Chapter 1.6 – Challenge Accepted


Welcome back to a Swift Drift! We begin this chapter with an unusual shot of Aaron passed out. He had just got home from work and he was dead tired, so I sent him to bed. Does he look like he’s in bed? No. Because the idiot decided to pass out instead of finish walking to his own BED.


Bills arrived…and with all the upgrades we did at the end of the last chapter we don’t have the funds to pay it. So it looks like we got some jingle writing to do!


It’s Dempsey’s birthday! Notice no one was there to help her celebrate? Yeah…


Her new trait is perfectionist and her aspiration is painter extraordinaire. She’s a good looking sim! Welcome to teenhood, Dempsey!


Elias had a bad day at school, so he came home from school and went right into the closet (his parent’s closet, you will notice…) and cried. Poor kid.


Uh oh. I hope this doesn’t become a habit, Elias. We just cured your father of this ridiculous nonsense. Well you know what they say, like father like son…


Heehee. Aaron’s face is priceless. That’s what my face looks like too when I have to pay my bills…


Someone skipped work today. I won’t name any names, but it wasn’t Aaron and the kids went to school. But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone, Siobhan. Oh, whoops.


Well, maybe if you would actually GO to work, you would make some progress on that…dummy.




We added some artwork around the house. And with that we are officially……1K away from a 30K simoleon value. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel people!


Morning breakfast! Also, notice that Elias is sitting at the table! So glad he didn’t try and pull an Aaron.


I’m hoping that this will be one of the last times that I’ll have to force him to write jingles. Once we reach the 30K point, I’m going to slow down on the upgrades. I mean the house is practically done, no need to go crazy.


This time it was Dempsey’s turn to have a bad day at school and needed a good cry in the closet. And once again, it was her parent’s closet. There is a closet in the kid’s room, so I have no idea why they insist on using their mom and dad’s closet…


Aaron’s just chatting away on the computer. He needed to fill his social bar and the whole family was asleep, so this is where he ended up.


Ummmmmm… you do have a bed, Aaron. Is it really too hard to walk into your room and use it?!


Oh look… our shower is broke…again.


And so is our fridge…


As well as our stove… this house if falling apart on me right at the cusp of finishing the challenge.


Uh oh! Elias is in trouble with the principal! (normally I completely ignore phone calls, but I’ve never had the principal call before, so I was curious…) I have to get him to do his homework.


I’ve seen in other challenges that if you get your main sim focused they can paint a mathmatical painting that’ll help get the kids to do their homework, so I was going to do that, but then I got distracted with…


The fact that our house is officially 30,000! Whoop whoop!


The house also celebrated by spewing water into the air. Thanks house…you really shouldn’t have.


To celebrate hitting $30K simoleons, we bought a stereo! Also, I ended up buying one of the plumbob lights that has a focusing aura. So I set that up instead of the painting in hopes that the kids will do their homework. So far, not good. But Dempsey is writing jokes which is something she’s never done before, so maybe there’s hope?

Well, that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for actual homework, bed stealing, and a couple of birthdays!


7 thoughts on “Chapter 1.6 – Challenge Accepted

  1. Oh My you finally get the house to 30 K and everything has to break on you. Murphy’s law took over on that. The stove can break too 😦 The house really looks nice you really did such a great job on it. Looks like you are almost finished on house #1 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I knowww! I couldn’t believe it! It seemed like everything went bad all at once! I’m glad you like the house! It actually turned out pretty cool for a first attempt. I actually have a layout and plan for house 002 so I’m not just making things up as I go lol. In game I’ve actually started house 002, I’m just trying to get the blog caught up 🙂


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