Chapter 3.8 – Abducted

And we’re back again with the Swifts! We’re nearing the end of house 003 finally! We’re just 4 essences away from completing the cowplant goal, and then all we have to do is wait for Hailey to grow up! Well, that’s enough of this, let’s get to the good stuff!

Eliza looks so peaceful while she’s sleeping. No boys to bother her here!

Hailey is also sleeping.

And Aiden and Lucas are sleeping! The family is being super boring right now.

Kellen’s awake though! Watching the kid’s channel… Weirdo.

Oh! Have fun, Kellen! I’m super glad that finally someone other than Carly in my 100 baby challenge got abducted! It’s about time!

lolz, it looks like he had lots of fun!

Here we go! I like that Eliza’s face looks like she’s apprehensive lol! She knows what’s about to happen, but she can’t stop herself

And we’re at two, officially! As long as Kellen doesn’t drink any of them…

STAHP!!! Stupid kid…

I guess, it’s okay though… only because he cleaned it all up.

Nicole aged up! Hard to believe that Dempsey’s oldest just turned into a young adult.

Kellen’s turn this time! let’s hope he doesn’t die!

Wooooo! Up to three! We only need two more!

Hailey’s practicing her empathy by playing with the doctor bear!

Full speed ahead, Eliza!

I LOVE her face in this one lol! Although, it does make her look a little old…

Just one more to go!

Bye again Kellen! (It’s actually the third time, but I missed the pics of the second trip lol)

Notice anything weird? Hmmm, I wonder what he ate? 😉

Noooooooooo! RIP Mr. Jingles. 😥

Hahahaha! He’s so happy right now, but he has no idea what’s coming lolz


6 thoughts on “Chapter 3.8 – Abducted

    • It has been a LONG time since I had an alien baby! I think my last one was before I started all these challenges! So I’m excited!

      And poor Eliza has been living in the cowplant the last couple of play sessions lol


    • I’m excited for the alien baby! For sure! I didnt manage to get all 5 essences before Mr. Jingles died so now i have to find a new cowplant berry since i accidentally sold all my back up…


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