Chapter 6.3 – Big Bonus

  • Build a house worth $350k after depreciation
    • Must also include a total of 8 beds. One of which must be a double
  • Complete the mansion baron aspiration
  • Produce and raise an heir to the young adult life stage.

Why hello there! Yes, we’re back with another fun filled chapter of the Swifts! We begin this wonderful chapter with Chloe and the teenage vampire, Kristian, painting. Earning us that money!

Fun Fact: The one that Chloe is painting ended up being a masterpiece.

Funner Fun Fact: Kristian’s was also a masterpiece.

Sherry here is taking care of our next heiress for us! This is the biggest perk of being able to control a whole household lol

Just a random shot of some artwork. I splattered some around the whole house to complete the “need 15 pieces of art” part of our aspiration.

And now we need landscaping. And I hate landscaping…

Emma and her husband had a baby! And it’s a boy! Feels like we haven’t had a boy in forever in this save… geez

And as it’s the fastest and easiest way to build fun, we went for some woohoo. Just regular woohoo. No try for baby woohoo. Hopefully the game doesn’t slap us with another nooboo.

Practice safe woohoo, people!

Baby sparkles only mean one thing! Toddler time!!

And she’s a cutie! I’m a little bummed that she doesn’t have black hair… She broke our streak!

With Mia’s birthday, I kicked Dominik out of the second bedroom on the main floor and converted it into Mia’s bedroom. Meanwhile, the basement got an extension with a hallway, Dominik’s new bedroom, and a bathroom.

What the actual fuck is this? Apparently this is how Dominik really feels about being kicked into the basement before he dies…

And then there’s this one. Sherry decided to bless us with the pig masterpiece.

It’s winterfest! Free stuff! Free stuff is the best stuff! …most of the time. Don’t quote me on that.

I forgot that Chloe had an urn in her inventory, so I took that out and we have our first haunting from Wren!


Dominik got a chance card that gave him fame and promoted him to the top of the comedy career! So we got a real NICE bonus from him! Thanks Dom!

And with that money, we got better beds for the whole house! And we’re going to end on this high note! The current house value is $201,064

Extra Bits:

Here’s Brooke. One of Emma and Enele’s twins.

And the other twin, Madelynn

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