Chapter 3.10 – What’s Taking So Long?

Welcome back to The Swifts! In the last chapter we finally got a cowplant berry and got that planted and also welcomed alien twins Devin and Kayla into the family! What fun will we have today?

As you can see here Kellen is having a really tough time managing the twin on his own, so one of the older twins (I can’t tell which one this is…) Is helping him out lol

Hailey’s REALLY enjoying her moms food… I’ve never seen a sims get so excited about their food before lol

Why is this picture of Kellen looking dazed here? Oh. Maybe because he got himself abducted. AGAIN. Now this is getting annoying. I really dont want another alien baby…

Alien twins aged up! Heres Devin

And heres Kayla!

And heres the redecorated office. Looks pretty cool if you ask me lol

NO! THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT A GOOD IDEA!!!! Back away from Mrs. Pickles, Hailey. Back away.

Hailey’s room got a more mature makeover.

… There’s a floating sippy cup. Above my trashcan… That’s not supposed to be how that works.

Going for that final essence before Mrs. Pickles dies on me

Success! That’s 1 flirty, 1 inspired, 1 confident, 1 energized, and 1 playful. I’m so glad to be done with the cowplant lol

Since we got what we needed, Mrs. Pickles was left to wither and die. Such a shame.

Aunt Jordyn had her baby! Welcome to the family, Cameron!

And it’s the boy’s birthday! First up is Aiden!

And then Lucas!

That’s Aiden on the left and Lucas on the right.

And then their room was given a makeover! That Cowplant poster is my favorite lol

Are they on stakeout? In front of my house?! What is going on!?

And then the little Aliens are having a birthday too! (So many birthdays… ) First up was Devin

And then Kayla went!

And here they are! I don’t need to tell you who’s who do I? I’m sure you can figure that out.

Anyway, that’s it for this chapter! The house goals are completed and all we’re doing is waiting for Hailey to grow up so we can move onto house 4!

Extra Bits:

Here’s Cameron Richards, Aunt Jordyn and Rashawn’s new addition.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 3.10 – What’s Taking So Long?

  1. I like the redecorating you did. Looks great!
    Aw the alien twins are adorable.
    lol the aliens must love your sim *keeps fingers crossed you won’t get another alien baby*
    Aiden and Lucas are handome.


    • lol, I think at this point, if he does get pregnant again, I would us MCCC to get rid of it. lol, I don’t want another kid! *crosses fingers Hailey ages up soon*
      I suck at decorating, so I’m glad you like it lol!


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