Chapter 3.3 – A Day (Or Two) In The Life

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Swifts! We begin this chapter with a newly pregnant Eliza doing some gardening. Geez. She’s all work and no play! But I guess she has to be…

Since this guy is more than content to just sleep. Annoying spouse.

So we woke his ass up and we went on a fishing trip! But first we had to catch some frogs for bait!

Heehee, he does NOT look happy that we woke him up… TO BAD MISTER!

All hail the magical trashcan of money! May it shower us with all that money goodness!

We also bought a TV and a couch so that Kellen can have something to do besides just standing around and not helping with the gardening. Ugh.

But all that spending left us with a measly $8… Boo.

Say hello to little Collin Mansouri! This is Aunt Dempsey and Hakim’s son.

And this is Joshua Capris! He’s Olivia and Dylan’s son!

Awe! Cute autonomous flirting! And Kellen dressed appropriately for the occasion!

We’re at level 9 of fishing! We’re getting closer and closer!

It’s breakfast for dinner! …I actually really hate breakfast for dinner. I’m not a fan of breakfast in the first place…

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Dad died!! *moment of silence*

She’s so big! I think it’s about time for the baby to come out! No? Okay… We’ll wait a little longer…

Ummm Yuki? Why does it look like you’re about to rob us? O_O

Oh NOW it’s baby incoming!

Kellen: Ohmygawd what did I do!?

Eliza: I’ve weirdly gotta use the bathroom.

Kellen: You’ve gotta pee?! But we’re having a baby!

Eliza: Yes, but first… potty break.

Haaaaa. This is the best face I’ve ever seen on a sim who’s wife’s about to give birth!

Kellen: Did we really have to come to the hospital? Everyone has their baby at the hospital… How boring.

Eliza looks like she’s bored.

Eliza: Are we done yet? I have a garden to tend to.

Welcome to the family! Meet our new heir, Hailey!


5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.3 – A Day (Or Two) In The Life

  1. Too adorable! I’ve finally caught up, and, it sucks since there isn’t another chapter lol

    Oh well… Off to catch up on the million other stories that RL has taken from me lately..

    This was brilliant!


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