Chapter 3.4 So Much Fishing

Welcome back, drifters! We begin this chapter with Eliza watering the Swift Jungle! Sometimes, it really does feel like jungle! So much green!

Kellen looks like he’s regretting having a kid. He looks super awkward and has no idea what he’s doing. Parenting extraordinaire right here!

Frog/bait catching! That’s so gross. I hate frogs. Eliza’s a stronger woman than I. Also, she didn’t catch many… maybe like 4 of 15.

It’s soooo cute!! Too bad it doesn’t count for our total needed for the aspiration…

This one counts though!

Side Note: This is the first Tilapia that she caught and then for a while after this (even in different fishing areas) that’s allllll she caught.

Hey, you. Don’t look so happy. I watched you break that sink. And now I know you’re going to walk away. Which means I have to pull Eliza from her fishing to come and fix it since it is our sink…

We have out heir, so now it’s time for our spare! (no pregnancy test for this one. We’ll find out “naturally”)

Good luck!

Maxed the fishing skill! (It’s about time. Took long enough)

So since we maxed fishing and gardening, we can now visit the grotto. But we also need the handiness skill to access it. So we’re doing lots of studying!

Uhhhh Dad? You know Eliza’s your daughter, right? She’s not good for guy’s night lol


Vampy: Rude


Looks like that try for baby was successful! Also, she stinks.

NOOOOOOOO!!! Bye mom! You were a saving grace of a mail carrier!

Look out cute little bumblebee!! Hailey’s so cute!

(Also I just realized that I have two toddlers named Hailey… there’s one in my apocalypse challenge too… whoops)

Cowplant berry status up to 3 berries! I should think about planting one.

Note from the future: We’re up to 5. lol

I’m sure this pic was for something important, but I neglected to write that down… soooooo… IT’S A FISH!

Potty training!

That’s not really the best place eat dinner…

Hailey is so cute! Look at her cheese for the camera!

Baby time!

(I’ve notice we fish a lot at the Glade…)

Eliza’s all cool and collected and just ready for it to be done.

Kellen is not. He literally ran around the hospital like this the WHOLE time. He didn’t try to do anything either. He just… ran…


Meet Aiden on the left and Lucas on the right!

Extra Bits:

Nicole Mansouri. Dempsey and Hakim’s daughter. She’s really pretty!

And this is her younger brother, Collin!



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