Chapter 4.8 – The One Where Nothing Happens

Oh Hello there! We pick up right where we left off, with Adalind crying over the broken dollhouse. I’m debating on whether or not to replace that one with one that looks more like an actual dollhouse lol. This on is cute for toddlers, but I’m thinking she needs something more her age… maybe.

Hailey’s working really hard on getting into shape! Girl’s got way more motivation than I do… Good for you, Hailey!

Bye Malik! Have fun! …but not too much fun. We don’t need another Kellen…

Speaking of Kellen, one of his offspring got married! To a guy with pink hair!

Set up the gaming rig that we got from Father Winter. I don’t think I’ve ever used one before. I’ve never bought one for any of my sims across all my games, so this is new for me. Although, I’ve seen that it can be addicting. And Adalind is getting close to that point. But she’s too cute to be mad at.

Nooooo! Bye Aunt Olivia!

Since I’ve never played with this before, I was really entertained by all the flashing pics while Hailey was fixing it

We had extra money to spend so we brought work home with us! This will help Hailey get those breakthroughs faster! So hopefully we can get promoted faster!

Wow, they don’t wait for long do they?

Look at what we invented!! Getting closer to Sixam!

Attempted contact. No one was home.

Birthday! It was at this point that started thinking that she was a YA for a really long time… And then I realized that I hadn’t reverted my age spans from back when I used to play my non-published stuff. So I reverted the ages back to my normal settings. lol


Anyway, she doesn’t look very happy to be a realy adult now.

And shout out to Malik who’s ROCKING those boxers!

Welcome to the family, Skye!

This just shows you how long this chapter spans lol. Kayla was able to get married, get pregnant, and have a baby all in one chapter!

So Adalind is pretty much the most boring child ever. She never does anything. I’ve never seen her make a mess either…

Vasyl is the first one to try out our new swing set!

FINALLY! She’s been level eight for FOREVER! Now we can sit at lever 9 for forever.

Found out why she’s boring. She’s always in here. Or at least she fights Vasyl for it. They go back and forth

No. Go away, Caleb

It’s a Iron Chef showdown! Who will win?!

Spoiler: Hailey, duh

Family time! Malik is such a good father!

Great news! She’s just become a normal child! I’m so proud

Aaaaaand that’s it for now! Join us next time for hopefully some sort of progress with the house goals…

Extra Bits:

Here’s what Kayla’s beau looks like. He’s got an awesome nose… lol

4 thoughts on “Chapter 4.8 – The One Where Nothing Happens

  1. Hi stranger! Long time no see! (Because of me, not you. Lol) fun chapter! I hate it when I change aging settings and mess things up. lol.

    Wow! Look at that nose! Woohoo!

    What story progession are you using? It seems Better than mine. I haven’t played with that gaming rig either. Looks interesting.


    • Hi!!! I’ve been so excited to see the Zales back in action! Glad to have you back!!

      I use MCCC for story progression. It’s amazing! It’s like Twallan’s Story progression for TS3


  2. Sims’ weird noses attack again xD just like the Huckles

    Congrats on getting to level 9 of the career! I’ve seen a lot of time that’s the hardest goal thid gen so you’re doing great 😀


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