenge with a second story! (Funny story though: the original layout for my house two build included a second story. But I omitted it in the final build.)

House Value: $70,433

Leave it to the man. Can’t handle Adalind’s everyday life

LILITH BROKE INTO OUR HOUSE! But she didn’t do anything.

Thank god

Adalind maxed the painting skill! She’s getting close to finishing her career too!

Speaking of promotions, Reese just came home with one! Wahoo!

Adalind finally managed to get another masterpiece! 8-4

Also, here’s a small peak of the upstairs studio/den

Reese says “not in my house”! And did another masterpiece. 9-4

With the addition of the upstairs, I was reminded that we didn’t have windows. So I fixed that.

House value $77,481

This dude… He walked straight through the house. No idea why. But it was weird.

Promotion! So she’s now at level 8! She’s almost there!

And then she got a master piece! 9-5

And now Reese has mastered the painting skill!

But he’s got a little bit more to go in his career. He hasn’t even hit the branch-off yet…

And Reese celebrated by painting another masterpiece. 10-5


Adalind first!

Then Chloe

And then Emma

And here are the cuties! Chloe on the left and a sad Emma on the right.