Chapter 2.6 – Oh My Wilderness

Hello and welcome back! Here we are again ready for another wonderful update of the Swifts! Last time the twins became children and we took our first trip into Granite Falls! Got a great start on that aspiration of ours! So let’s begin this chapter with Elias reading some herbalism books.

I bet you can’t spot the new stuff on the house! Okay maybe you can a little bit. But for the record, we got more modern doors, got a grill for herbal remedy stuff, added a roof finally, and added windows through out the whole house! So our house value is now $41,403! So we’ve officially hit one of the goals for this house! Now we just have to get Elias to finish this aspiration.

So we’re going to spend a lot of time at this grill working on the skill (rhymez for dayz).

Olivia is being a good helper around the house. And notice the new kitchen island that we built!

Who’s this you’re asking? Well this is Jordyn! You know, Elias’ other sister that Aaron and Siobhan had after we moved out. She’s a little cutie!

Cute mother/daughter bonding!

I finally felt that his skill was high enough to identify all the wild plants that we gathered on our last trip so that’s what we’re doing here. And he successfully identified all of them, so check that box off the to do list!

So we’re almost there! This is going a lot smoother then I anticipated… Since I never have done this one, I was a little nervous. I want to use up all his current ingredients before we head back out, so for now we’ll stick around the house.

I’m not gonna lie… After playing my ISBI where things are crazy ridiculous and my 100 baby challenge where there are kids out the wazoo, the Swifts are…… kinda boring… But in a good way! It’s so nice an refreshing to not have babies and toddlers crying all the time or uncontrollable family members constantly passing out or wetting themselves. I’m in heaven right now.

This is our current mail carrier… Notice that her name is also Saya… That must be a popular name in the mail industry lol

Elias used all his ingredients and the twins are back from school, so it’s time to head back to our campsite at Granite Falls!

Eliza: I miss running water!! I gotta pee!

Oh the joys of camping!

Family breakfast! Minus Saya. No idea where she’s at.

Insect hunting! Glad it’s virtual… No way I would sanction that in real life. But we need ingredients, so…

Go away, Mr. Bear… You are making them tense. They already don’t like camping and you are just making things way worse…

Hmmmm… I wonder what these two are up too? Nothing good, I can tell you that. (I did seriously consider having another kid, but nah. The twins are enough)

Haaaaa! Two totally different reactions to this woohoo! Elias had a great time and Saya was completely embarrassed. Also, Saya is NOT an outdoors person. She’s always miserable whenever we go camping…

The ladies are NOT having a good time. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the bathrooms were bugged. I reset all the sims and the building themselves and none of the girls could use it. The boys had now problem. And when I left to the national forest/deep woods area or whatever and then came back, it worked fine. So no idea what happened there…

Uhhhh… Hi. As you can see, Eliza is going through a phase. Lovely.

Papa bear and baby bear. This is so cute! ❤

Saya and Olivia are always off doing their own thing, but Eliza tends to stick to dad. The tent is right behind her here and that is currently where Elias is sleeping per his aspiration.

Good girl Eliza is doing her homework while on vacation. Gold star!

We’re close to finishing his aspiration! Woohoo!

Uhhhhhh… Eliza? Why are you thinking about diapers? She’s been doing this a lot lately and I have NO idea why, but it’s weirding me out a little bit.

Besides thinking about diapers, she’s always making a mess. So since I’ve never sent a kid to timeout before, I tried it out. She looks way to happy to be in timeout…

The trip ended and we made it home just in time for birthdays! (Elias finished the sleep requirements for his aspiration, so we can finish the rest of it at home so no more traveling to Granite Falls!)

And here are the twins after their birthday and makeovers. Eliza is on the left. She gained the active trait and the aspiration of freelance botanist. Her aspiration will probably change when she takes over the challenge (since I’m playing blind, I have no idea lol), but for now she’s gonna help out around the house with the garden we’ve got.

Olivia is on the right and she gained the bookworm trait along with the freelance botanist aspiration as well. lol, I was lazy in picking them out.

And that’s it for this chapter! Join us next time for when we COMPLETE Elias’ aspiration!! Toodles!



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