Chapter 1.5 – Where’s The Table?

08-31-16_9-53-30 PM

Hello my friends! Here we are again with the Swifts! Ready for another exciting chapter? No? Oh, okay. Well I think I can manage at least a fun chapter, so here we go! We begin with a shot of the house and you can see our miserable attempt at landscaping here. Pretty pathetic, I know, but landscaping is NOT my strong suit. We also got a new mailbox, patio railings, and a different roof (the old one was bugging the crap out of me. This one’s not much better, but at least it’s better.) House value is currently around $20K simoleons

08-31-16_9-57-27 PM

Way to go, Elias. You broke the fridge!

Elias: What? No I didn’t!

Blaming you anyway kid, sorry.

08-31-16_10-02-34 PM

Aaron’s got a couple days off from work so we set him to work writing jingles. This is a much better alternative to collecting at this point, so we don’t really go out collecting anymore. We do some here and there, but mostly he’s in front of the piano.

08-31-16_10-04-44 PM

These two are still super cute and lovey. They’ve still got a full friendship bar and romance bar. She may have ignored the kids, but she never ignored Aaron!

08-31-16_10-08-14 PM

Here it is ladies and gentlemen. The throne. Yes, that’s right. We now own the unbreakable toilet! Pee all you want! It’s not going to break! This toilet alone increased the value of our house by $900 simoleons. That’s a good toilet

08-31-16_10-13-02 PM

You know Aaron, we have a table. WITH chairs. So why the heck are you eating your food in your room, on your bed, like a caveman!?

Aaron: I wanna be alone…


08-31-16_10-17-11 PM

Well, at least he’s doing the dishes! And I didn’t even have to tell him to do them! He did them all on his own, like a good little simmy!

08-31-16_10-19-37 PM

Why so mad, Elias!? I literally JUST watched you hug your sister! Let’s turn that frown upside down, mister!

08-31-16_10-20-48 PM

There, that’s better. Sibling love. ❤

08-31-16_10-24-14 PM

Mmhmmm. Yup. Way to go, Siobhan, you broke the sink. Ya’ll need to stop breaking our stuff.

08-31-16_10-28-23 PM

Really Aaron? The table is right there. But you decide to eat at the desk. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much, at least he’s in the right area now instead of his bedroom…

08-31-16_10-30-07 PM

Good thing that toilet is unbreakable… It’s pretty much the only thing that’s never broke anymore. Side note: The shower isn’t actually broke. It’s stuck, it’s behaving like there’s a sim in it. I clicked on it to try and fix it, and there was no option to repair or to clean. So I tried moving it, but that didn’t help. I also tried resetting it and that didn’t work either. I finally had to sell it and buy a new one.

08-31-16_10-41-56 PM

Upgrades! We’ve got new lights all over the house, and in the kitchen we’ve got all new cabinets (both uppers and lowers), and also we have a range vent hood!

08-31-16_10-46-06 PM

Elias had a birthday!

08-31-16_10-56-27 PM

Hey hot stuff! His new trait is Childish and his aspiration is renaissance sim.

08-31-16_11-01-18 PM

Hahaha, he doesn’t look happy at ALL about starting high school, does he?

08-31-16_11-04-02 PM

Have I died? No, really, am I dead? I must be, because there’s no way that Siobhan would be doing dishes.

08-31-16_11-04-47 PM

I literally got so excited to see her doing dishes! I just couldn’t believe it! Good for you, Siobhan!

08-31-16_11-07-23 PM


08-31-16_11-07-40 PM

Mother/Daughter bonding time! Siobhan has really started to grow on me lately. She’s really upped her housewife skillz.

08-31-16_11-14-30 PM

This is a momentous occasion people! Aaron has finally found the table! Huzzah!

08-31-16_11-19-03 PM

More of awesome Siobhan bonding with her children.

08-31-16_11-30-35 PM


08-31-16_11-33-57 PM

And we end this chapter with an update of the living area. New desk and chair, a computer, a new TV and a new couch! Our current lot value is $27.5K simoleons, so we’re almost there! Join us next time for some more broken bathroom fixtures, school day blues, and more house upgrades!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 1.5 – Where’s The Table?

  1. The house is coming along great! Your title really fits this chapter lol! Elias turned into a hottie (he looks like elvis). I’m glad Siobhan (sp) is finally doing the housewife thing. Your huzzah tickled me lol. I usually only hear that at ren faires!


    • It’s weird because the rest of the family ALWAYS sits at the table and I just noticed that Aaron didn’t most of the time. I thought it was funny lol! You know, now that you mention it, he kinda does look like elvis! Hahaha! Yeah, Siobhan has really grown on me lately. Wait until chapter 7, something really unexpected happens to her! 😉 lol, I wanted a different exclamation other than yay or woohoo, so I just used huzzah because I love it haha

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That toilet breaking is so frustrating so I really laughed when you bought them the unbreakable toilet. Ah Damn the refrigerator breaks too 😦 That is so strange that Aaron won’t eat at the table with the family.

    The house really looks good I love the job you are doing with it. I can’t wait to see the finished product. Elias is going to be a heartbreaker for sure.


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