Chapter 3.9 – Slow And Steady

Well, hello there! Welcome back to the my Drifter family! If you remember, last time, our cowplant Mr. Jingles died right before we got our final essence and Kellen got abducted and is now expecting an alien baby!

I’m excited for an alien baby, so let’s jump in!

Eliza’s enjoying a nice and relaxing bath away from the walking disaster that it Lucas.

Kellen’s baby is getting close! I can’t wait!

… The troublemaker twins look like they’re up to no good. Nothing good can come of these sneaky looks…

And our heir, Hailey, is snoozing the day away!

With the immanent arrival of a new baby, and not wanting to bother building a new room, we’re converting the office into a bedroom. So all of our fish are ALL OVER the house! lol

Caught you, Lucas! You can run, but you can’t hide!

Baby time! Woohoo!

Role reversal! It’s Eliza’s turn to freak out!

Good timing too, he really sticks out there…

Notice Eliza running away like giving birth is contagious lol

Having fun there, Kellen?


TWINS! *dies*

There’s one boy and one girl. The boy is with Kellen and his name is Devin. The girl is crying and her name is Kayla.


After much fishing (which I didn’t think we were going to do again) We finally caught another cowplant berry! (because Mojo was an idiot and accidently sold all of our extra berries…)

Hailey had her birthday! She’s so cute!!!

And here’s our first gardening shot of the chapter! I can’t believe that it took this long for me to get one! lol

But anyway, we got Hailey started with the gardening because she’ll be doing a lot of it when she moves onto house 4

What is this? I’ve never seen this pop up before… I wonder where his grave is?

Baby cowplant has sprouted! So we’re going to end it here, hopefully in the next chapter we’ll wrap up house 3!

Extra Bits:

Avery Capris, Olivia and Dylan’s son

And his twin brother, Hunter Capris!

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