Chapter 5.8 – Battleground

Welcome back everybody! As I’m watching Adalind paint, I’ve just remembered that she needs to be working on photography and not painting.

But I’m trying to get her to beat Reese in the competition, but she’s fighting me lol

It did turn out to be a masterpiece tho, so 14 – 13. Reese is still ahead by one

The girls are still very close. They spend more time with each other than any other set of siblings in any of my games. And I LOVE IT! They’re so cute!!!

Reese snuck in another masterpiece while Adalind was sleeping. Score is now 15 – 13

He’s officially lost it. Although, it’s pretty cute watching him run around like that.

Adalind took the time while everyone was at work or school to FINALLY max the photography skill. That took waaaaaaaay too long to master.

And then she managed to get another masterpiece! 15 – 14

Someone broke into our house again and painted us a masterpiece! Thanks Izumi!

And then she started another one! This one wasn’t a masterpiece though…

See that plate of Garlic Noodles back there? Yeah Reese made it, then set it down, and grabbed a bowl of peas instead… what a weirdo

And it’s another Masterpiece! She’s been painting on her own without any prompting from me! So she’s tied it all up! 15 – 15

And she got another one! She takes the lead for the first time in this whole competition! 15 – 16

And then Reese said “NO WAY” and he painted one too! Tied again! 16 – 16

Obviously we’re too lazy to fix the stove. Which we need to make food.

To eat.

So we don’t starve.

And die.

Adalind snuck another one in before heading off to work. 16 – 17

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand leave it to Reese to even things out again. 17 – 17

Whoops. I forgot his birthday.

I’m sorry Reese

And to celebrate, he painted another masterpiece. (Yes, he did paint the SAME PAINTING twice in a row…) 18 – 17

Oh my goodness!! This painting is the best!!! I think this is one of my favorites!

Adalind painted another masterpiece! 18 – 18

As you can see, Adalind has a favorite painting. And I don’t care, because she’s really good at it and keeps making masterpieces with it! 18 – 19

Reese comes back though with a new one that I haven’t seen before. 19 – 19

Aaaaaaand another one. Dude’s got painting skills that obviously don’t translate into his work life…

And then he surprised me by ACTUALLY GETTING A PROMOTION! He’s now at level nine. The twin’s birthday is on Saturday. I don’t think we’re gonna make it. I’m positive that this is gonna be a house fail… but we’ll see.

7 thoughts on “Chapter 5.8 – Battleground

  1. Woow, the competition got really intense here! And Adalind definitely had a favorite painting xD at least it was not one of those that look like they were made by toddlers! xD I remember my Danielle always had those as masterpieces
    I’m excited for next chapter and for you starting next house 😀 it’s always great when you start a new generation ❤

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