Chapter 1.7 – Onward, My Friends!


Welcome to the final chapter of house 001! Since we completed the main part of this specific challenge in the last chapter, all this chapter is, is waiting for Elias to age up. So we begin this chapter with Aaron fixing all of our broken house appliances. Because, yes, things still break once your house is over $30K in value. *le sigh* For the most part this chapter will focus on Elias, as he is the heir of the challenge.


Elias got a performance gain! He definitely needed it too…


AHHHH! LOOK! He’s doing his homework! On a Friday!

He didn’t finish it…celebrated too early.


Seriously people! We do have beds in the house! I swear! It would be nice if they used them.


New shower! Hopefully this one doesn’t break as much as the last one…



LOOK!!! He finished his homework! The focusing lights work! Hallelujah!!


And now Dempsey is doing her homework! Challenge is all but done and now our kids figure out that they have homework.


Oh no! It’s Aaron’s birthday! Not my hunky man!


That looks like it was a painful transition…not jealous of you, buddy…


He looks so peaceful while he’s playing piano. I’m going to miss this guy…


Founder and the heir! Cuties!


I’ve noticed that Siobhan spends less time on the phone now that there are other activities for her to do. Like dancing. Non-stop dancing.


I’ve never had any sim family sit at the dinner table as much as this family. It’s kinda sweet. We don’t even do this at my house IRL…


Aaron’s going senile in his old age! That’s not your bed! So I kicked him out and made him sleep in his own bed.


But then Siobhan went to sleep in it! And since I couldn’t control her, she got to sleep in Dempsey’s bed.


Elias likes to spend his days “trolling teh forums” and he’s done it so often since we got the computer, he’s reached level 2 of the mischief skill. Which I guess is okay since he needs those skills for school…


Doing a little work on Aaron’s aspiration while we wait for Elias to have his birthday.




Just a few new objects in the house. A treadmill, a couple bookshelves, and shoe racks (I later realized that the shoes were blocking the way to the bed and this was why Aaron and Siobhan kept sleeping in their kid’s beds.)


Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming! No way did Siobhan get a promotion all by herself! I nearly died of shock! This was much more exciting then when she did the dishes!


Dempsey is getting the most out of the treadmill. She’s really the only one that even uses it. So at least it’s not a waste of money *cough* easel *cough*


Elias does more homework. Pretty much cements the title of best child in the family.


Hmmm. You really think that’s a good place to do that? Maybe the living room would be a better idea…


DEMPSEY!? That is HIGHLY inappropriate! And in front of your brother?! Put on some clothes!

Demps: But I like to air dry.



And Elias just lost the best child title. Dempsey at least goes to school. Yup. Elias just skipped school. But I guess we’ll let this one slide since it’s his birthday anyway.


Remember that shower glitch we had a couple chapters ago? Same thing happened with the new shower. What the heck is this?! Is it too much to ask that it at least breaks properly so that I can fix it? Yeesh!


Birthday!!! He’s got the loves the outdoors trait.


And just like that, we’re onto House 002!! Let’s go, handsome!

House 001: Complete Success




6 thoughts on “Chapter 1.7 – Onward, My Friends!

  1. I love the end to first house. I’m getting those focus lights when I get to the second house for sure. I simply hate the kids not doing their homework. LOL on the items breaking as that has been happening constantly with me too.

    Looking forward to house #2 with Elias 🙂


  2. Yay! Congratulations on finishing house 001! Aaron is still a hottie lol, even in his old age. So funny that Siobhan finally got a promotion right at the end! Those focusing items really work. Good luck in 002!


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