Chapter 6.2 – Moving Along

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.


Welcome back everyone! We’re back again! Last time we actually ended the chapter with a HOUSE! Like four walls and windows and everything!

…well everything except floor and wall coverings. lol

We begin this chapter with Chloe and Dominik hard at work painting away!

Shayne is not a fan of our first masterpiece lol


We got Mrs. Police Chief in on the painting action! All the other extras are sleeping, so she was volunteered.

Emma had TWINS!! Welcome to the fam!

Shayne’s collecting run took a lot out of him. Poor dude.

almost forgot about our garden. Almost

It’s a party!! A painting party!

Per a tip from Karise on the officials, we accumulated $1K and we headed to magnolia prominade to hopefully catch some dragonfruit! Everyone cross your fingers!

No dragonfruit, but this happened. So we got the hell outta there!

It’s another masterpiece!!

…He was a work for a whole 30 minutes before he came home so he could age up.


That is creepy AF. No thank you

Our first masterpiece from someone besides Chloe

Shayne came home with a promotion! Bringin’ home that bacon!

Here’s a little house update! (I’ve been busy lol) House value is currently at $48,765

Chloe painted another masterpiece! She’s really taken after her parents lol

Who left the book on the floor in the bathroom? *squinty eyes*


No try for baby. I don’t wanna rush myself here.

Chloe’s a tiger! Rawr!

Also, if you look in the back there, you’ll notice that the TV and couch are missing.

And that’s because it got moved downstairs! It’s our new movie hangout room!

(title subject to change lol)

Both Chloe and Shayne completed more masterpieces!

And two more masterpieces courtesy of Dominik and Shayne

Emma and her husband are expecting again!

This was definitely NOT in the plan… Well, I guess the countdown has started… Damn you, risky woohoo!

I’ve never really paid much attention to the kid that Dominik and his wife brought with them because kids can’t really earn money. Well, he aged up and I found out that he’s a freaking vampire.


And then we immediately got him started on the painting

This time Wren came home from work early to die.

Rude. You could have at least worked a full shift

With the vampire stuck on the easels making use of his need to not sleep, Chloe gets to enjoy some time away from the easel

It’s baby time!

And here’s our new heiress for house 7, Mia!

And that’s where I’ll end this chapter! The house value is currently at $102,984. So we’re making real good progress on the house goals!

Extra Bits:

This is Brooke, on of Emma’s twins

And this is the other twin Madelynn

2 thoughts on “Chapter 6.2 – Moving Along

  1. risky woohoo has definitely been making pranks lately! lol But you’re on good track with the house already so I don’t think you’ll have problems completing the goals!

    Congrats on baby Mia, love the name!


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