Chapter 1.4 – Family Bonding

Hello! Welcome back to another eventful chapter of the Swifts! We begin this chapter with a question. Why do all my sims want to congregate in the bathroom!? What the he’ll is that? Its not like there’s anything awesome in that bathroom…

Elias is having more problems with the monster under the bed. He’s up at least once a night because of that stupid thing.

And amazingly enough, Elias was able to find his way to school! Have fun kiddo! Side note: we now have siding on our house!

And right after Elias left for school, Dempsey aged up! She was given the art lover trait and the artistic prodigy aspiration. She’s freaking adorable!

House update: we are now officially at a $15K simoleon valuation! We’re halfway there withย the house! Woohoo!

Awe! Cute mother/daughter moment. Now that Dempsey isn’t a needy baby anymore, it’s okay for Siobhan to show her motherly affections. *insert eye roll here*

We’re moving up in the world! Literally. I added a foundation with a front patio. And also a roof! I don’t really like the way the roof looks though. I might end up redoing it at some point. We’ll see.

Lookey lookey who played hookey. That’s right our lovely Siobhan skipped work to take a nap. How rude. I really wanted your money.

Side note: I love the way the sunlight looks through those windows!

Also, they turned our power off. I could have sworn that I paid the bills. I remember clicking “pay bills” on Aaron’s phone. So I don’t know what happened here.

The more I play with children, the more I’m convinced that the monsters under the bed is the single worst thing about this game. The kids are up every night running and waking up Aaron and Siobhan. My whole house is sleep deprived right now.

Aaron came back from work with a promotion (finally) so we were able to pay the bills that we had thought we had already paid again. Let there be light again!

With his promotion, Aaron is now able to write jingles! This is great! Now we can do that for a little extra money to help with the house upgrades! Whoo!


Because we’re having problems with the monsters under the beds, the kids will only nap. And only during the day time.


Had to buy a stupid piano to help with Aaron’s job since he needs the piano skill to move up. Why did we pick the career the requires the most expensive objects needed to be promoted?


Hahahaha! I completely forgot to add a back patio for the back door! I would totally have fallen right out that door had that been my actual house. *crash!* Roommate: What happened, Mojo? Me: Oh no big deal, just fell out the back door and landed flat on my face. Nothing to worry about.


We rectified this serious safety hazard right away. No broken necks in this household!


Expanded the bathroom. I figured if they were going to all crowd into it, they might as well be able to stand comfortably. Also, don’t mind the small room right next to it. That’s where the closet is going as soon as I get the money for it.


NOBODY MOVE! It’s a child actually doing their homework! On their own! This is why Elias is my favorite!

Dempsey: Hey!

What? I didn’t say anything…


We’re preparing for a television and a computer. Not sure about the desk and chair, but it’s all I could afford at the time. Hopefully maybe a kid will use it to do there homework. Ahhh wishful thinking.



Aaron had a day off from work, so we sent him out collecting. He needs to be kept busy earning money since Siobhan doesn’t bring in hardly anything.


Family bonding around the dinner table! Even though we have a TV! I’m so proud of them!


This is so cute! Dempsey was scared of the monster under her bed (forgot to spray it) so she hopped in bed with her daddy!


I’ve noticed that Siobhan initiates more conversations with Elias than she does with Dempsey. You know you’re not supposed to show favorites, right Siobhan?


Doing some jingle writing and earning some extra simoleons! It is a hit or miss with how much we get, but it’s something to do when there are no more collectibles and he doesn’t have to work.


This picture pretty much sums up the state of the house right now. No one wants to do the stupid dishes, so they’re just literally piling up on us. And both the toilet and shower are broke right now, so poor Dempsey has to go to school with a full bladder, and you can see Elias’ stink trail as well.


Siobhan left work early. Again. This time it was to age up. (I’m really failing on the birthday front here guys…) She doesn’t look impressed with getting older though, does she?


We finally had enough money to buy closets for the bedrooms! Looks like Dempsey’s really enjoying it too!


As we leave this chapter with a rare shot of all 4 sims sleeping at the same time, in their own beds. Mark this day on your calendar folks! It’ll be a while before this happens again! Join us next time for more house updates, more dirty dishes, and maybe a birthday!


13 thoughts on “Chapter 1.4 – Family Bonding

  1. They really do tend to congregate in the bathroom lol!! That monster is a real pain… The house is looking great! I love the brickwork in the kitchen. The scene with the dishes, stink trail, and potty walk sums up almost everyone’s house in this challenge lol. Welcome to drifting and get used to it ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. The house is coming along nicely. I really love the job you are doing on it. So far I haven’t had the monster under the bed trouble yet but I have a feeling its coming. Almost everyone hates it. I hated it in Sims 3 but at least I could X out the interaction if I caught it or send them to another bed. This one I hear can’t be controlled. I do hope EA fixes this with a patch.

    I really can’t wait to see the finished house once its completed.


  3. Are you still having troubles with monsters? I’ve found they go through phases. You officially have the largest dish pile I’ve ever seen! You win! Family is cute! I’m enjoying it very much!


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