Chapter 7.2 – And The Winner Is…

Hello! Welcome back to my Drifter challenge! We’re still working on getting through Mia’s little bachelorette challenge. We’ve just sent home Kobi, so now everyone is headed to bed in anticipation for tomorrows activity.

So 7am came around and it was time to fish! They have an hour. Maybe someone will have something by that time.

If no one has caught anything of value by that time (fish-wise) then we’ll use other objects as the deciding factor. If no one has anything, we’ll keep going until someone catches something, fish or otherwise.

# of Fish>Value of fish>Objects>Nothing

17 minutes in and Carmine catches an Amethyst worth $66

44 minutes in and Snow catches a Llamacorn toy worth $85

I missed the pic, but 57 minutes in and Keppel caught a fish

And just to prove I wasn’t lying because Keppel is my favorite, here’s proof.

And that makes him the winner because no one caught anything in the last 3 minutes and Keppel was the only one to catch a fish.

So we asked him on a date and he said yes! (shocker…)

I feel like this is just gonna put this in the bag with Keppel. I mean the goals for a date are just going to skyrocket his romantic relationship with Mia lol

Both flirty at the same time: Check


They even shared their first kiss together!

So new goal is to get the rest of the guys to first kiss levels.

They are totally cute together though… lol

The date ended (gold level) and we went around and did our first kiss with all the other guys.

Day 5 ended with Keppel earning a rose

Mia was still awake at 4AM and she rolled a whim to stargaze with Jet, who was also awake.

Keppel hopped into bed with Mia when she did end up going to bed.

Seriously. Can I just end it now? I know he’s gonna win lol

The next morning, I find Mia and Keppel autonomously playing “juice” pong.

Mia is killing it lol

That afternoon, it was time for another outing for the three left out of the date yesterday.

It was a lot of swimming. lol but Snow didn’t really enjoy himself

Carmine on the other hand had a GREAT time lol

Okay. Snow enjoyed himself. He just had more fun by himself lol

Jet took a snooze.

Mia then rolled to “get to know” Jet

And then she rolled to cloudgaze with him as well lol

The outing ended and we got home around 10:45pm, so we ended the night and check the standings.

And here are the standings after day 6:

Keppel: (Romantic 64, Friendly 42)

Carmine: (Romantic 42, Friendly 36)

Snow: (Romantic 27, Friendly 29)

Jet: (Romantic 23, Friendly 55)

So Jet, who has the highest friendly of everyone, is out. While Keppel is still in the lead. Though Carmine is making a good showing too. Him and Mia really got closer on their trip to the beach.

So Keppel get the rose. And I missed the picture AGAIN.

I’m terrible.

And we kicked Jet out.

The next day starts a series of one on ones with the remaining guys. Up first was Snow.

Hey, it was part of the date requirements! lol

They are cute! Not as cute as Mia and Keppel, but still cute!


*ahem* sorry for the caps. I was excited.

Date ended so we went home and chatted up the other two boys.

I did not tell them to do this. I look away for a few seconds and Mia is going at him.

And then Snow came at Mia!

These two snuck away to play some ping pong. Mia won.

End of the day and there was a rose given and accepted. Moving on.

Well, I guess we’re not moving on yet. Snow sneaks into bed with Mia.

New day, new date!

They are also cute!

Carmine left us in the middle of our date to go talk to the Van Haunt Estate ghosts.


Mia and Carmine got back from their date and Mia wasted NO TIME in heading in to kiss Keppel.

I mean come on. He’s pretty much got this in the bag at this point.

Carmine, on the other hand, doesn’t seem fazed by the terrible date at all.

They do manage to find their way to the ping pong table together.

Carmine won. He’s the only one who I’ve seen beat Mia lol

And then it was rose time.

The next day, it was finally Keppel’s turn for a date. (not that he needs one…)

Look at how cute they are!

They both ordered the exact same thing: A hamburger and a root beer float. And, as luck would have it, Mia got the poor quality burger lol everything else was normal quality!

And then it was time for dessert! ACTUAL dessert. Not…the recreational kind.


Came home and we spent some time with the other guys.

At this point, Mia just goes around and corners Keppel to sneak in kisses

I did not offer him a rose this time. His romance is already at 100 so it felt redundant.

Plus I forgot and they were all asleep when I remembered and I was too lazy to wake them both up lol

The next day is a “chill” day. So I’m going to let them do whatever they want. Unless Mia rolls a whim for one of the guys.

Which she did shortly after that last picture.

So we flirted with him as soon as he was out of the shower lol

At some point, Mia and Keppel find their way to the ping pong table. Again.

And Mia wins. Again.

Carmine find the violin. It sounds terrible.

These two only have eyes for each other. It’s like the other two guys don’t exist lol.

They literally followed each other all over the house all day.

Carmine, on the other hand, has been playing this thing ALL DAY. But at least now he has an audience. And he’s not as terrible. lol

Its the end of day 10 and here’s where we stack (no numbers this time, since it’s visually obvious who has the best and worse relationship)

1: Keppel (shocker. they hit soulmate status.)

2: Snow

3: Carmine

So Keppel got the rose (which I AGAIN missed the picture of…)

And we kicked out Carmine.

Then that night, Snow hopped in bed with Mia.

The morning of the final day dawns (finally) and they enjoy some pancakes together before I start the final party of the competition.

I decided to host a keg party. Mainly because I haven’t done one yet since I got university lol

The party ended and there was no real change in their relationships. So…

We kicked out Snow

And we became boyfriend/girlfriend with Keppel

And then we proposed!

Which he accepted!

And then we moved Mia’s family back in the house and we moved Mia and Keppel into Oasis Springs! They’re ready to start their journey! …In the next part. Since this one is already at 75 pictures. But I really wanted to get that bachelorette challenge over with as soon as possible lol

So join us next time for the OFFICIAL start of house 7!


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