Chapter 6.1 – Chloe’s Journey Begins

Hello! We’re back! And we’re at the start of a new house! That’s right, Chloe’s out on her own and she’s ready to make her mark! We’re at the very end of spring (it’s 6pm saturday) so we need to get cracking on the house so that she doesn’t die of heatstroke right away! And speaking of the house, let’s take a look at the goals for house 6:

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

YIKES! I’m rubbish at building, so this is definitely not my favorite house right off the bat. But at least all the sims in this house are controllable.

And speaking of sims in the household:

If you read my 100 baby challenge, this guy should look familiar! This is Shayne! He was baby number 19 and he was Carly’s second to last pregnancy before she handed over the reigns.

And before you start screaming about unfair skills and stuff, he’s been reset. He starts off with nothing.

But here’s hoping he doesn’t disappoint me like Reese did in the last house, considering they’re technically brothers lol

So we moved into the Oakenstead lot in Willow springs. And since I’m a glutton for punishment, we deleted all our household funds and start with 0. EXTREME MODE BABY!

Well let’s dive in! Shayne gets a job right away in the military career and then heads off to do some fishing.

Chloe hops onto the bench for a nap. She came into the house with 3 green needs (bladder, social, and hygiene), 2 yellow needs (fun and energy), and 1 orange need (hunger). So her needs aren’t terrible but she needs to find a way to get food asap.

So we woke her up and sent her off collecting. I want to get enough to buy an easel right away so that she can do painting. That makes a ton of money and we can keep the masterpieces to help with the house value.

After a few hours, we were able to afford quite a bit! I don’t think I’ve ever had a stove or fridge so early in a drifter save!

And then I realized that I forgot a counter, so we can’t even prepare food lol

Hi mom!!!

Nothing like using an already fertilizedbush.

And then she napped in it…

Not even 24 hours into house 6 and we have almost all the essentials. I prioritized the easel over the bed and a shower since we have replacements for those around the neighborhood.

But the downside is that I don’t have any money for the canvas’s, so we’re gonna have to do more fishing/collecting.

Then I sent out Shayne to make friends with other sims so that we can move in others to help us make some money

And then Chloe was sent on the same mission.

We’ll get others in here at some point

After one cloudgazing session, Shayne was able to ask Dominik to move in with us!

Dominik brings with him his wife and her son. Both Dominik and Wren have level 5 in their careers (comedy for Dominik and business for Wren) so that’s a good start for us.

But now we definitely need to work on getting a house lol

And beds

This has been a really productive 24 hours though

Dominik and Wren both came into the house with earbuds in their inventories so we sold those and were able to afford a bed and a couch. Finally we can sleep and nap on the lot without using a fertilized bush!

After what seems like forever, we were able to afford our first canvas! So Chloe got right to work!

And then bills came. The worst part about starting on a weekend is that you don’t have money for bills when they come around!

Wren came back from work 5 HOURS EARLY so that she could age up. *sigh*

But at least she brought home enough to pay the bills

And because roofs are free, we have a temporary shelter! We just had to pay for the door!

Awe! Dad died!

We were able to afford a second bed! And a bin! No trash plants on my watch!

With Chloe tied to the easel, Shayne has been relegated to collecting! And we’re gonna start a garden. That shit with rake in the money as well

Emma got married and is expecting!

We have an “outhouse” now. It includes a shower and an actual toilet!

And then we added a sleeping quarters. Mainly so that I could buy a TV and they wouldn’t wake up those who are sleeping.

Bought our first high-quality item! The first of mannnnnyyyyy

And then we bought a couple more easels so that Chloe’s not the only one painting

And we got to work on Shayne and Chloe’s relationship!

They ended up boyfriend/girlfriend at end of this exchange

Oh no! Mom died!

That just means that Chloe’s gonna be stuck with a sad moodlet for a couple days. *sigh*

It’s our first masterpiece!

We added another member to the family! And we got lucky with this one! She the chief at the police station! That’s right! She’s at the top of the detective career!

And after our first week, we have an actual house with real walls and a small greenhouse in the back. Current house worth is $23,352. I have no idea if that’s a good place to be at the end of the first week or not lol but we’ll see!

After building this, we’re left with a whole $29 so we’ll be needing lots of painting to supplement our lost of weekend work. Since by some astonishing coincidence, none of the adults work on the weekend…

Anyway! Join us next time for more frantic money making!


4 thoughts on “Chapter 6.1 – Chloe’s Journey Begins

  1. That’s a wonderful way to end the first week in my opinion! Chloe is doing well so far, and also, thanks sim gods for top of career roommates and free roofs lol that really saved my drifter save from constant thunderstorms lol

    Don’t worry too much About house value! It’s easier to meet than it looks, there are lots of expensive items in Get famous and that helps xD just paint and write a lot and you’ll be fine!


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