Chapter 1.1 – The Journey Begins

08-23-16_5-54-26 PM

Hello! Welcome to the first chapter of my drifter challenge, A Swift Drift! We’re going to have lots of fun and adventures! This is Aaron Swift, our founder of this challenge! His traits are Creative, Music Lover, and Self-Assured. His Aspiration is, fittingly, Musical Genius.

08-23-16_5-55-05 PM

We started by getting Aaron a job and we obviously chose the Entertainer career. And then we remembered that we’ll eventually need an instrument for that. That was dumb. Nothing like buying a guitar before a toilet.

08-23-16_5-58-56 PM

08-23-16_6-00-36 PM

We went on our first collecting run, in hindsight, I should have waited a bit. Since it’s a brand new save file, there wasn’t a whole lot to collect right away. I should have waited for the game to spawn collectibles.

08-23-16_6-04-12 PM

It only gave me enough to buy a sink. I was hoping to buy something else, but I guess that’ll have to wait. 1 item down, only about a bazillion more to go!

08-23-16_6-11-51 PM

While we’re waiting for the collectibles to re-spawn, we did some spousal hunting. This is Clara and Moira. Their both adults so not knowing how close they are to aging up, I’m a bit wary of them. Also, both of them are married, not that that’s much of a deal breaker in this game. haha

08-23-16_6-13-01 PM

Time for fishing! We fished all the way until we got the pop up saying that “the fish are too crafty here” and with the money from that we were able to buy a toilet. We’re moving up in the world!

08-23-16_6-19-51 PM

At least there’s a public grill that we can use to make food. Of course since we’re low on funds this means that we’re living off hot dogs until we can get kitchen stuff at the property.

08-23-16_6-21-12 PM

Also, without a bed, we’re forced to sleep on a hard concrete bench. I bet that’s SUPER comfortable. That’s going to be real good for his work performance.

08-23-16_6-22-37 PM

Another spouse possibility! Katrina Caliente! She’s also an adult. I’ve never married a Caliente before so we chatted her up before we had to go to work.

08-23-16_6-29-53 PM

Got back from work and went on another collecting run. We didn’t get much because Aaron was too tired. He sent himself back the the property. Without harvesting those flowers too…

08-23-16_6-30-46 PM

Aaron’s a mess. He’s too busy working and collecting all the time to take care of himself. Of course, I’m making him to all that, so I guess it’s all my fault. haha

08-23-16_6-31-31 PM

So we spammed the sink to bring up his hygiene. And then I took pity on him and bought him a bed. Poor guy needs to be able to have a somewhat decent night’s sleep.

08-23-16_6-35-31 PM

I was hoping to have him meet that girl behind him but the work carpool came to call. Also, his face looks like he know what I was trying to do and he looks annoyed. Hahaha

08-23-16_6-37-18 PM

When Aaron got home from work, we were able to buy a violin! So now we’ve got the possibilities of promotions! Also side note: why is a violin cheaper than a guitar? That’s backwards from real life. It’s a little weird. But oh well #simlogic

08-23-16_6-41-02 PM

Alright we had more spouse hunting! Bjorn is a no, can’t produce a natural heir with him. Morgan is a no, she’s a teen and I don’t want to wait until she grows up. Katrina’s here again and she’s still a maybe because of the adult status no idea when she’s aging up. And then there’s Siobhan who is the ideal spouse. She’s a young adult.

08-23-16_6-49-48 PM

So we spammed interactions with Siobhan to see if they had chemistry. So far so good!

08-23-16_6-55-11 PM

Collection run! I’ve collected more things in just this one play session then I have the entire time I’ve had this game. I don’t usually collect things. But you gotta do what you gotta do!

08-23-16_7-03-35 PM

Collecting is really getting paying off though. We’ve got a shower, fridge, AND stove!

08-23-16_7-04-51 PM

And now that he’s back from work, he can use that shower! Also, he got his first promotion! Woohoo! More money, more house!

08-23-16_7-08-07 PM

And he did not use the shower. He decided that he’d rather talk with Siobhan. Which I totally support. She’s single and the two of them can hold a conversation without my interference. Yay!

08-23-16_7-12-03 PM

This sums up Aaron’s life right now. He’s always tired. It’s totally my fault too, I keep waking him up half way though so that he can collect things. He also sometimes talks to Siobhan until he passes out. Oh and that sink has been broken for forever. But I can’t get him to fix it because he’s so tired. (We fixed it immediately after this though)

08-23-16_7-16-29 PM

Walls! We have Walls! Not a whole room. But we’re close! Also, note that there are two scrap piles? Yeah, that’s because I had to select “repair” twice in order to fix the sink. That’s annoying.

08-23-16_7-19-57 PM

And then this happened. He reacted immediately. I didn’t even have to tell him to extinguish it! Normally all my sims run away and I have to force them to take care of it.

08-23-16_7-25-04 PM

Of course, now my stove is out of commission. And apparently so is my counter. AND we don’t have money to replace it. Yet. We have a work shift to get to!

08-23-16_7-27-53 PM

And one work shift later we were able to replace them. I was really hoping to finish the bathroom. But when life gives you lemons and stuff…

08-23-16_7-32-16 PM

08-23-16_7-33-58 PM

Aaron and Siobhan are perfect! She’s always coming over just to hang out and talk with him. And I normally have to really force the romance, but these two are super into it. They’re perfect.

08-23-16_7-39-34 PM

And we’ll leave this chapter with a shot of our completed bathroom! Join us next time for romance, promotions, and house expansions!


12 thoughts on “Chapter 1.1 – The Journey Begins

  1. Aaron’s a hottie! And I’ve always loved Siobhan. She’s beautiful. I bet they make a pretty baby! The tiredness is the worst in these challenges lol. And the fires!! Yay on the finished bathroom. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love Siobhan! I don’t normally marry townies I usually just make my own, but she’s great! I can’t wait to see what their kids look like! I need to buy him a new bed because it’s driving me NUTS! haha! Glad to have you reading! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • And they seem to get along so well! That’s the biggest thing lol. I can’t wait to see their kids either! I really don’t like those blow up beds lol! Glad to be here, I’m enjoying it 🙂 I love reading new drifters’ blogs.

        Liked by 1 person

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