Chapter 5.9 – Close Call

Hello! And we’re back! Since it’s been a really long time since I played this save, I had to reacquaint myself with the family and the challenge and where we are at. First things first: Reese leads the masterpiece competition 20-19, but he still needs a final promotion before we can call this house completed. And he has two days left of work before the twins age up.

Now there was a glitch that if you went into manage worlds, a sim who was at work would return home early when you reload the lot. That has been fixed (I think) but, it affected Reese a lot. So after some discussion with other simmers on the forum, I will still consider this a win even if he doesn’t get that last promotion, because it was out of my control (but we’re still gonna try to get him that final promotion!

Here’s our heir! Ms. Chloe! Her and her twin sister Emma, have their birthday on saturday and it’s currently Sunday. So this should be our final chapter of house 5

When I started up the game, I thought I was playing my ISBI because there were so many broken objects. So while Reese was pre-occupied working on his charisma skill, Adalind was the lucky one who got to go around and fix the place.

And Emma followed her around mopping up all the puddles. TEAMWORK FOR THE WIN!

I forgot how much I love this kitchen! If my kitchen in my house looked like this, I would be a happy baker!

Emma is a naughty girl. She’s always shouting the forbidden words.

Well that’s creepy. And to think: she’s our heiress, so we’re going to be stuck with that face for a whole house!

With the house goals *mostly* completed, Reese and Adalind have been on free will. And Adalind is usually the first to pick up the paintbrush and do some painting.

And of course, right as I type that, Reese walks himself right up to an easel…

Chloe brought a friend home from school today! His name is Duane. He didn’t do much besides play on our computer and watch TV. He interacted with Chloe a whole ONE time

Adalind painted a masterpiece while Reese was at work. That brings the score to a tie at 20-20

Reese is soooooo close. He has one more day of work, which happens to be the twin’s birthday. So hopefully he can go to work and come back with a promotion before their birthday so that it all works out.

Interesting that water has a spoiled countdown. I wasn’t aware that water had an expiration date. Huh, you learn something new everyday!

And sure enough! It spoiled! Stink lines and everything!

And then Reese paints a masterpiece while Adalind is at work. Score is now 21-20

Duane came over again. And he looks miserable. Dude, if you were gonna be miserable while you were here, why come over in the first place!

He did chat more this time than last time. Though, it was with Emma and not Chloe (who invited him over)

And that’s another masterpiece to add to the Reese column! 22-20

It’s love day! And for the first time in a while, Adalind and Reese participated in the tradition!

This kid practically live with us now. He’s almost always coming home with Chloe after school.

But it’s cool. It could be worse.

At least this time they watched a movie together lol

Adalind tried to sneak in another masterpiece, but Reese caught her. Score is now 22-21

Moment of truth! Reese is off to his final day of work! Let’s see if he comes home with a promotion!

It’s also the twin’s birthday! And Chloe decided that the best way to spend her birthday was to start learning the programming skill lol

And Adalind decided to actually sneak in a last minute masterpiece while Reese was at work! 22-22

AND HE DID IT! I’M DEAD! Career goals met!

And then we celebrated the twin’s birthday!

And it was time to move on! We’re off to house 6!! See ya there!

Fun Side note: The masterpiece competition between Adalind and Reese ended on a tie! 22 to 22!

House Five Goals:

  • Achieve level 10 of the Painting career, Patron of the Arts branch
    • Completed by Reese
  • Achieve level 10 of the Painting career, Master of the Real branch
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Achieve level 5 of the photography skill
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Complete the photography treasure hunt
    • Completed by Adalind
  • Build a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house worth at least $100k
    • Complete. Final worth: $155,576
  • Produce and raise an Heir to the young adult lifestage
    • Complete: Heir is Chloe Swift

9 thoughts on “Chapter 5.9 – Close Call

      • Yay! I know I was worried I wasn’t going to! Towards the end, I had a counter to make sure I had enough words in a chapter to make it to my goal which was 50,000. But never again! I’ve done it once, but next year is going to be a lot less lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hey, at least you can say you did it! I still have a couple posts to write to get my goal. But I’m pretty confident I’ll get it done. These last couple days I’ve been playing and writing day to day, so it’s been a bit stressful, but at least the writer’s block seems to have gone away.


  1. Yaaaaay the Swifts are back! I love the Wildes, but sometimes you just miss the rest of the challenges!
    Congrats on sneaking that last ptomotion! I remember how frustrated I was when I finished this house, that career only works three days a week, and my final week was Winterfest + New year’s Eve lol But Reese did it like a Champ!

    I’m super excited for Chloe to start her house! It’s another Scary one, but I’m sure she’ll do great!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so worried he wasn’t going to get it, but he managed to finish it in the end! I was shocked! And that’s terrible that you had those holidays in there! I know that doesn’t make it any easier!

      I like to play the houses blind, so I haven’t even peeked at the house 6 rules yet. I’ll do that the next time I play them. So no spoilers!!


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