Chapter 7.4 – The Great Pizza Debacle

Welcome back! Are you ready for some drifting? I know I am! But quick, here’s a refresher of the house goals for house 7. (Because I needed a refresher lol)

  • As a minimum create a 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom home worth at least $40k Simoleons
  • Complete the Soul Mate Aspiration
  • Produce and raise The Heir to the Young Adult life stage

So lets get to it!!

Okay, so it’s been a while since I’ve played this save that I forgot what our house looked like. And I realized that I really love this layout lol

Let us not forget that we have a baby. I forgot about him for a sec until my game yelled at me to take care of him. Whoops.

It’s Kassidy’s birthday!

After a really long CAS session, here’s her final makeover. I couldn’t decide on what I wanted lol

It’s Love Day! And we need three gold level dates for our aspiration, so we killed two birds with one stone on our trip to San Myshuno!

Back home, Mia broke the computer.


With the addition of the outdoor items and a shower for the master bathroom, our house is now officially worth $41,661! So our first goal is complete!

Mia got a promotion! I love me some bonus money!

Erick aged up! Into a chonker! I could not stop calling him that while doing his makeover lol

But I love me some chonker!

We were playing some chess when we found out we were expecting.

Our house is not big enough for a third child. *sigh* Now I have to expand. booooooo

Edit: So I played around with it, and I can make it work with a basement without disrupting too much of our current floor plan. Now I just need the money to put it into action lol

Mr. Independent over here is teaching himself to potty!

It’s the Starlight Accolades! If you remember from last chapter, we were nominated for one with one of our books lol

I doubt we’ll win

Spoiler: We didn’t win

Although we did get a gold date!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So I have pregnancy moods turned on with MCCC and they are hilarious!

Added some more stuffs to the backyard! This is the first house in this challenge that I’ve added a pool lol

It’s baby time!

Everyone meet little Miss Nora!

Look at Kassidy enjoying our pool! I’m glad I didn’t waste that money lol

I forgot an outdoor bin. Whoops. I always forget to buy one of those

Snow just INVITED HIMSELF into our house. To steal our trash. Weirdo

This woohoo is special! It’s the final romantic gesture needed to complete our aspiration! So that’s another goal complete!

Mia got another promotion! Woohoo!

And it’s expansion time!

So Kassidy moves downstairs! And she’s got her own computer! She needs to stay off momma’s so that momma can write lol

I also got Erick’s bedroom ready since his birthday is in a couple days

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting any updates on the rest of the family. Mia is almost and elder and she still has teenaged siblings… So I went to investigate and realized I never marked them as unplayed… whoops. So now they are unplayed and can live their lives.

Mia: Hey, you know that special woohoo we had a couple days ago?

Keppel: …No… don’t tell me…

Mia: Yup! Bun in oven!

…damn risky woohoo strikes again. Good thing I got the basement started.

Nora aged up! She got her daddy’s hair and eyes

Someone left their tea on the sidewalk. I was hoping it was my pizza. I ordered a pizza at 4pm yesterday and it still hasn’t arrived…almost 16 hours later. Worst. Service. Ever.


All I wanted is a pizzaaaa… *sigh*

So without a pizza, we settled for a hamburger cake. *sigh*

And Chonkers has now upgraded to Lil Chonk! I love him!

And that’s enough playing for me today! Join us again!

6 thoughts on “Chapter 7.4 – The Great Pizza Debacle

  1. Finally catching up with the Swifts again!!

    I also love the house layout, I’m glad that You could make it work even with all the surprise babies lol I can’t believe risky woohoo played you twice in one generation! What % do you have it on?

    The kids are súper cute so far! I love that Erick is a chonker lol he’s adorable, and the girls with those stunning eyes and hair!

    Congrats on finishing the aspiration! You’re good to go to next generation and your heiress is still a child lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have risky set at 20, but Mia and Keppel go at it like rabbits, so I’m not even surprised that i got hit with it twice in this gen lol

      I absolutely LOVE the real hair and eyes! So I’m glad that the girls have it!

      And yes! This house was a breeze after the last one! Now I just have to wait for Kassidy to age up lol


  2. I like the layout of the house. Glad you figured out a way for it to fit your family without major changes to the layout.
    The kids look cute! Funny how you keep getting female heirs. I think I got the same amount of male and female heirs during the whole challenge (I’m at house 23).
    lol at the pregnancy moods. It sounds fun. I love the pool.
    Congrats on the baby girl! She is so cute.
    I think the pizza is glitched. I never get my order either so gave up on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not gonna lie, I wish I would have a male heir. It’s been a while lol

      Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one with pizza issues lol though that’s sad. I really wanted pizza for some reason hahaha!

      Thanks for reading!


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