Chapter 7.1 – Oh No…

Hello! And Happy New Year everyone! …Even if I am almost two weeks late lol. This time last year we were nearing the end of House 5. So we didn’t make too much progress in the last year, but hopefully we’ll make lots of progress this year!

Anyway, usually a new Drifter house starts off on an empty lot. Well not house 7. House 7 starts with a little bachelor challenge (or in our case, bachelorette.) And if you read my ACTUAL bachelor challenge, you know that I swore I would never do another bachelor challenge because I was SO BORED during the last one.

Well here we are.

We kicked the rest of the family out (they’ll move back in when this part of the challenge is out) and I moved in all the guys. They’re waiting inside, so let’s meet them!

(As you can see, they all have their own color lol. I wanted something different lol)

The red head is Carmine. The one with green hair is Amazon. And the one with Blue hair is Cobalt.

…Yeah all their names reflect the color they represent lol

And here are the rest of the boys!

The one with the teal-ish hair is Keppel. The black one is Jet. The Pink guy is Kobi. And the White one is Snow.

And they’re off! I let them loose and Mia made a beeline to Keppel right away. He was the only one she talked to for the first couple hours.

The task for the first day is to try to flirt with each of the contestants. Kobi was receptive!

As was Jet. Even though Kobi was still part of the conversation lol

Cobalt was also receptive.

Amazon was the first one to respond negatively.

How rude.

Snow was happy for the attention

As was Carmine

And finally, Keppel was also receptive.

6/7 isn’t bad!

Amazon is obsessed with the gravestones. So I got rid of them.

Cobalt is a musical sim. He’s spent most of the first day in the music room.

Just so you know, they all have their own beds. Keppel just decided to go for it and hopped in bed with Mia lol

Cobalt and Kobi followed Mia to the computer so they could keep up the conversation.

Then Mia followed Kobi downstairs to watch him work out.

Then Mia tried to confess her attraction (her choice, not mine) and it did not go well

Then she went back to her computer and started a conversation with Snow

The task for day two is to throw a party. So here we go!

The party was pretty boring, I’m not gonna lie.

At the end of day two, here’s the relationship panel. Here’s how their scores break down.

Tie 1st – Keppel (Friendly 23)

Tie 1st – Kobi (Friendly 23)

Tie 3rd – Snow (Friendly 22)

Tie 3rd – Jet (Friendly 22)

5th – Amazon (Friendly 21)

6th – Carmine (Friendly 20)

7th – Cobalt (Friendly 16)

So Cobalt is out and Keppel and Kobi will both get roses.

Keppel accepts his rose!

Apparently you can only give one rose in a certain period of time, so Kobi gets a random romantic action.

And we said goodbye to Cobalt

Night 2 and Amazon hops into bed with Mia this time.

Day 3 arrives and the task today starts with a painting competition. The two with the highest scores win a two on one tomorrow and the other 4 have a group outing today.

Jet gives up his spot on the two on one so that he could pee

Amazon came in 5th place with a painting worth $93

Snow was 4th place with a painting worth $94

3rd place was Kobi with a painting worth $97

2nd place and the first spot on the 2 on 1 goes to Carmine with a painting worth $103

And 1st place and the other spot on the 2 on 1 is Keppel with a painting worth $104!

Just for fun, I had Jet go back and finish his painting. It was $100. So it didn’t matter if he finished it or not lol

So the first group outing went to a karaoke bar.

First duet went to Amazon.

They were terrible

Then it was Snow’s turn! Looks like they had fun!

Jet really got into it lol

And Kobi only had eyes for Mia

Even though he was the WORST of the four of them lol

Came home and Amazon crashed outside of the house.

Then it’s the end of day 3. Here’s how the relationships stack up!

(any romantic trumps just friendly)

1st – Keppel (Friendly 24, Romantic 14)

2nd – Kobi (Friendly 24, Romantic 6)

3rd – Jet (Friendly 25)

4th – Snow (Friendly 24)

5th – Amazon (Friendly 22)

6th – Carmine (Friendly 21)

Now since Keppel and Carmine won the painting competition, they get a free pass today. So we’re actually saying goodbye to Amazon today.

And since Keppel is still at the top the leader board, he gets the rose.

And of course he accepted.

And we kicked out Amazon.

No one joined Mia in bed on night 3 lol

Mia has been rolling whims for Jet all morning.

Took the winners out to a beach bar!

She did end up spending most of her time with Keppel.

But Carmine ended up gaining a romantic bar with Mia though!

They all started getting hungry and tired, so we called it a trip and went home

Got home and had conversations with everyone who was left behind today.

We’ve gotten to romantic relationships with all of them.

Snow started learning the Violin.

It’s terrible.

So it’s the end of day 4 and here’s the lineup.

Note: at this point is romantic over friendly for me. Friendly will break the tie

1st – Keppel (Romantic 23, Friendly 31)

2nd – Carmine (Romantic 18, Friendly 29)

3rd – Jet (Romantic 12, Friendly 29)

4th – Snow (Romantic 12, Friendly 26)

5th – Kobi (Romantic 8, Friendly 26)

So Keppel get the rose AGAIN and we say good bye to Kobi.

He accepted! I just missed the photo op with the rose lol

And we kicked out Kobi. Adios.

So we’re down to the final 4. Join us next time for the final part of this bachelorette challenge.

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